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  1. 1. InnoBox Science and Engineering Kit <br />Providing a Multidisciplinary Exposure to Science and Engineering for Resource-Limited Environments <br />Ambar Mehta, William L. Hwang, Jennifer Li, Nischay Kumar<br />
  2. 2. New Educational Initiatives are Needed <br />in South Africa (SA)<br />Problems at primary and secondary schools:<br />1) Failure in educational planning and curriculum development <br />2) Lack of basic resources or well-equipped science laboratories<br />3) Lack of proper teaching training programs and few learning evaluations<br /><ul><li> These barriers have led to (2010 UNICEF Report):
  3. 3. 40% of children in South Africa never completing primary school
  4. 4. Nearly 50% of secondary school children never attend secondary school</li></ul>How do we address this educational need? <br />We are developing the state-of-the-art “InnoBox”, a portable, ready-to-go science kit based on the core teaching principles and creative content of our community partner, United InnoWorks Academy.<br />
  5. 5. United InnoWorks Academy (UIA)<br />Community Partner<br />UIA is an innovative science and engineering initiative “By Students, For Students,” designed and implemented by college volunteers for middle-school students from disadvantaged backgrounds.<br /><ul><li> Successfully conducted more than 30 science programs for more than 1500 underprivileged students.
  6. 6. Their curricula are designed to maximize the development of problem-solving and analytical skills using methods developed from cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience and educational psychology research.</li></li></ul><li>What’s in the InnoBox? <br />InnoBox!<br />Multimedia DVD<br /><ul><li> Will inform school teachers of UIA’s pedagogical and mentor methods.</li></ul>Curriculum<br /><ul><li> Will support all of the multidisciplinary experiments </li></ul>Supplies for over 50 science and engineering experiments<br /><ul><li>Experiments have been modified over the past year to be conducted in limited-resource environments.
  7. 7. Many experiments result in useful devices, such as water purifiers or electric generators.
  8. 8. Costing $150, it contains more experiments than two UIA programs, which cost at least $15,000 each.</li></li></ul><li>InnoBox Experiment Structure<br />ENGINEERING<br />BIOLOGY<br />Solar Energy and Light Applications<br />Fluid/water Applications<br />Challenges!<br />Genetics<br />Nature<br />Human Body<br />-AC Electric Generator<br />-Recycling Paper<br />-Pour on the Plastic<br />-Water Transport Challenge<br />-Up, Up, and Away!<br />-Making a Sundial<br />-Egg-Drop Challenge<br />-Water Purification <br /> System #2<br />-Electrostatic Manip. <br /> of Water<br />-Best Shot?<br />-Build an Aquifer<br />-Submarine Scouting<br />-SONAR<br />-Bioluminescence <br />-Alien Taxonomy<br />-Natural Selection<br />-Design an Animal<br />-Survival of the Fittest<br />-Why do we look<br /> way we do?<br />-Spitting up DNA<br />-DNA Builder<br />-Chromosomes &<br />Karyotyping<br />- Water Purification <br /> System #1<br />-Solar Car Races<br />-Hot Dog Cooker<br />-Design a Telescope<br />Health<br />Senses<br />PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY<br />-Circulatory System<br />-Chromosomes and<br /> Karyotyping<br />-Your Invisible Inmates<br />-Breaking the Barrier<br />-Build Your Own Cell<br />-Taste Sensitivity -Hot or Cold?<br />-The Smell of Taste<br /> -Vision and Your <br /> Blind Spot<br />-Speed of Adaptation<br />-Sky Blue and the <br /> Sunset Red?<br />Fluid Dynamics<br />Other<br />Solar System<br />-Colors and Heat?<br />-Story of Diapers<br />-There She Blows!<br />-Cabbage Leaf <br /> Indicator<br />-Silly Putty<br />-Stick it to a balloon,<br /> skewer a bag<br />-Mooving Milk<br />-Dive! Dive!<br />-Creating a Tornado<br />-Surface tension<br />-What’s air got to do with it?<br />-How do airplanes fly?<br />-How far can you glide?<br />-Density<br />-Lava Lamp<br />-Weight in space?<br />-How big is it?<br />-Impact Crater<br />
  9. 9. Implementation<br /><ul><li> Pursue our initial implementation at the Tshikevha Christian School in South Africa. We have been in contact with the Principal who is excited about our project.
  10. 10. Formally assess the strengths and weaknesses of the InnoBox to modify it and enhance its self-sustainability and contents. </li></ul>Sustainability of the InnoBox<br /><ul><li> 32 of the 53 experiments do not require materials that need to be replenished.
  11. 11. Remaining 21 experiments can be repeated at least 5 times and </li></ul>most of their materials can be found in our targeting community.<br />