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Mix Digital Marketing Agency Credentials


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Mix Digital is a full service digital marketing agency expertising in digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, web design & development, search marketing. We helps brand interacting sustainably with target audiences via digital platforms

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  • We calculate the number of clients you can get for your sector through google at: Access to do the calculation.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calculamos el número de clientes que puedes conseguir para tu sector a través de google en: Acceda a hacer el cálculo.
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  • DỊCH VỤ THIẾT KẾ POWERPOINT (Thiết kế profile cho doanh nghiệp--- Thiết kế Brochure--- Thiết kế Catalogue--- slide bài giảng--- slide bài phát biểu---slide bài TIỂU LUẬN, LUẬN VĂN TỐT NGHIỆP--- dạy học viên thiết kế powerpoint…)-----(Giá từ 8.000 đ - 10.000 đ/1trang slide)------ Mọi chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi: điện thoại 0973.764.894 hoặc zalo 0973.764.894 (Miss. Huyền) ----- • Thời gian hoàn thành: 1-2 ngày sau khi nhận đủ nội dung ----- Qui trình thực hiện: ----- 1. Bạn gửi nội dung cần thiết kế về địa chỉ email: ----- 2. DỊCH VỤ THIẾT KẾ POWERPOINT báo giá chi phí và thời gian thực hiện cho bạn ----- 3. Bạn chuyển tiền tạm ứng 50% chi phí để tiến hành thiết kế ----- 4. Gửi file slide demo cho bạn xem để thống nhất chỉnh sửa hoàn thành. ----- 5. Bạn chuyển tiền 50% còn lại. ----- 6. Bàn giao file gốc cho bạn.
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Mix Digital Marketing Agency Credentials

  1. 1. Mix Digital is a full service digital marketing agency expertised in digital marketing strategy, website design & development, social media marketing, viral and search marketing. Different than other agencies working project specific, Mix Digital puts sustainability at the centre of online communication. We are a collection of digital strategists, creative managers, account managers, designers and engineers…who have perfectionism in hearts to that make our clients satisfied. We understand that building strong relationship between a brand and their customers needs long time, that’s why we prefer to work continuously with a brand rather than just focusing on short-term projects. We act as not only an implementer but their brand’s consultant, giving them great advices and creative ideas of marketing communication in digital environment. As a result, the best benefit Mix Digital brings to the brand is: “Sustainable interaction”.SUSTAINABLE INTERACTION
  2. 2. we do?
  3. 3. DIGITALDigital marketingstrategy Social media marketingSearch enginemarketing Content marketing Web design & development
  4. 4. Our work
  5. 5. DIGITALDIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY We translate research insights into marketing and business strategy with a clear plan to achieve core brand and business goals, from raising awareness to shaping brand perception, creating engaged user bases, and catalyzing specific behavior. Brand strategy consulting Digital marketing & online communication strategy Corporate brand identity design
  6. 6. DIGITALSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGMIX helps clients integrate social media into their business and marketing, providing the strategy, creativity and implementationrequired to create communities and engage key audiences in ways that are meaningful to their lives. We build brandawareness on the big social media channels Facebook, Youtube, Zing… and attract targeted customer to engage,make conversations:
  7. 7. DIGITALWEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTIn the world of digital marketing, your website is a crucial factor of your online presense. Whatever client wants a microsite,an interactive website for marketing needs, or an e-commerce website, MIX willingnessly helps them constructing with freshuser interface, search engine friendly content & appropriate in user navigation. Website planning Creative website Website front-end and (re)structure user graphic (re)design development Website maintenance Mobilelize website Interactive website & updates & microsite
  8. 8. DIGITALSEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGSEM is important to almost any online campaign. Comprised of balance between SEO and PPC tactics, SEM is an essentialmarketing tactic and arguably the biggest emerging marketing avenue established within the last decade. At MIX, our SEMexperts serve clients to select the most relevant keywords, optimize each Google adwords campaign and use best SEOtatics to make you standing at top of Google. Search engine SEM strategy with optimization keyword selection on page Google Adwords Quality-focused campaign link buiding management
  10. 10. CASE STUDY
  11. 11. DIGITALVIRAL CAMPAIGN - AUSTRALIAN BEEF MISSION Client: Kichi Kichi Hot Pot Bar (Golden Gate Group) Social platform: Facebook, Youtube, Online News Media, Forum What we do - Created teasing clip "Australian Beef Mission" and made it gone viral from Youtube - Ran gaming contest "Australian Beef Mission" on Facebook. - We also reached celebrities Chi Pu, Quynh Anh Shyn, Andrea, Dua Leo to get the program more amplified. - The program was supported by Facebook Ads, online banner ads and PR articles. The results after 4 weeks of running: - Over 1900 people played "Australian Beef Mission" game - Teasing clip got 5300 views - Kichi Kichis Facebook fan page gained 3000 new fans - Average page engagement rate: 1.4% (by Social Bakers on 23-Dec, normal figure is 1%)
  12. 12. DIGITALFACEBOOK CAMPAIGN - ADVERTISING STAR Client: Duong Can Linh (Viet Duc Pharma) Social platform: Facebook, Online News Media What we do - We ran a Facebook contest named "Seeking an advertising star" to highly engage with fans & introducing the new brand image to large target audience. - Banner ads & PR articles on, Zing News and used Facebook Ads types to amplify the contest. The results after 7 weeks: - 403 people participated the 1st round of contest with over 16.000 photos. - Fan page got 10.000 new fans. - 1.064.673 target audiences was reached - 282 posts by admin,11.261 engagement times - Average page engagement rate: 1.4% (by Social Bakers Analytics tools) - We got Socially Devoted Certificate from Social Bakers in Nov-2012
  13. 13. DIGITAL“WELL-EATEN KNIGHT” FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN Client: Bioacimin New (Viet Duc Pharma) Social platform: Facebook, Forums. Fanpage: What we do: - Running photo contest "Well-eaten knight" on Bioacimin News fan page - Facebook promoting & ticketing for offline event "Well-eaten knight’s Day" in HCMC - Organized 2 online consulting programs on Facebook. The results after 6 weeks of running: - Over 300 moms joining "Well-eaten knight" photo sharing contest. - Bioacimin News Facebook fan page became one of the brand pages having highest engagement rate (ER) in Vietnam (1.7% by Social Bakers) in Sep-2012. Fan base increased to 7500 in only the 1st month, reached to 421.998 audiences - Approximatelly 400 people registered to join "Well-eaten knights Day" event from Facebook app. - 220 questions submitted and answered by specialists in online consulting programs.
  14. 14. DIGITALDATA ROAMING SERVICE FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN Client: Mobifone Data Roaming Service (Mobifone) Fan page: Social platform: Facebook What we do - We ran Facebook Ads for Mobifone Data Roaming Service, target to their audiences both in Vietnam and foreign areas - We built a fan community of Mobifone Data Roaming Service by encouraging fan to engage with the brand directly on brand page. We posted attractive content in a consistent voice and used Facebook promote post to amplify. - By running series of mini contests on the brand page week by week, our aim is to raise more brand awareness to target audience and boosting more fan engagement on the fan page. The results: - Fan page got 24.264 new fans (24.000 fans committed) - Facebook Ads: 9390 clicks (9000 clicks committed) - 7898 people participated to 2 series of mini contests (158% in compare with our co
  15. 15. DIGITALSocial platform: FacebookWhat we do- Proposed Facebook marketing strategy for Duong Can Linh brand- Create Facebook app- Run game contest “Tuyet chieu tri mun” to raise brand awareness to target audience- Facebook fan page content management
  16. 16. DIGITALClient: CANIFA Fashion & VTV3Social platform: FacebookWhat we do- Designed & developed Facebook application for a photo contest organized by Do Re Mi TV show & CANIFA Fashion.
  17. 17. DIGITALPIZZA HOA Ý FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN Client: Pizza Hoa Y restaurant Social platform: Facebook What we do - Organized 2 photo contests on Facebook to boost fan engagement on Pizza Hoa Y fan page The results: Due to April, 2012 (2 months after launch): - Over 250 Facebook users joined contests. - Fan base increased from 0 to more than 6000 fans - People talking about (PTA): > 2100 people. - Reach to approximatelly 1.000.000 Facebook users. - Pizza Hoa Y brand page has already been their major customer support and a potential sale channel for their Pizzadelivery service.
  18. 18. DIGITALEXPERTRANS WEBSITE Client: Expertrans Website address: Services: - Concept and graphic design - Website programming
  19. 19. DIGITALMONDO E-COMMERCE WEBSITE Client: Mondo Website address: Services: - Concept and graphic design - Website programming
  20. 20. DIGITALALCADO E-COMMERCE WEBSITE Client: Alcado Address: Services: - Concept and graphic design - Website programming
  21. 21. MIX DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY Room 601, 133 Building, 1194 Alley, Chua Lang, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, VietNam +84 4 85 87 58 53 +84 916 30 50 10 Thank you !