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this technical note describes in details the funtionalities available in the Cross Media Finder (XMF) solution, the tool that alolow to set up Multichannel WebTV, IPTV VOD with Social Networking. Visit and for real applications.

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Axmedis Cross Media Finder

  1. 1. Automating content production protection and distribution XMF: a tool for setting up Social Network and Technical Note n.7001 Cross Media Multichannel WebTVs January 2009 The market of digital content is rapidly changing. Users are becoming more interested in using interactive and intelligent content. The Cross Media Finder is a solution which allow to set up and create Social Networks and WebTVs Multichannel WebTV, with content on demand, supporting Multichannel distribution of Cross IPTV VOD with Social Media Content on: PC, PDA and Mobile (see from those devices). The solution is based on AXMEDIS technology for the cross Networking in a media content modeling, for the Digital Rights Management, DRM and business single tool models, for the automated production of content for multichannel, and for the collection and management of the User Generated Content and Experiences. Manage and distribute your contents with that of your users Provide a unique tool to provide access to cross media content, selling it and getting user generated content, Social Networking. Video on Demand (VOD), and production on demand solutions Interactivity with Intelligent cross media models Integrated interoperable DRM Exploiting different business models and/or transactions on the same distribution XMF is distributed as appliance or as Virtual Machine that can be very easily channels: pay per play, installed and maintained. monthly rate, preview, renting, advertising, etc. With XMF you can set up a large set of possible configurations exploiting capabilities of: Adopt advertising x Content distribution toward PC, PDA and Mobiles; (customized and/or real x Content protection, DRM and e-commerce; time personalised x Content Management and processing; advertising) x Social Networking for your users, for PC, PDA and Control P2P content mobile sharing and distribution, x WebTV on IP, IPTV, solutions; involving your customers x Content recommendations for your users via PC, in distribution PDA and Mobiles; (superdistribution) x Tuning graphic layout of XMF interface by using CSS; x Tuning users capabilities by DRUPAL configuration; x Managing Back office for content with automated AXMEDIs AXCP tools; x Supporting integrated P2P distribution; x Controlling P2P and/or HTTP download; Etc. 1
  2. 2. Automating content production protection and distribution A demonstrative version of the Cross Media Finder solution and portal, XMF.AXMEDIS, is accessible at It offers suitable demonstrative contents for PC, PDA and Mobiles. XMF shows all the presented features and thus how they can be integrated in a portal, WebTV, IPTV for cross media content on demand. XMF is focused also on social networking summarizing the integrated features reported in this document. You can integrate the solution in your portal by simply embedding the AXMEDIS player Active X for Internet Explore and Mozilla. You can select to have an XMF appliance or an XMF Virtual Machine to be installed on your virtualization infrastructure. Visiting Users on Cross Media Finder, XMF On the Cross Media Finder, the user can directly access to facilities for searching, downloading and publishing/uploading content. Observing and browsing the content already obtained, downloaded in the past. The users can x access to cross media content as described in the following; x make queries (simple full text and advanced queries) on cross media content selecting video, audio, documents, images, cross media or any, on the basis of extended metadata, or other categories; x download the interactive content from the server, client/server direct download; x play interactive content directly into the WEB page or from the downloaded files; x browse the list of the most and/or less downloaded/played content; x browse the list of the most and highest/lowest ranked content; x browse the list of the last recently uploaded content; x see a preview for each content element with an icon or animated icon; x see content metadata such as: title, description, format, type, genre, ranks, comments, etc., for each content element in preview or as a result of a query; x see the extended metadata for each content; x play and see the content at full screen; In order to play a cross media content, the user has to click on the visible and/or animated icons representing the content. The resulting action is the internal opening of a new web page into the AXEPTool P2P client tool. That page contains the AXMEDIS Active X player with the automatic loading of the selected content. XMF Social Networking capabilities XMF with social networking capabilities pushes your users to socialize each other and to contribute to enlarge the number of contents, attracting thus other users, etc. Users can perform their registration freely and define their profile. The profile is used to provide them suggestions and to stimulate social activities. In addition to the above mentioned general features, the registered users may: x create a list of friends; x define the list of friends that may access to the posted content; x search for other users on the basis of their profile, name, email, etc.; 2
  3. 3. Automating content production protection and distribution x upload content and contributions on the Cross Media Finder to see them directly presented in the portal and declined for PC, PDA, STB and Mobile if requested; x upload user generated intelligent objects and services on the portal to see them automatically accessible for PC, PDA and Mobile, etc. x upload content and protect them, and make such contents accessible for some users (feature available only with AXMEDIS DRM support). x browse the list of your friends’ preferred and/or posted content with details about the ranks and views, eventual comments provided by other users, etc.; x browse and propose the list of your preferred content with details about the ranks and views, eventual comments provided by other users, etc.; x browse the list of the content which is closest to your profile; x browse the list of the content which is closest to the profile of a your friend; x create the list of preferred content elements, marking them, from PC, PDA and Mobile; x vote and comment content, influencing the ranks, leaving comments on the content posted by others; x create play list of content (enhanced versions only); x access to protected content reserved to a group of user without paying; x access to pay per play protected content according to the business models. Registered users on the portal may fill a form to describe their profile. The profile includes some few personal data and their preferences on the cross media content description and type. On the basis of the user profile and of users’ actions on the portal, the portal is capable of: x suggesting a list of potential friends on the basis of their profile; x suggesting a list of content closer to their preferences and profile; x recommending a list of content to be acquired; x presenting to user specific advertising on the basis of their profile (extended version only). The Cross Media Finder can be integrated with AXMEDIS P2P tools. P2P technology can be tested by installing the AXMEDIS P2P client as stated in the help accessible from the first page In that case, the user starts connecting with the http link of the XMF (webTV) or by means of the AXMEDIS P2P client tool called AXEPTool (as depicted in the figure). The AXEPTool is a P2P client tool of the AXMEDIS P2P controlled Network: 624. With the support of AXMEDIS P2P (concretized with the AXEPTool client tool) the user may: x download the interactive content from the P2P network; x publish files and/or cross media content on the P2P network; x see statistics about download and upload of the P2P network; x see the list of content he collect and share on and from his computer; AXMEDIS Cross Media Content, features and capabilities AXMEDIS content format supports from simple files to complex collections of multimedia for a large range of applications, from business to business to personal and/or global scale production, protection and distribution, with and without DRM. AXMEDIS format and solution can be used to: o describe and/or package and may be protect any kind of digital content, with standard, custom and extended metadata; o valorize and distribute cultural heritage, educational and infotainment content: lessons, coursewares; o distribute content with different business models as: VOD, PPV, PPP, IPTV, WEBTV, etc. 9with AXMEDIS DRM); o model and distribute content for PC, PDA, P2P, Kiosks and mobiles with interactive parts; o distribute and set up business models in which intelligent content is used, having the possibility of defining the internal business model and actions on the content itself, dynamic modeling of content behavior; o interchange content among different factories and distribution chains. The AXMEDIS format can wrap any 3
  4. 4. Automating content production protection and distribution kind of files, including SMIL, HTML, FLASH, MXF, newsML, etc., for safer audio/visual sharing, and the number of components in the package and the size of the single element in the package are very very large; o share content among B2B actors of the value chain, in protected and non protected versions; o produce and cope with leisure and entertainment content: video, TV, games, etc.; o distribute and protecting governmental, military, clinical information; o package, protect and distribute newsML; o create audio guides for PDA and mobiles; o produce content with advertising (customized and/or real time personalized advertising inside the package or linked to outside); o produce and deliver personalized content inside the package or linked to outside; o manage personally produced content from final users and customers; o provide multichannel experience and distribution: different content on different channels at the same time for multichannel experience of the user. The AXMEDIS Cross Media Content can: o present in a single digital content a more powerful and participative entertainment experiences than present DVDs; o provide enhanced interactivity such as making queries into the content elements, supporting and storing annotations, navigating and selecting content elements to be played, reacting to user commands and changes, etc.; o include/describe/package any kinds of media and media collections: audio, video, games, documents, images, etc.; o be exchanged and distributed among different devices/tools: PC, mobiles, smart-phones, STB/PVR, HDR, PDA, etc.; o be accessed from several different interoperable distribution channels: Internet, P2P, wireless mobile, satellite and/or terrestrial networks, etc.; o change/adapt its behavior according to the user profiles and experience, context, device capabilities, connection capabilities, etc.; o present some autonomy of control such as in wizards, being proactive with the users providing and requesting information and data: for example to create touristic guides, to create traveling reports, coking books, brico-work manual, etc., asking to the user to augment the manual for further experiences and/or friends, etc.; See for example the AXMEDIS objects which are wizards for: o leaving a message on the Social Network; o collecting your content and posting large set of content on the Social Network; o producing your image collections; o posting and collecting your content making them accessible for your mobiles; o recording and automatically posting your video message; o protecting your content, making it accessible only for your friends; o etc. o be generated by final users, produced at home and/or shared in the network, in the respect of the user Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR), that means supported by an open versatile DRM solution; o be protected and managed with AXDRM into XMF that supports a large set of business models, for example: renting, pay per play, subscription, advertising, user generated content, etc.; The above mentioned scenarios and many others can be realized thanks to AxMediaTech AXMEDIS technology and tools: AXMEDIS content format, DRM, controlled P2P, and Content Processing, see Technical Notes AXMEDIS Cross Media Content may contain: o elements/essences which are: o audio files, videos, images, documents, animations, games, etc.; o any combinations of cross media content with presentations in HTML, SMIL, MPEG-4, FLASH, NewsML, MXF elements, etc., hypermedia with internal and external links; o reference to external files and/or other AXMEDIS objects as URIs and links; o menus, collections, lists, interactive elements on animations, etc. 4
  5. 5. Automating content production protection and distribution o metadata and descriptors associated with single resources and/or collections: o metadata, classification information, Dublin Core, and any other XML metadata; o descriptors such as fingerprint, technical information, MPEG-7, XML, etc.; o single and/or multiple identifications: AXOID, UUID, ISBN, ISMN, ISRC, ISAN, etc; o business descriptors such as the AXInfo, PAR (potentially available rights); o extended metadata; o collections of content as lists, hierarchy of files, nesting levels, menus, etc., on which users may o navigate, make queries on the basis of metadata of single components or files; o receive auto play, automated presentation, dynamic advertising, chained videos, special content, packaging audio visual with additional content, etc.; o access to content with different presentation algorithms, protected and/or selectively non-protected, with or without previews, and many other models. o perform annotations to content elements; o narrative and proactive capabilities and wizards: behavior formalization and semantic to allow the content package to became intelligent and interactive, allowing the final users to perform not only interaction, but: o enrichment (addition of comments and data to object content); o transformations (migration of the same object to another device with some adaptation), extraction of ringtones, screens for mobiles, etc.; o queries inside the content collection; o questionnaires, quiz, exercises inside the content package; o recording additional content coming from P2P, Web, etc; o licensing its own content with specific wizard; o recording and send a video message, protecting the video message; o evolve the content with actions as reported above, putting inside the package its own picture collection, DIY-reporting experience, traveling experience report, messages for the family, etc for next user experience improvement; AxMediaTech AXMEDIS Player into Internet browser The AXMEDIS player can be in the form of (i) Active X for Internet Explorer, (ii) Firefox Plugin for Windows, (iii) PC player with skins, (iv) PDA direct player for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, (v) AXMEDIS Mobile in java for mobiles with multimedia capabilities, and (vi) PC java based player. Most of the AXMEDIS players present the following features, see technical note on AXMEDIS players to see a comparative feature table: x play video/audio from HTTP link in progressive download; o stop, pause, restart, go end, go top, go full screen; o seeking position on the video/audio moving cursor; o show full metadata, show structure, show progressive download bar; x play cross media content in AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 format downloading them via HTTP; o MPEG-21, SMIL, HTML, FLASH, animation, image, audio, video, doc, MPEG-4, o show and navigate into the cross media content structure; x play content produced for PC, PDA, STB and Mobiles; x execute intelligent AXMEDIS objects with AXMethods in Javascript; o interactive Support, Content behavior, Internal content query, Collection of user action, Proactive with users, Extraction of resources, User monitoring, licensing, adaptation, etc; x AXMEDIS DRM Support: o off Line DRM function, Licensing Links, Protection tools plugins, Attacks detection, Users may gen licenses, Domain support, REL Rights Supported; x Content acquisition: Download, Progressive download; x Technical details: easy to install via certified CAB and/or exe, plug in technology to add features and protection tools, developed in C++; x Open and customizable according to distributor and final users’ needs. The AXMEDIS player is automatically downloaded and proposed for installation at the first opening of the XMF WEB page. It is a certified tool and it is recognized to be a secure tool by any Internet Explorer without asking to the user to reduce its level of protection. The XMF helps the users that are registered to complete the tool certification process and those that does have been registered to register and certify the tool. 5
  6. 6. Automating content production protection and distribution In the next figure, an example of cross media content is reported. The example reports a collection of short videos of secret camera that the user may select clicking on the photogram. Once downloaded the same content is accessible as unique file from the disk. Architecture for XMF based Social Networks The XMF can be installed on single server or scaled up to a cluster of servers according to your number of users, downloads and user generated content uploads. Moreover, XMF is also distributed as appliance or as Virtual Machine. In all cases, it can be easily installed, maintained and customized: x to create your custom Social Network, providing a different look and fill, user profile, content profile, number of distribution channels, thematic goal of the social network (ethical, singers, political topics, etc.) x to work with generic files and/or with AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 content. The users provided content files are automatically reformatted and adapted according to the distribution defined format by using AXCP. The production of AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 Objects and their templates can be performed with the AXMEDIS Editor/authoring. AXMEDIS provides also players for: MS Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile 5 and 6, and java mobiles, STB/PVR/HDR, Media Center, PDA, and mobiles. They can be customized in terms of GUI and functionalities. Examples of customizations are available: x to be as single WEB portal and/or integrated with P2P network and client tool as described before; The P2P network is obtained with the AXMEDIS P2P, a BitTorrent enhanced solution for P2P: x to collect and manage in different manners user generated content. The processing of the user generated content can be supervised or performed automatically. The supervision can be performed via custom developed components or managed by Workflow systems. The automatics processing is performed by the AXMEDIS Content Processing tools, AXCP, that can be scaled up, to manage large number of contents per day to automate your content production, to protect and to distribute as stated above and in more details into the technical note: x to support business models such as VOD, Pay per View, with the AXMEDIS DRM. A solution to adopt MPEG-21 DRM with other DRM solutions includes servers and licensing tools and allows DRM, detection of attacks, black list management, collection of actions logs containing traces about the rights exploitation, tools for administrative management, etc. 6
  7. 7. Automating content production protection and distribution XMF Administration Administration tool are provided as an advanced support to XMF to: x manage the user profiles and capabilities aspects based on DRUPAL CMS; x manage the content providing and usage based on XMF Web services; x manage the content database and metadata via the XMF administrative tool XMF administrative tool, depicted in the previous pictures allows you to: x perform sophisticated queries on your content database; x make a preview and edit metadata of each content element; x perform a full view/play of the content; x access to different content versions; x activate some advanced Content Mangement Systems actions on single or groups of AXMEDIS content such as: delete, transform, adapt to other formats, update metadata, post/get on/from other social nets, revise metadata, post on P2P, verify, remove older versions, etc. The limitations are only imposed by your fantasy since you have all the power of AXMEDIS AXCP language for processing. 7
  8. 8. Automating content production protection and distribution AXMEDIS Tools for your download In the following, the links to download the most important AXMEDIS player are reported. It is also possible from the AXMEDIS portal to download additional AXMEDIS tools and content: o PC players: o AXMEDIS stand alone PC player; o AXMEDIS Skin based PC player; o AXMEDIS Active X, for usage into HTML pages and simple VB and/or .NET applications o AXMEDIS plug in for Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3 o PDA Windows Mobile 5 and 6 player, supporting: SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4, video, audio, documents, images, etc.; o Mobile player, Java based with Multimedia API: o o Mobile player page: Http:// o AXMEDIS Production tools: References AxMediaTech AXMEDIS portals and to take: x Technical note on AXMEDIS players: Technical note on AXMEDIS DRM: Technical note on AXCP GRID processing: Technical note on AXMEDIS P2P: x AXMEDIS tools: o production tools: editor and automated production, AXCP tools, players for several platforms; x AXMEDIS objects and examples o audio, video, images, collection, education, cross media, training objects, documents, etc.; o Interactive and smart objects; x AXMEDIS P2P network that you can freely and easily join for trial; x AXMEDIS Technical Notes, white papers on: o AXCP, Automated production tools; o AXMEDIS Model; o AXMEDIS P2P; o AXMEDIS DRM; DRM how to integrate and use; o AXMEDIS DRM for dummies; o VOD for PC and STB; o Usage intelligent content with the show case of BBC x AXMEDIS show cases: of TISCALI, EUTELSAT, BBC, TEO, ELION, Giunti LABS, ANSC, Telecom Italia, VARIAZIONI, SIAE, etc. o examples and technical documentation about AXMEDIS distribution cases for : VOD, IPTV, mobile, PDA, STB, etc., download and streaming, etc. Contact: x AXMEDIS tutorials: o videos, slides, and documents o example of AXCP rules 8