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Jokers Wild

  1. 1.   Mitchell Lloyd January 26, 2012 Introduction to Urban Design Dr. Santos
  2. 2. Let’s Take a Ride on…
  3. 3. Stop #1Jackson, MS
  4. 4. Stop #1 Jackson, MississippiThe Game Built environment responsible for non-motorized transportation inconvenient Decline in physical activity ex. Walking, Biking Perception of a problem supplying discouragement to residents Characteristics of the Problem Heavy Volume Traffic Lack of Crosswalks & Sideways High Speed Cars as a Barrier Crash RateThe Players Population Victim Government Prime Suspect Private Sector Accomplice
  5. 5. Stop #1 Jackson, MississippiRules Amenities needs to be in place to accompany transportation Established transport forms cannot restrict others people with inaccessibility issues Desirable destinations for present make up of community which is reasonably in accessible to non-motorists Street Connectivity, Reduced Traffic SpeedsDeal Rise in overall activity levels Lessen volume of traffic near residence areas Placement of recreation options Perception of outside activity is safe and easy
  6. 6. Stop #2Toronto, Ontario
  7. 7. Stop #2 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaThe Game Lack of Good Public Space, ex. SuburbsThe Players Population Victim Government Prime SuspectRules Population must be committed to supporting more public spaces with finances and frequent usage Prevention of private sector take over of public spaceDeals Creation of vibrant and attractive environment from citizens to explore Infrastructure to support community usage of public space Public sector must supply perception ownership to population
  8. 8. Stop #3Washington, D.C.
  9. 9. Stop #3 Washington, District of ColombiaThe Game Bad quality of built environment • Leads to sick & unhealthy childrenThe Players Government Prime Suspect Private Sector VictimRules Reduction of pathway disjointedness Reduction of traffic speed near residence areas Increased effort to remove containment from the natural environment (land,air,water)Deal Improved accessibility to increase physical activity Fewer traffic related injuries/remove volume traffic Reduction in toxics with stricter regulations (Lead paint)
  10. 10. Stop #4Saugerties, NY
  11. 11. Stop #4 Saugerties, New YorkThe Game The Players Unaffordable Housing  Population Victim Adequate low-income housing  Government Accomplice Community not able to counter cost of  Private Sector Prime Suspect housingRules Addition of housing without community taking any financial burden Private developer must build facilitates that are in reach of the surrounding community Job creation without straining community’s infrastructureDeal Community stays in tact and grows Families have housing plus funds for lifestyle Jobs and infrastructure steadily increase raising attractiveness of communities to businesses
  12. 12. Stop #5Tallahassee, FL
  13. 13. Stop # 5 Tallahassee, FloridaThe Game Exclusion and Segregation Achieving equality, regardless of race, class & gender Inclusive in aspects of life (society, housing)The Players Population Victim/Accomplice Private Sector Prime SuspectRules Reframe from exclusion of any citizen from service that is not unlawful Open mind to enhance a diverse community for allDeal Leadership comprised of a variety of different people Advocating for diversity of ideas Willingness to accept fellow human beings
  14. 14. Stop #6Redding, CA
  15. 15. Stop #6 Redding, CaliforniaThe Game Privatization of Social Services Public services dependent on private sectorThe Players Government Prime Suspect Private Sector Accomplice Population VictimRules Deal Opt out clauses in  Major savings for city budget government/private contracts  Constant opportunities for private Retain control of important services sector that can be easily taken for granted  Good relationship of private by private sector sector growing and maintaining the city
  16. 16. Stop #7Cairo, Egypt
  17. 17. Stop #7 Cairo, EgyptThe Game Top-Down Planned Mega- Projects Transformation of existing built environmentThe Players Government Prime Suspect Private Sector Benefactor Population VictimRules Deal Non-exclusive of government officials input  Redevelopment of unused areas Maintain meaningful community  Rise in city status/globalization components  Attractiveness to entrepreneurs Respect for city’s historic character  Solutions to current inabilities Creation of a environment that is
  18. 18. Stop #8Tuscaloosa, AL
  19. 19. Stop #8 Tuscaloosa, AlabamaThe Game Weak economic development Impact of Immigration law Lost of investorsThe Players Government Prime Suspect Private Sector Bystander Population VictimRules Deal No restrictions on valued blue collar  Increase in high investment population projects Maintain positive, perception to  Boost in city profit investors  Population benefits from industry Restriction on available jobs for boom and traffic to supporter immigrate workers businesses and jobs
  20. 20. Stop #9Picher, Ok
  21. 21. Stop #9 Picher, OklahomaThe Game Contamination of natural resources and environmentThe Players Government Victim Population Victim Private Sector Prime SuspectRules Deal Tougher restrictions on  Preservation of existing air/waste/water pollution environment Facilitates for proper waste  Safe for residents inhabiting the removal area Clean up professionals/testers to protect community
  22. 22.  Thanks!!!