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About Mixilion


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Mixilion is a creative crowdsourcing platform for design and marketing requirements for SMEs in Middle East

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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About Mixilion

  1. 1. About Mixilion
  2. 2. About Mixilion Mixilion brings the vast potential of Creative Enthusiasts to profitably serve the advertising needs of SMEs / non-corporate organizations… to start with; in future, it aspires to compete with the established ad industry. SMEs and non-corporate Problem briefs put Creatives/members forth by clients Solutions created organizations by creatives Mixilion Ad publishers’ network2 | Crowdsourcing | Delivered.
  3. 3. Engagement model Creatives Clients Mixilion Mixilion can bulk buy media space for its clients and Ad publishers’ consultants Creatives Clients network3 | Crowdsourcing | Delivered.
  4. 4. Creative process Experienced Media Space & Independent Strategists Designers Technology Account Manager Partners Ideas and strategy for the advert Restaurant Post the brief Marketing needs launch $ on platform Enthusiasts Design campaign4 | Crowdsourcing | Delivered.
  5. 5. Solutions & offerings STARTUPS MID-SIZED ENTERPRISE logos dynamic websites microsites brochures brochures brochures basic websites newsletters document templates application UI application UI animations stationery print ads banner ads emailers PPTs digital marketing5 | Crowdsourcing | Delivered.
  6. 6. Differentiators Mixilion AD Agency Large! Members are free-lancers, Creative potential students, professionals and all Limited number of creatives ; thereby enthusiasts – giving more options to restricting on creative potential chose from! Variety of solution High! Solutions range from adverts in various media formats, to graphic Not all agencies offer complete offerings design for products, logos, gifts, spectrum of solution offerings branding paraphernalia etc Lower cost advantage as compared to Pricing Strategy AD Agencies with pricing tailored to Comparatively much higher prices client’s budget6 | Crowdsourcing | Delivered.
  7. 7. Thank YouFor more information,please check or email us at