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Monthly Ops training - new hire part I

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  • explain what we mean when we refer to TL, LTL small parcel and pool distribution TL=Truck Load LTL=Less than Load Pool Distribution=Combined Loads w/various csr.
  • We operate ‘Food Grade’ facilities and have a Food Safety program that focuses on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)These policies should be adhered to at all times while in the facilities
  • This is a real statement of a warehouse worker who has received $10,000 of retirement money from the company’s ESOP program in less than 6 years! Can you say that you have $10K in your savings account???
  • New hire orientation ca

    1. 1. Welcome to
    2. 2. New-Hire Orientation IntroductionO What‟s your name, department and position?O Tell us where you‟ve worked before and what you did.O How did you hear about States Logistics?
    3. 3. What‟s in our Agenda todayO History of States Logistics ServicesO Mission StatementO Company ValuesO Benefits and PayrollO Policies and ProceduresO Summary and Conclusion
    4. 4. Started in 1958 by Richard and Jewel May as a warehousing andtrucking company with two customers, we have since grown to afully integrated provider of third party logistics services with aclient base of more than 150 customers, over 3 million square feet ofwarehouse space, and more than 40 company trucks on the road.
    5. 5. Our Mission “The mission of States Logistics Services, Inc., is to be recognized by our customers as the ultimate third party logistics solution in our regions. We will be customerfocused and will strive for excellence in all of our actions.At all times, we will treat others with honesty, respect and integrity.”
    6. 6. To fulfill our mission, we are committed to: O Partnering with our customers O Providing competitively pricing services O Taking advantage of technology O Rewarding employee achievement O Being profitable
    7. 7. WarehousingO Over 3.0 million sq. ft. in So. California and ArizonaO AIB Certified/Rated Superior for clean food graded facilitiesO Organic CertifiedO Shipping/ReceivingO Pallet trackingO Appointment schedulingO Small parcel shippingO Inventory controlO Cycle countingO Cross-dock shippingO Customized reportingO Import/Exports
    8. 8. Value-Added ServicesMore than just warehousing… O Assembly O Co-packing O Inspection O Labeling O Packaging O Pick and pack O Returns processing O Sorting
    9. 9. TransportationCompany owned and operated fleet • 40 tractors & 150 dry vans • Same day & next day service to So. California and ArizonaTL, LTL, small parcel, and pool distributionStrategic partnerships enabling nationwide coverage
    10. 10. Dominate Our MarketO Building a good reputation in food and consumer goods industryO AIB Superior RatingsO Customer recognition O Pepsico awards O Whole Foods O Top 20 Green Companies in Food LogisticsO Employee recognition O ESOP Owner of the Year O Service Awards O Safety Awards We want to be the BEST!
    11. 11. Employee DevelopmentDeveloping talent by:O On-the-job trainingO Formal trainingO Promoting from withinO Job Posting ProgramThere are no unimportant jobs! Each job brings something to the table andhelps contribute to the company’s overall mission!
    12. 12. How Can You Help Us Be The Best?O Take pride in the O Be PROACTIVE about quality of your work! your safety and theO Be at work every day! safety of those aroundO Think „Outside the you! Box‟! O Think and act like anO Accept responsibility owner – because YOU for your actions! ARE AN OWNER!
    13. 13. Handbook Policies and ProceduresO Performance Evaluations O Dress CodeO Meal and Rest Periods O Standards of ConductO Payday schedule (including discipline &O Attendance Policy termination)O Insurance (Benefits O Internet, email, company Eligibility) telephone usageO Confidentiality Summary O HandbookO Worker‟s Compensation acknowledgementO Reporting Accidents
    14. 14. What does G.M.P. stand for?And why does it apply to me?
    15. 15. Good Manufacturing Practices PolicyAny person that handles food products in the facility must be responsiblefor understanding and abiding by the following food safety practices:Warehouse areas1. No fixed blade, breakaway, or disposable utility knives in the warehouse.2. No cell phones allowed in the warehouse unless approved by a supervisor.3. No glass/ceramic containers in the warehouse (soda bottle, coffee mug, etc.).4. No open toed shoes allowed in the warehouse.5. All clothing must be deemed appropriate for the job being performed.6. No gum chewing, eating food, or drinks (except water) in the warehouse, only do so in break rooms or designated areas. Spitting is not allowed at all in the warehouse.7. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and warm water frequently during work. Dry your hands immediately after washing with a clean towel, disposable paper towel, or air dryer.8. Good personal hygiene and cleanliness must be practiced by all workers in the warehouse.9. Do not handle food if you are not feeling well - advise a supervisor.
    16. 16. Good Manufacturing Practices PolicyProduction Areas1. Hairnets must be worn at all times in production areas.2. No artificial fingernails or nail polish should be worn in production areas.3. No jewelry while working in production areas (earrings, rings, watches, etc.) Nothing above the waist that could fall into product is allowed.4. If you have cuts or wounds, make sure they are completely covered by a waterproof bandage. Wounds or cuts on hands must be bandaged and covered by wearing disposable gloves when working in production areas.
    17. 17. Attendance PolicyO PunctualityO Clocking in & outO Absence notificationO Job abandonment
    18. 18. Meal & Rest PeriodsHours of Work Rest and Meal periodsLess than 3.5 hours 0worked3.5 – 6.0 hours 1 rest periodworked 1 meal period (Must be taken before the 5th hour)More than 6.01 but 2 rest periodsless than 10.0 1 meal periodhours worked10.0 – 12.0 hours 3 rest periodsworked 2 meal periods (second meal may be waived—see below)12.0 – 14.0 hours 3 rest periodsworked 2 meal periods
    19. 19. Payroll The payroll benefits at States Logistics are:O Bi-weekly payrollO Pay day every-other ThursdaysO Time sheets/record-keeping systemO Direct Deposit up to three accounts ( checking or savings)O Make sure you clock in/out all the time to ensure that your paycheck is correct!
    20. 20. Health Benefits EligibilityO Medical InsuranceO Dental InsuranceO Vision InsuranceO Basic Life Insurance and AD&D for EmployeesO Supplemental Life for Employees and DependentsO Flexible Spending Account
    21. 21. Additional Valuable BenefitsOther benefits that States Logistics Servicesprovides:O Vacation PayO Sick PayO Holiday PayO Paid Personal DaysO Bereavement PayO Employee Referral ProgramO Company eventsO 401-KO Employee Stock Ownership Plan
    22. 22. We are an EmployerO How does ESOP benefit employees?Based on the company‟s profitability each year, the company decides ifand how much of a contribution the ESOP trust will receive.Contributions are then divided into to the accounts of all participatingemployees. Since its beginning in 2003, States has given over $2M toits employees through the ESOP. The funds in your account are yoursand are paid out to you when you retire or leave the company.O How can you benefit as an Employee Owner?By helping States Logistics continue as a leader and innovator, youcan save for your retirement! Be on the lookout for ways we canimprove our procedures or save money on expenses. The end result isin your favor!
    23. 23. Corporate Responsibilities Helping the environment and others in need! Recycling Programs and Solar PanelsMany volunteer opportunities
    24. 24. Stay Connected…O Visit us on the web for the latest news and information on our company!O On FaceBook? Add us to your „Like It‟
    25. 25. SummaryIn this meeting, we reviewed:History of the companyVision and mission statementsOrganizational structureCompany valuesPolicies and proceduresPayroll informationBenefits information
    26. 26. Further questions can bedirected to your Manager or theHuman Resources Department