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Facilitating peer to-peer conversations to deepen insights integration mitra martin 2018


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A new approach to socializing insights from a research study to drive transformative change through a "learning chrysalis" - a series of facilitated, 1:1 peer-to-peer conversations.

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Facilitating peer to-peer conversations to deepen insights integration mitra martin 2018

  1. 1. From Insights to Conversations Mitra Martin Learning Pattern Designer
  2. 2. everyone is overwhelmed by content conversations help us make sense of content
  3. 3. random coffee pattern 1: one a week, 25 minutes, LinkedIn conversation starter, #randomcoffee pic
  4. 4. people walker pattern 2: half hour walk, meet at a convenient spot
  5. 5. empathy session pattern 3: 5 minutes sharing, 2 minutes stillness, 5 minutes reflective dialogue, switch
  6. 6. distilling the patterns what do these have in common? "tools of conviviality" - ivan illich ● two people ● using time to frame and focus ● light guidelines for a productive and rewarding session ● easy, cheap, accessible
  7. 7. how can we use this pattern? helping clients get more value out of great research ● our clients invest heavily developing insights ● a research project creates an opportunity for real change ● but often the organization doesn't have the capacity to really integrate the learnings ● and all those great insights stay locked away in a big deck...
  8. 8. what if our clients could get an even greater return on research investments? research phase integration phase
  9. 9. socializing the insights ● develop customized set of peer-to-peer learning missions for client based on research/context ● in-person or Zoom-based team kickoff/orientation ● 6-8 week integration period ○ weekly pairups ○ share new insights from conversations on portal ● final in-person or Zoom-based harvesting session
  10. 10. this helps you stay part of a high level conversation ● witnessing how research insights get transformed internally into on-the-ground change ● get details for richer, more impacful case studies of transformation and value creation ● stay part of the conversation without running the show ● identify new opportunities for research arising from dialogue
  11. 11. what are these "missions"?
  12. 12. Time Travel Interview purpose: to access the wisdom that the future you already has ❏ familiar "interview" structure ❏ future date ❏ narrow or wide lens ❏ questions spark imagination ❏ probes uncover details
  13. 13. preparing the soil
  14. 14. Mirror Interview ❏ two-way interview ❏ want to ask ❏ want to be asked ❏ catalyzes thoughtful attunement ❏ open or circumscribed ❏ opens a safe, deep interpersonal field purpose: make it easy to have an rich, meaningful 1:1 interaction
  15. 15. integrating the content
  16. 16. Empathy Mission ❏ opens space for fuller response to content, such as a report ❏ A/B share structure with timed stillness ❏ probes and framing invite deeper, more personal reflection purpose: allows deeper sharing around responses to research
  17. 17. harvesting the learnings
  18. 18. Appreciaions ❏ creates closure and well feeling ❏ appreciate about other ❏ appreciate about self ❏ A/B timed share structure ❏ focus on observed experience - not judging purpose: illuminate the positive being experienced interpersonally
  19. 19. our services research audit development of p2p missions peer-pairing systems tool selection invitation launch facilitation assessing
  20. 20. Mitra's frustration with conventional learning paradigms began in 1997 when she realized that outstanding scholastic achievement in revered academic contexts hadn't prepared her for the rich and meaningful life she sought.While working in advertising in New York, she went on a business trip to Buenos Aires and became obsessed with social, improvised Argentine Tango and its rich tradition of social, embodied learning. After leaving her job in marketing research in Los Angeles, she co-founded Oxygen Tango, a learning ecosystem where Mitra reinvented the way social dance was taught by prototyping learning pattern innovations. She developed contexts that leverage the power of cohorts, peer-to-peer learning, and self-paced experiential learning while de-emphasizing the formal one-to-many teacher-centric class structure. Her courses The Tango Challenge, as well as her format innovations — learning labs, mini-lessons, and tango buddies — are being used in communities across the U.S. Today, she is bringing the peer-to-peer learning framework she developed and evolved through facilitating many thousands of 1:1 learning interactions, to researchers, innovators, and strategists looking for a new way to help insights come alive within organizations. Mitra has facilitated thousands of workshops including learning experiences for Google, Caltech, and The Ford Theaters. She is a graduate of Princeton University with Honors. Mitra Martin
  21. 21. let's tango! (310) 854-2466
  22. 22. Copyright 2018 Mitra Martin