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הדרך להצלחה


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ערן אלראי - It's Exit Time 18.11.2014

Published in: Technology
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הדרך להצלחה

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  9. 9. • With over 40+ years in the industry, we understand your challenges. • Along the same lines as increased selection and competition is the challenge to market to potential customers effectively and retain your existing customers. • Smartphones, social media, texting, email, twitter and other communication channels are making it easy for businesses and individuals to get their messages out – being agile… applying speed to decisions. • Figuring out the right marketing channels is key for businesses to be successful in the future. Where are your customers and how do you best reach them and what is the right messaging? • Once you get a new customer, how do you keep these customers when they are constantly barraged by competitors of all types, sizes, and locations, trying to convince them that they can do it better or provide it cheaper? How do you grow? How do you innovate? • Identifying what your customers want and doing a better job of giving it to them will make all the difference in your company’s future. The conservative spending climate is also causing a shrinking customer base. Consumers are still quite conservative with their pocketbooks, and as a result, organic growth from current and new customers is not growing as quickly as businesses would like. Business owners and executives are spending more time figuring out how to go above and beyond to keep existing customers, while at the same time figuring out how to cost-effectively reach new customers — without competing solely on price, which always ends up to be a race to the bottom. 9
  10. 10. • At Software AG our vision is driven by customer needs – backed by both proven technology and a heritage around in-depth pprroocceessss eexxppeerrttiissee.. • We have the experience to ensure customer success: • More than 70% of the global 1,000 are customers who have benefited from our problem-solving discipline, open-minded thinking, and flexible services and software platforms for business process, integration, big data, portfolio management and intelligent business operations. • Software AG has a very service-oriented culture with over 5,000 responsive team members around the world and 40+ years of committed project success • With 1 billion plus Euros in revenue and a history of strong profitability, Software AG clients appreciate that the company is a solid and stable partner with the agility to react to changing market demands • More than 2 million developers worldwide create solutions based on Software AG products • Software AG has connected with over 2.5 million business users benefitting from solutions based on Software AG technology. Because our technology powers many e-commerce sites, the number of consumers benefiting from our technology is much higher • We help organizations transform into Digital Enterprises, so they can 10
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  12. 12. You will need to create differentiating solutions that help you better engage with your customers, partners and employees. Those solutions nneeeedd ttoo ffuullllyy utilize the current trends in social, mobile, cloud and big data. • Gartner Group published a report in June 2012 regarding the Nexus of Forces: social, mobile, cloud and information. • The IT market is changing fast due to the emergence of new technologies. Mobile • Mobile is disrupting industries from retail, to health, to autos, to finance, to education and beyond. Change is happening at an astonishing scale and speed. The next 10 years will “dwarf” the last 10 in terms of distribution. One driver of change will be the shift to 4G and 5G; another, millions more consumers who will get connected all over the world; and another, the rapid spread of machine-to-machine communication. Social • The tipping point in public sentiment from ‘should have’ to ‘must have social media’ is now occurring. This need for social will impact how companies invest in differentiating solutions. • Businesses are already coming to terms with the need to integrate their social media efforts with their content strategy, and are seeing the impact of social media in terms of lead gen, referral traffic and even better, revenue. 12
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  14. 14. • Software AG is ranked a leader in several product and use case categories by both Gartner and Forrester, the two industry analyst ffiirrmmss tthhaatt pprroovviiddee advice on technology and management topics, both strategic and tactical, to enterprises around the world. • These leader rankings reflect both the strength of Software AG’s product capabilities as well as our deep market understanding. • Software AG’s leader rankings indicate a level of “future-proofing” for the enterprises that our customers can enjoy. 14
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