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Office And Vsto 200


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This slide deck is for developers who are interested in learning how to program Office using VSTO

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Office And Vsto 200

  1. 1. MSDN Events Autumn, 2008 Building Powerful Applications for the Microsoft Office System Using Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO)
  2. 2. Session Objectives And Agenda Designing, Building and Deploying Smart Client Applications on VSTO 2003, 2005, 2005SE, 2008 (1.0, 2.0 & 2.5, 3.0) Document-centric solutions in Word and Excel Add-in Solutions in PowerPoint Deployment, but not Security… Demos, Demos, Demos… Guidance on how to get smart on VSTO
  3. 3. That was then…
  4. 4. This is now…
  5. 5. The 2007 Microsoft Office system is a unified solutions platform for building Office Business Applications that make Line-of- Business systems, enterprise data and workflows accessible and relevant to users. • Consists of clients, servers, services and tools • Provides a single infrastructure for – Communication & collaboration – Business Intelligence – Content management solutions • Enables developers to bridge information gap between users and data in back-end enterprise systems – SQL Server, SAP, ERP, CRM, etc.
  6. 6. Visual Studio Tools for Office AdventureWorks Excel
  7. 7. Visual Studio Tools for Office enables developers to leverage Visual Studio and the Microsoft Office platform to build scalable line-of-business solutions based on Microsoft Office • Makes Office a valuable, first-class project type in Visual Studio • Enables developers to create & extend Office Business Applications • Enables developers to leverage key Office UI features and support collaboration and workflow • Provides Office developers with the benefits and advantages of the Visual Studio professional development environment • Enables developers to leverage existing programming skills • Allows Developers to leverage their company’s investments in the Office system
  8. 8. Visual Studio Tools for Office quot;Hello Worldquot; Word
  9. 9. Visual Studio Tools for Office Excel Guided Tour
  10. 10. VSTO Deployment Model • Separation of document, code and assembly – Code is part of a Visual Studio project – Only the assembly is deployed with the document • Assembly is “linked” to the document – VSTO 2003: Custom properties – VSTO 2005+: App manifest embedded in document
  11. 11. Office Client Development with VSTO 2 Common Application Models Document-Centric Solutions MyTaskPane MyCode OM Office Application Solutions (Add-In) MyMenu MyCode OM
  12. 12. VSTO 2008 PowerPoint Document Creation
  13. 13. Key VSTO Features • Visual designers for key UI features • Workflow & Microsoft SharePoint Support • Data binding in Word Content Controls • Application-level add-ins for most Office client apps (both 2003 & 2007) • Document-level add-ins for Excel & Word 2007 • Improved deployment and security
  14. 14. Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2005 Adventure Works Customer Sales Dynamic Word Doc Creation
  15. 15. The ActionsPane • Document Actions task pane – Specific task pane available to document customizations (new in Word and Excel 2003+) • ActionsPane – Programmable object exposed by VSTO 2005 from Excel Workbook and Word Document classes – Fully encapsulates an implementation of ISmartDocument – Provides a Windows Forms-based programming model for accessing the Document Actions task pane
  16. 16. Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 2005 Excel Win32 Services
  17. 17. VSTO Roadmap Visual Studio 2008 (VSTO v3.0) Visual designers for key UI features Workflow & Microsoft SharePoint support Data-bound Word Content Controls App-level add-ins for most client programs (both 2003 & 2007) Doc-level add-ins for Excel and Word 2007 ClickOnce deployment & security VSTO 2005 + VSTO 2005 Second Edition Custom ActionsPane Host Controls on doc surface Cached Data in the document Server-side data processing App-level add-ins for Outlook More App-level add-ins VSTO 2003 Document-level code behind Brings Microsoft Office into the managed world Strict security model
  18. 18. VSTO Versions & Roadmap • VSTO 2003 (version 1.0) – Office 2003 with .NET 1.1 • VSTO 2005 (version 2.0) – Office 2003 with .NET 2.0 • VSTO 2005 SE (version 2.5) – Office 2007 with .NET 2.0 & 3.0 • VSTO 2008 (version 3.0) – Office 2007 with .NET 3.5
  19. 19. VSTO 2008 Excel WPF Custom Orders Spreadsheet Creation
  20. 20. Deployment Models Local/Network Local/Local Network/Network Loading document generallyrequire Loading document does not requires generally requires network access network access Users shareto install solution document Users have personal copy of document instance Updates can be made in a made in a Assembly updates can be central Users have personal copy of central location document location Document updates require redistribution Updates require redistribution
  21. 21. Product Team Blogs • Eric Carter: .NET4Office • Peter Torr: Office Development, Security, Randomness… • Eric Lippert: Fabulous Adventures in Coding • Paul Stubbs: Office Development with .NET • VSTO Team Blog
  22. 22. Newsgroups • VSTO – – MSDN Forums: VSTO – 16&SiteID=1.
  23. 23. Additional Information • MSDN Developer Centers – VS.NET and Office Development – Office Development • Hands-on Labs for VSTO 2005 yID=f2323aaf-fe87-4203-9ed8- 72466566e105&displaylang=en • VSTO 2005 Web casts media/default.aspx
  24. 24. Resources • VSTO Forum – 6 • VSTO-related blogs – VSTO-related Blog Search – – Office Zealot Site –
  25. 25. For More Information • Visit the VSTO Developer Center – • VSTO Help documentation on MSDN –,vs.80).aspx
  26. 26. Summary • VSTO is the key enabler for the .NET stack to build Office Business Applications – Connect documents to live business data – Provide structure using XML Schemas – Provide deeper UI integration using the Document Actions task pane • VSTO is the tool of choice for professional developers creating Add-ins & document-centric solutions for the Office Stack – Integrated design-time experience – Developer productivity through programming model enhancements – All the power of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework