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App overview video


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App Overview Video

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App overview video

  1. 1. MitoAction Mobile MitoAction Mobile is your care planning and secure messaging solution for mitochondrial disease. Powered by action plan welcome to mito action mobile
  2. 2. MitoAction Mobile will revolutionize the management and delivery of care for mitochondrial disease. Powered by welcome to mito action mobile action plan
  3. 3. MitoAction Mobile will help you create an action plan of tasks, symptoms and vitals for you to track on the mobile app. mito action mobileaction plan
  4. 4. The MitoAction Mobile App will give you a direct connection to your professional care team for communications and action plan tracking. Powered by
  5. 5. Send text messages and share tasks with your physician and other care team members. Powered by
  6. 6. With MitoAction Mobile you will also share and track key symptoms... Powered by pain level fatigue muscle weakness
  7. 7. ...and view symptom history right from the conversation. Powered by Pain History June 2018
  8. 8. MitoAction Mobile will even share your full symptom history with your care team automatically. Powered by Symptom History
  9. 9. MitoAction Mobile will have full reporting of symptoms, vitals, and care task results to use with your professional care team. welcome to mito action mobile action plan
  10. 10. In-App Symptom Tracking
  11. 11. Full Care Plan Reporting action plan report
  12. 12. Fall Left knee Left knee gave out walking to the airplane bathroom. Couldn’t maintain balance. Leg in pain. Fall Incident 8:41a Incident Reporting View History Incident Report
  13. 13. MitoAction Mobile will make it easy for you Powered by welcome to mito action mobile action plan to plan, track, and coordinate care for you or your loved one with mitochondrial disease.
  14. 14. MitoAction Mobile Sign up Today! Questions? Powered by welcome to mito action mobile action plan