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EMDI Public Relations Session on Image Makers


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EMDI Public Relations Session on Image Makers

  1. 1. Image makers Mithu Basu Founder
  2. 2. Celebrities are brands
  3. 3. Great personal brands are no longer important They are indispensible
  4. 4. Fans feel some kind of affinity to what a particular celebrity brand “stands for” (The face of charity)
  5. 5. Positioning by association (peer grouping)
  6. 6. Brand Extensions Sunil Gavaskar Saurabh Ganguly Sachin Tendulkar Shilpa Shetty Kundra Preity Zinta
  7. 7. Brand Architecture
  8. 8. Internationally there is a machinery of spindoctors, researchers and writers that remain behind the screen and build the brand
  9. 9. When people follow Salman Khan in a celebrity magazine, they are not by and large interested in the human being with the name Salman Khan. Rather they are interested in the media icon, the freely available public image, with whom they have a relationship; and this is the brand
  10. 10. The man and the brand are two different entities (the former exists in our heads the latter in the space of his expertise)
  11. 11. The relation between brands and businesses is anything but simple • Rolls-Royce (BMW) • McDonalds (independent operators) • Jimmy Choo (Shoes not made by Him) • Gucci isn't a person • Skoda (Volkswagen) Kareena and The Kappor name
  12. 12. Close long standing relationships develop between celebrity and image managers
  13. 13. Strategic alignment of Brands to fashion, Bling Bilng lifestyle of royalty, pop-stars and designers impact pay negotiations. Image rights become the value-add that makes a celebrity worth much more
  14. 14. •Brand extensions open new revenue streams •Celebrities peak early and are unlikely to enter alternate employment •Modeling, hosting parties, sponsorship provide good alternatives (Juhi Chawla) (PR Value)
  15. 15. More extensions can defuse core products (Pierre Cardin) If Sharukh Khan involves in too many non acting activities one suspects he may no longer be taken seriously in his core job However over powering personalities can have brand stretchability that can confound critics
  16. 16. PR has the power of reinventing images to keep up with changing fashion and taste The trick of successful repositioning is being recognizable (true to a set of values)
  17. 17. Manufactured celebrities
  18. 18. Mithu Basu Founder