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Brand Staff Training Framework


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Retail Workforce is one of the key pillars of any Retail business today.Retail brands worldwide are investing significantly in workforce management & motivation.
MAGNE too has designed it's offering in this space and have been running training programs for brand with Pan India presence

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Brand Staff Training Framework

  1. 1. Brand Staff Training – ABC Optical An initiative by MAGNE Consulting Pvt. Ltd. . © 2012 Magne Consulting. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. MAGNE CONSULTING Prepared for ABC Optical Date : 122th October 2013
  2. 2. Agenda ■ Objectives behind Brand Staff Training ■ MAGNE’s Approach ■ Training Details 1
  3. 3. ABC Optical is one of the largest and the most trusted name in eye-care eye-wear fields in India. Established in the year 1935 with one optical retail store, the company has been pioneer in bringing technologically updated products in the field of ophthalmic lenses and About ABC Optical 2 various allied vision care services to the country. Today with 75 years of experience in vision care, ABC Optical has grown manifold in sales and market share. Headquartered in Kolkata, India, today the company operates from more than 50 optical retail stores spread across the country in all major metros
  4. 4. MAGNE team had done Mystery Shopping audit in specific ABC Optical stores in Kolkata and based on the audit feedback the Brand Sponsors have decided on a continual Knowledge Management Program inculcating both Sales & Product training on a continual manner… The first of this training will focus purely on Sales & Soft skills with the following Objectives: •Establishing the Brand Connect – I am part of a legacy and am proud to be so … •Sales Process covering initiation, engagement, cross sell/up sell , creating wow moment, •Post Sales Connect Objectives behind Brand Staff Training 3 •Post Sales Connect •Customer Connect – Don’t Sell Products Sell Yourself •Product Knowledge – The core skill •Soft Skills •Grooming •Presentation •Body Language •Communication ( Tonal Quality, Accent, Phone Etiquette •Behavioral etiquette •Others
  5. 5. Training at a Glance Icebreaking Introduction Create groups among the Identify Who is your Customer Game I - to listen & analyze customers Two truth one lie. Engagement and Innovation Game II – about Product knowledge & understanding Set your Store Relationship Building and Persuasion Game III – Sharing their WOW Moments 4 among the participants , giving names with tag line Game II – Brand Quiz Connect with the brand Set your Store Greeting Engagement Persuasion Presentation Grooming Recall Closing Assessment Distribution of Gifts & Flash Cards Confidence Building & Teamwork Game IV – I am the “Lion” Confidence Building Game V– Dumb Charade Teamwork and communication between team links Persuading customers to purchase creating interest and connect and not by hard selling
  6. 6. We would start our training with our introduction followed by participants introduction. The essence of the training is to break ice and give the participants a zone of comfort and start interaction among them. The participants would be asked to note down one point each about what they like and dislike about their ICEBREAKING 5 The participants would be asked to note down one point each about what they like and dislike about their job and organization. The above exercise would be solely done to see their positive and negative stimulus towards their organization. Then they would be asked to form groups each showing their team spirit. In order to read their thoughts and judge creativity, they would be asked to name their individual groups and say it with a Tagline.
  7. 7. The teams would play the game ‘Two truth One lie’ where every team had to come out with three statements in which two statements were true and one a lie. The other team had to identify the incorrect statement asking three questions Identify Who is your Customer 6 identify the incorrect statement asking three questions The background of the game is to give an understanding to the brand staff as to how to identify customers, how one can gauge the authenticity of a statement by interaction and understanding body language .
  8. 8. Followed by this game and the learning through this activity, a brand contest would be organized by the training coordinators whereby the trainers would gauge the brand knowledge of the staffs and the connect between them and the brand. The Brand Connect …. 7 knowledge of the staffs and the connect between them and the brand. The team who would score highest would be honored with a gift from the training coordinators. The background of the game is to give an understanding of the brand to the staff and also to gauge the brand knowledge and legacy of the staffs about ABC Optical.
  9. 9. Followed by the game “2 truth one lie”, the team members would be asked as whom they think to be their most strongest competitor. This was asked to highlight that significance that the sales staff are the eyes and ears of a brand and they are the most critical elements in the selling cycle as they are directly communicating the It is you – Who is Most Important 8 and they are the most critical elements in the selling cycle as they are directly communicating the brand and building up the image in front of the customers. There were cue cards distributed and pointers given to the audience where training coordinators directed the audience from “Ice-breaking” to “Creating the First Impression” to the customer. Points that would be highlighted through videos and examples in this respect are : •Greeting the customer •Being properly groomed •Positive Body Language
  10. 10. To demonstrate the fact that once the sales opening happens how to engage the customers, the training coordinators would play the game “Set the Store” Customer Engagement and Innovations 9 In this game every team would be asked to set up a fictitious optical shop. Every member of the team would be asked to role play various roles like – Security Guard, Brand staff, Cashier or manager. Then other participants would play the role of customers. Points would be given on aspects like -How innovative the product selling can be, how to handle irate customers, customer engagement and relationship building. Interactive session on – Greeting, Persuasion, Presentation of their Product etc.
  11. 11. The post lunch session every team member would then share their WOW moments (most critical elements in their selling profession) where the staffs have gone out of their way to help customers rather than directly pushing Relationship Building and Shuttle Persuasion 10 them to sell any item The focus of this exercise is to make the staffs feel that it is not about selling the product but Selling Themselves to the customer.
  12. 12. Next the training coordinators would start with showing the staffs videos on the importance of communication where pronunciation, body language and how audible is your voice play an important part. Confidence Building 11 This would follow by two most important learning – shedding inhibition while interacting and communicating between themselves with signs I am the “lion” Dumb Charade I am the “lion” . This game is aimed to help the members of the brand staff to give up their inhibitions and act as a lion and try and scare the members of the audience. Every member of the Brand staff would be asked to give us an understanding –”how was their day was” and perform something (a dance, sing a song etc).
  13. 13. This session was basically to provide training feedback & observation to the participants and for Q&A Recognize and honor the team who would emerge as the winner Recall 12 Recognize and honor the team who would emerge as the winner Distribute flash cards to every participants with one liner quotation which would motivate them on sales and they would be advised to carry them every day They would also be advised to note down a ‘WoW” moment with the customer on a daily basis. An initiative by the ABC Optical sponsors would be appreciated here.
  14. 14. 13