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Depicts the MAGNE Customer Connect Program , an offering from MAGNE which enables the Brands to create and retain customer mindspace

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  • This is good slide and the flow is always WHAT, WHY and HOW so this is your second slide in WHY , the first or a few should be on what happens when you don’t have a CRM ( some good graphical slides_
  • This should come as first slide in WHAT sectionas this is the key deck@WHAT
  • THIS SLIDE IS NOT COMPLETE AS SEE MY LAST COMMENTS THE PHASES HAS TO BE DEFINED PLEASEThis should come in co-centric circles where the kernel ( innermost circle is ‘Connecting you with your Customers’)- So every layer of circle is basically a phase where we have a Objective, Set of actionable and a time line @WHAT
  • @HOWNow depending on the various layers define the approach
  • Good one
  • Wow this is good
  • A slide prior to this graphical where the customer feels thrilled as he is recognized could be a very good one followed by this
  • Customer connect program ver 3

    1. 1. .© 2012 MAGNE Consulting. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.MAGNE CONSULTING Pvt. Ltd“MAGNE’s Customer Connect Program”- Creating Bridges to Reach your Customers
    2. 2. 1Agenda■Our Offering’s■The MAGNE Story■Our Credentials
    4. 4. 3Customer Connect Program @ After
    5. 5. 4Customer Connect Program @ Why■ Bridges the gap between the Brand and Customers ,helps– Increases Brand Recall– Helps to massage customers regularly so that they ask” What Next? “Or“When do you come next?”– Helps identify Market Trends– Customer Analysis –– For Example Customer Segmentation &Usage Analysis– Customer Feedback.– Customer Service.
    7. 7. 6Customer Connect Program @ WhatConnecting youwith yourCustomersCustomer DataManagement- Objective : To know your customerdemographics better.- To- Do: Collection and sanitization ofrelevant customer dataOnline and OfflineMarketing Activities.- Objective : To bridge thegap between the Retailerand Customer.-To- Do :To run marketingactivities based on the likes/ dislikes of customerAnalytics- Objective: A detail studyto understand thecustomers better.- To-Do: To analyseavailable data
    8. 8. 7Customer Connect Program - Customer Data Management- Sanitized Customer Data- Designing Interfaces For Multi Channel Customer Data Capture- Customer Profiling- Designing Communication TemplatesCustomerDetails fromOffline MarketingActivitiesCustomerDetails fromPOS and CustomerLoyalty ProgramCustomerDetails fromDigital Profile (Portal,Social networkingchannel , BusinessNetworking channeletc)
    9. 9. 8Customer Connect Program - Marketing ActivitiesDigitalPlatformOnline BrandManagement(Social MediaNetworking, Businessnetworking, bloggingetc)Creating an CustomerForum to capturecustomer feedback/Helpdesk.Reaching to yourcustomers – TheGuerrilla way (We missyou, Newsletter, Herewe come Again!)OfflinePromotionsSending OfflineInvitations/NewsletterIn-Store MarketingActivitiesContest and PollsPlanning and ManagingMarketing Events
    10. 10. 9Customer Connect Program - Analytics‒ Tracking Return on Investment on various marketingactivities.(A cost benefit analysis)‒ Co- creation of Innovation ( Understanding Market trendsand needs and looking for “Innovative “ Solutions.)‒This platform can also be used to test Product / ServiceIdeas‒Customer Analytics – Creating a dashboard to get a BEV(Birds Eye View) of customer data and other parameters –their likes, dislikes, fastest moving style etc‒Providing inputs to review and refine business Strategies
    11. 11. 10Customer Connect Program -What Retailer See‟s – Data Collection Templates(Sample)
    12. 12. 11Customer Connect Program -What Retailer See‟s – Weekly Reports (Snapshots)
    13. 13. 12Customer Connect Program -What Retailer See‟s – Implementation of CLP (1)Hello Mr.TomHanks? How areyou?I am good . Thank you. Itsso nice of you to remembermy nameWe have been waiting for you. You last came in over amonth ago.I have been travelinga lot. Couldn‟t wait tocome back to myfavorite store
    14. 14. 13Customer Connect Program -What Retailer See‟s – Implementation of CLP (2)
    15. 15. 14Customer Connect Program -What Retailer See‟s – The Dashboard
    16. 16. 15Our TeamProject Manager(A Business Analyst )ZOHO CRM Specialists(MAGNE‟S CRM Partner)Marketing Specialists(A marketing Specialist , who will help ideate andhead the team of Social Marketers)Graphic Designers andContent Writer(To Design the Standard Communication to besent to the customer)
    17. 17. 16Our Success StoryBrand’s Need: To understand customer profile better to enable the brand sponsor to add the“personal touch” and improve shopping experience.MAGNE’s Solution:Customer Data Management•Define customer data model•Migrate historical data into theZOHO.•Sanitizing Customer Data.•Sending promotional /personalized emails / sms(Thisis an Ongoing Activity.)•Execute some PRIntegration•Integration with POS (Manual )(Please note AutomaticIntegration can also be done)•Launch / Integrate CustomerLoyalty program•Integrate CRM with SocialMedia ChannelsAnalytics•Provide some Customeranalytics to the sponsor aftermapping the data captured andBrands requirement.
    18. 18. 17Agenda■Our Offering‟s■The MAGNE Story■Our Credentials
    19. 19. 18Every Organization has a „Story‟ which defines its Inception, Sustainability & GrowthInnovation is the differentiator■ MAGNE practices Innovation in every aspect of its existence■ Solving Client issues■ Rolling out new business models view more..Collaboration is the key■ Focus & build on the core and develop long standing partnerships to deliverholistic value to the client view more..Long term partnership based model is what we seek■ Over the last one year of inception we have kept an eye on opportunities which can transforminto long term relationship and have always had a bias for them  . We perform the best whenwe work on „Strategic Engagement‟ compared to a „Need Based‟ one. view more..■ Our key focus area : RETAIL■ Our key strengths : DomainUnderstanding, Enterprise Architecture,Product Development, Long termcustomer association, Branding &MarketingHave Fun■ As an organization we want to have fun in everything we do and that issomething we just don‟t want to compromise on. view more..
    20. 20. 19Every Story needs Numbers to demonstrate Authenticity and PowerClient Acquisition (15)■ MAGNE has acquired 15 Customers in a span on almost 10 months since its Inception. Itstarted with small ticket „Business Consulting‟ work but over the time has successfullyacquired mid scale customers.Line Of Service (5)■ Retail Consulting■ Retail Branding & Marketing■ Retail Operational Consulting ( People, Process, Technology)■ XBRLTeam Strength (12)■ Started with 2 Partners■ The current MAGNE team composition■ Partners (2)■ Principal Consultant (5)■ Senior Consultant (1)■ Consultant (2)■ Shared Services (2)■ Our key focus area : RETAIL■ Our key strengths : DomainUnderstanding, Enterprise Architecture,Product Development, Long termcustomer association, Branding &Marketing
    21. 21. 20Every Story needs Numbers to demonstrate Authenticity and PowerOperations (3)■ Company Secretary Firm (Mamta Binani & Co.) for managing Statutory Compliance■ Chartered Accountancy Firm for Financial Audits■ Resourcing firm for staffingX-LOS Partnership(3)■ Knowledge Partner to ICA for XBRL Training■ Partner to CA firm in XBRL Space■ IT advisor to WBNUJS for developing and managing IT application in lawspaceRecognition & Awards (3)■ Active member of NEN■ Member of Mentor Edge Network■ Awards for rolling out awareness session and seminars on XBRL – Pan India■ Our key focus area : RETAIL■ Our key strengths : DomainUnderstanding, Enterprise Architecture,Product Development, Long termcustomer association, Branding &Marketing
    22. 22. 21Numbers never give you a complete picture , it‟s all about the CustomersCLAT 2011 – Shamnad Basheer (Client Sponsor)■ “Mitul was my finest discovery of 2010. I had been through a number of IT initiatives, and had always felt theneed for an IT consultant who would bridge the gap between me (the client) and the service provider (websitedeveloper). Mitul impressed not only with his deep knowledge of IT, but his fantastic communication skills andhis eminently likable personality. He was able to gauge my requirements with uncanny accuracy and translatethem into a language understandable to the web developer. He even helped me come up with a much moresophisticated version of the original idea that I had in mind. On the other side of the fence, his IT expertiseenabled him to work closely with the web developer, monitor their every step during design andimplementation and push them to standards of excellence that even they never knew to exist within. The netresult has always been a product close to near perfection. We (NUJS) first hired him and his partner (Ayesha)for the CLAT (Common law admission test) website, which he enabled through a web developer in a very shortwindow. Despite the tight timelines and speed of execution, the website received rave reviews from many. Inshort, Mitul and Ayesha are rare gems and I will recommend them to any one who wishes to translate any ideaor concept into an IT format, without having to worry about the hassle of dealing directly with web developers.”Shopster– Amit Karia (Proprietor)■ “Mitul and me associated for a new business venture which I was looking to start up. Mitul provided greatinsight, knowledge and a professional approach about what this business will need, how we can streamlineevery aspect of the business moving forward and even detailed what might be needed in time to come. It washis personal interaction, belief and dedication that helped me take the plunge and while this is an on-goingproject, I am glad I made the decision to work with Mitul and his team. I wish him all the success and hope wecan continue to work long after this project is completed.”Blue and Blues – Rohit Surana (Client Sponsor)■ ““Ayesha is a diligent and hard working lady. She is result oriented and good to work with.”■ Our key focus area : RETAIL■ Our key strengths : DomainUnderstanding, Enterprise Architecture,Product Development, Long termcustomer association, Branding &Marketing
    23. 23. 22Creating a mutual platform – Retail Workshop -2012 in collaboration IISWBM -13.02.2012Creating an Awareness■ We believe that to facilitate the structured growth of the Retail Sector of India we must bring togetherRetailers, Academicians, Service Providers and Students on one platform where thy can voice anddiscuss their experiences and concerns.
    24. 24. 23Our Team – Executive DirectorsMitul Das■ Mitul has got around 11+ years of experience and brings to the table a unique combinationof working on almost all aspects of IT value chain. He has journeyed from being a SolutionArchitect specializing in SOA to heading the Sales & Marketing for an Indian IT SME ; in thepath traversed he has also worked as a lead consultant for strategic consultingengagements■ Mitul brings in a strong domain knowledge in „Retail‟ and has design and development ofRetail point solutions■ Mitul is a MCA from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and has done diploma in StrategicManagement from IIM-CAyesha Hazra■ Ayesha has got around 12+ years of experience and brings to the table a comprehensiveexperience in “Retail Domain” along with “Product Strategy & Planning” and has leadseveral initiatives in conceiving business solutions for Retail Vertical.■ She has got comprehensive experience of handling Retail SME accounts like Blue & Blues,BRL, HUNT, Touristor, Steel Junction etc. whereby she led the engagement right from sales, consulting to product deployment■ Ayesha has co-authored articles on „SToRAI‟ the flagship publication of RAI on „Adoption ofanalytics for Indian Retail SMEs‟■ Ayesha is an Electrical Engineer from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and has done hermanagement from SPJMR,Mumbai
    25. 25. 24We at MAGNE believe in becoming a true trusted partner in the transformational journey –and not just advise recommendations those are not implementableWe are not “power-point” consultants■ We believe in delivering outcomes, and not reports or software solutions■ We are fact-based – and always keep long-term, sustainable profitability at the heart ofevery outcome we design■ We get “hands-on”, and draw from our experience in similar clients as well aslarger/international benchmarksWe are independent■ Whilst we have capabilities in managing large, transformational IT-enabledprogrammes and solutions, we have no "downstream" commitments to any oneproduct, vendor, solution or system integrator. Our recommendations are basedsolely on your needs.We are young, and we are hungry■ You may not have heard of MAGNE, but we are backed up by seasoned and experiencedprofiles from blue-chip firms who have been there, done that – but coming with anentrepreneurial vigour to make a difference
    26. 26. 25Agenda■Our Offering‟s■The MAGNE Story■Our Credentials
    27. 27. 26Some of our Clients
    28. 28. .© 2012 MAGNE Consulting. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.MAGNE CONSULTING Pvt. LtdMAGNE Consulting Pvt.