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mitula users presentation


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mitula is one of the most important international vertical search engines for property, car and job classifieds.
In this presentation you will learn why mitula makes your searches easier, faster and better.

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mitula users presentation

  1. 1. mitula for
  2. 2. www.mitula.comWhat is mitula? mitula is an international vertical search engine for property, car and job classifieds.
  3. 3. sifieds er Clas pap Sof ws tw Ne Car Portals ar e d Jo fe s al b rt P ed o Pl ds or P at ta ar rty for ls Bo pe ms Pro d sifie Clas In one click you get free and detailed information about your search. mitula offers you ads from many different specialized portals. Easy, fast and freely.
  4. 4. www.mitula.commitula international (June 2012) 32 countries: Europe: Spain, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Romania. The Americas: Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Ecuador. Asia: China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapur, Philippines. Pacific: Australia, New Zealand. Africa: Morocco. 12 languages. 3 headquarters: Madrid, Melbourne, Bucarest. And growing!
  5. 5. (June 2012)
  6. 6. www.mitula.comWhat can I get from mitula? Hundreds of thousands of results. Redirects you to the partner´s website. Faster search. Save time. More efficient search. Just in one click!
  7. 7.