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Invention as Public Service at MIT


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This is the show used to present the MIT Global Challenge to alumni leaders at the MIT Alumni Leadership Conference 10/23.

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Invention as Public Service at MIT

  1. 1. Invention as Public Service at MIT Inspire, Support, and Scale Student Innovation
  2. 2. Your generation wears its commitment to the greater good quite lightly. You use your skills to help repair a broken world, however, you see nothing remarkable about it; you simply expect it of each other, and of yourselves. - President Susan Hockfield Commencement Address to the Class of 2010
  3. 3. No MIT students were harmed making this presentation
  4. 4. Imagine if we applied MIT’s entrepreneurial talent toto today’s urgent humanitarian challenges
  5. 5. Agriculture, Processing Education, Training Emergency, Disaster Relief Energy, Environment Employment, Entrepreneurship Housing, Transportation Health, Accessibility Mobiles, ICTs Water, Sanitation
  6. 6. Involve the world-wide MIT community in “invention as public service”
  7. 7. Prizes incentivize innovation both where markets fail and when problem space is complex
  8. 8. Annual competition that awards implementation grants
  9. 9. Amrita Saigal Team Komera, ME ‘10 Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Process for the Developing World
  10. 10. • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – 2010 • Currently working for Procter & Gamble Gillette in Process & Engineering • Passionate about Women’s Empowerment through technology
  11. 11. • In Rwanda, currently: • 36% of women miss • 50 days of school or work a year • because they cannot afford sanitary pads Need for Komera
  12. 12. Pad Making Process • Pulp • Our Task:
  13. 13. Alpha Prototype
  14. 14. Social Entrepreneurship
  15. 15. • Mentoring • Funding • Networking • Socializing Komera IDEAS helped Komera move forward…
  16. 16. Why YOU should get involved • Resourceful • Understand the Business Aspects • Global Perspective • Implementation and Scaling
  17. 17. What’s in it for YOU…. Brilliance + Experience = Large Scale Social Impact You have the opportunity to extend your reach beyond your current space of engagement and make a positive difference
  18. 18. Launch in the context of growth and celebration
  19. 19. Experience suggests now is the right time
  20. 20. Lifecycle 1-3 Discovery, Design Students learn about design challenges, teams propose solutions and receive feedback on their ideas. 4-5 Decide, Deploy Judges nominate winners; they are announced at the awards ceremony and have a year to implement their projects.
  21. 21. PerfectSight Developed an innovative, mobile system for diagnosing refractive eye conditions for under $1 using cell phones. Year awarded: 2010 Location: India
  22. 22. Egg-energy Developed innovative lighting and energy leasing franchise that aims to eliminate costly, unhealthy, and dangerous kerosene lanterns used around the world. Year awarded: 2009 Location: Tanzania
  23. 23. Konbit Developed platform to help communities rebuild by collecting the skills of residents, allowing non- governmental organizations to find and employ them.. Year awarded: 2010 Location: Haiti
  24. 24. 26% 22% 17%
  25. 25. Alumni involvement will be critical to the success of IDEAS, the MIT Global Challenge, and our teams
  26. 26. How can we achieve that success, together?
  27. 27. Thank you Lars Hasselblad Torres On the web On Twitter @mitchallenge