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YouTube Video Marketing by Robert Stanley


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MivaCon 2014 Breakout Session: YouTube Video Marketing
A Guide to Basic Creation & Marketing of Videos for YouTube
Presented by Robert Stanley

Published in: Marketing
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YouTube Video Marketing by Robert Stanley

  1. 1. YouTube Video Marketing Robert Stanley
  2. 2. Youtube Video Marketing Guide to Basic Creation & Marketing of Videos for YouTube
  3. 3. Lights, Camera…Marketing Video Camera & Equipment Lighting & Photo Booths Editing Software YouTube Marketing Q&A
  4. 4. Camera Types • Using cell phones to shoot video - Yes and No • GoPro – Outdoor, Action & Underwater (HD) • Flip UltraHD ($250 or Less) – Good Basic Starter Camera, Vlogs, Basic Product Video and All Around Good Camera. • Higher End Cameras/Video Cameras • Canon Vixia HF200 ($500) • Canon Vixia HF S10 ($999) • YouTube Maximum resolution to 3840x2160 (about 8-Megapixels) • Camera should shoot directly onto SD Card • Video Camera Source:
  5. 5. Lighting & Photo Booths
  6. 6. Content of Video • Products • Service • Information • Promotion • SEO
  7. 7. Video Editing Programs (FREE) • Apple/Mac – iMovie • Windows – Movie Maker
  8. 8. What to Include in the Video or During Edit • Web page URL or Phone Number • Add Your Own Ad in the Video • Subscribe Link for YouTube • Part Numbers or Services Used • Facebook, Twitter & Google+ - Links/Mention • Coupon Code in Video Adding Music in a Video • Copyright Music • YouTube Royalty free music - After upload
  9. 9. YouTube YouTube and Promoting • Create a YouTube Page & Link it with Your Business Google+ Page, FaceBook & Twitter • Customize your YouTube Page ( • When available apply for the YouTube Partner Program • Don't use YouTube image stabilization • Don't use YouTube to edit videos
  10. 10. Video Search & Marketing Tips
  11. 11. Video Title • Make it compelling – this is your video’s headline but title and thumbnails are often the primary elements driving viewers decisions of what they'll watch. • Always represent your content accurately. • Keywords first, url and branding at the end. • Create a title that reinforces the thumbnail. • For serial content, add the episode number to the end of the title. • If video becomes stale update the video titles so they continue to grab views.
  12. 12. Video Tags • Tags are descriptive keywords that will help people find your videos. • Create a set of standard tags for your channel that can be applied to any video you publish. (E.g. filmmaking, animation, comedy, “Funny Videos,” “Pet Videos,” etc.) • Include a mix of both general and specific tags. • Make sure Tags thoroughly and accurately describe the video. • Include keywords from your title in your video’s tags.
  13. 13. Video Description • Only the first few sentences of your description will appear in search results or above the fold on a watch page – so make them count! Accurately describe your video and link to your channel page. • Drive viewers to subscribe (and include a subscribe link). Include links to your site and social sites. Include a recurring keyword tagline. The keyword tagline is a group of sentences that describe your channel.
  14. 14. Video Extras • Make your own thumbnail for the video. • If driving traffic to your site then start the description box with your page url • Create a Channel Trailer for the Fan Finder Program • InVideo Programming: – Channel Watermark – Featured Video or Playlist
  15. 15. How to Embed Videos
  16. 16. Where to embed videos? Everywhere - Newsletters, Facebook, Google+, web pages etc. Webpage Ebay
  17. 17. Promote Videos • Email • Blogs • Webpages • Newsletters • Post Link to Video on: – Facebook – Twitter – Google+, Google+ & Google+
  18. 18. Making Money With Your Video • YouTube Partner Program • Ad Sense Account • Advertising Shared Revenue
  19. 19. Q&A & Resources Help with Video SEO Marketing Mat with e-Business Express ( YouTube Help Article: How to Make Yourself Famous on YouTube