Raymond king tsx - a capital opportunity part b


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Raymond king tsx - a capital opportunity part b

  1. 1. TSX and TSX Venture Exchange have shown consistent growth in liquidity TSX Venture Exchange TSX Venture Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange Volume of Shares Traded Volume of Shares Traded Volume of Shares Traded Volume of Shares Traded Billions of Shares 52.6 Billions of Shares 118.5 46.2 109.2 43.6 96.1 37.1 82.0 64.2 21.1 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  2. 2. A Toronto Stock Exchange Listing can Boost Liquidity and Expand Investor Base Access to retail investors • $719 Billion in retail assets in Canada at the end of 2008 – More than 20,000 active investment advisors in Canada – Equicom ‘On The Radar’ showcase program – Access to both active and passive Canadian and international institutional investors Access to index investors – ETFs and Mutual Funds ETFs represent a portion of index investors – XIU – iShares CDN S&P/TSX 60 Index Fund - $11 Billion – XIC – iShares CDN S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index Fund - $909 Million –
  3. 3. A TMX Group Listing can Provide Analyst Visibility 872 4 259 TSX Companies get Average Number of TSXV Companies get Analyst Coverage Analysts Covering Analyst Coverage TSX Cos. Source: Capital IQ, December 31 2009
  4. 4. Outline Who is TMX Group? Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange Our Sector Strengths TSX and TSXV Advantage Appendix: Listing Requirements and Fees
  5. 5. TMX Group Global Leadership Strengths 236 issuers 2nd in the world by number of companies 8 new listings in 2009 $0.698 B equity raised Technology $46.9 B value traded 136 issuers 7 new listings in 2009 3640 issuers $0.367 B equity raised $6.6 B value traded 302 new listings in 2009 Life Sciences $64.9 B equity raised Average Financing: 123 issuers TSX $73.7 M TSXV $2.2 M 11 new listings in 2009 $1.8 B equity raised $6.5 B value traded Clean Technology All data is as of or YTD Dec. 31, 2009. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.
  6. 6. Diversified Industries Sector includes a broad range of companies Number of Companies by Diversified Industries Sector Financial Services, 122, 12% 1038 issuers CPC, 218, 21% Real Estate, 78, 8% $940 B Market Cap Comm. & Media, 51, 5% 81 new listings in 2009 Utilities & Pipelines, 32, 3% $27.5 B equity raised Forest Products, 24, 2% Cons. & Ind. Products & Services, 513, 49%
  7. 7. Technology Companies By The Numbers 236 $65B 8 Tech Companies Market Cap New Tech Listings 2nd Largest in the World 5B $698M Average Number of Shares Traded Raised Through Analysts Covering Through 6 Million 135 Financings Tech Cos:4 Transactions YTD Dec 31 2009 Analyst Coverage Info Source: Capital IQ
  8. 8. Life Sciences Companies By The Numbers 136 $11B 7 Life Sciences Cos. Market Cap New Life Sciences Listings 4B $367M Average Number of Shares Traded Raised Through 84 Analysts Covering Through 2.4Million Financings Life Sciences Cos:3 Transactions YTD Dec 31 2009 Analyst Coverage Source: Capital IQ
  9. 9. Clean Technology Companies By The Numbers 123 $13B 11 Clean Technology Cos. Market Cap New Clean Number 1 in the World Technology Listings 3.5B $1.8B Avg. # of Analysts Shares Traded Raised Through Covering Clean Through 1.8 Million 110 Financings Technology Cos:3 Transactions YTD Dec 31 2009 Analyst Coverage Source: Capital IQ
  10. 10. Notable New Listings and Financings Notable Financings on TSX ($10 • million+): SXC Health Solutions Corp. • Ram Power Corp. • DragonWave Inc. • Descartes Systems Group Inc. • COM DEV International Ltd. • Wi-LAN Inc. • Westport Innovations Inc. • Cyberplex Inc. • Resin Systems Inc. • GLG Life Tech Corporation • Intermap Technologies Corporation • Azure Dynamics Corporation • Notable Financings on TSXV ($2 • million+): Catch The Wind Ltd. • Prestige Telecom Inc. • Zecotek Photonics Inc. • D-Box Technologies Corp. • Functional Technologies Corp. •
  11. 11. Outline Who is TMX Group? Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange Our Sector Strengths TSX and TSXV Advantage Appendix: Listing Requirements and Fees
  12. 12. Advantages of Listing on TSX and TSX Venture Canada is the market of choice for resource and SME companies • Top global player in energy and resource listings and financings • Diverse cross-section of listed companies in a variety of sectors • Standards-based exchanges that promote integrity for public SMEs • Access to specialized products for TSX/TSXV listing (eg. Capital Pool Company Program) • Sustained access to capital – steady growth of capital investment over past 5 years • Strong equity culture – 50% of Canadians hold equities • Strong trading liquidity – value traded has more than doubled over the past 5 years • Lower trading impact costs on TSX • Analyst coverage typically seen at an earlier stage • Access to US capital without the higher cost of regulatory compliance • Ease of access to US market with Multijurisdictional program • Canadian regulatory commissions and exchanges are customer-focused • Companies have recognized the benefits of listing or interlisting on TSX such as analyst • coverage, access to institutional and retail investors, liquidity and an active secondary financing market TSX provides listed companies unparalleled product and service support •
  13. 13. TSX Provides Products and Services to Help You be a Successful Public TSXconnect Company Historical Data Access • An innovative solution to support your Investor • A web-based tool that offers historical stock price and index information Relations program goals and objectives • Allows you to easily customize and download up to 6 years of data • Provides you with trades/quotes, shareholder • Price corporate transactions information, broker summaries and more Institute of Corporate Directors CEO Interviews •Quick access to qualified directors •Interviews present an unbiased, objective & neutral view of your company •A vast network of skilled candidates •Disseminated on our TSX/CP Newswire & highlighted on TMXmoney.com •One-on-one assistance to refine your search Designated Market Maker Listed Logo Program • The Market Maker’s role is to augment liquidity for your security, while maintaining the primacy of an order-driven continuous auction market • Promote your status as a listed issuer based on price-time priority • Provides valuable opportunities to increase your profile and visibility as a listed company. Anonymous Trading Reports • A monthly account of the total anonymous trades by each broker firm TMX Learning Academy • A fully attributed recap of your trading summary sorted by broker • Our educational platform for information relevant to being or becoming a public company TMX Workshops • Provides information on our workshops and sponsored programs, a variety of our newsletters and presentations, as • Access to our popular and informative workshops about being a public well as other educational documentation company • Topics include corporate governance, timely disclosure, share Dedicated Relationship Manager compensation plans and more. • Your primary point of contact • Focused on answering questions, keeping you abreast of product and service developments that will assist in the growth of your company
  14. 14. Supporting Your Growth Our comprehensive portfolio of additional products and services IR Services Visibility/ Outreach Services TSX/Equicom “On the Radar”: Issuer showcases Equicom Group: Canada’s leading IR consulting firm and strategic communication experts TMX Group Annual General Meeting Services Thomson ONE Investor Relations: Advanced market TMX Group Annual Report Services data, First Call research, Ownership and Contacts, CNW: Canada’s premiere newswire service provider iTarget, StreetEvents S&P/TMX Market Access Program & Stock Reports: Increases US visibility Investor Scorecards Research Services/ Educational /Support Services Capital Market Intelligence Perception Audit: Investor Studies Market intelligence, IR analytics Webinars / Webcasts / Research Papers Thomson Reuters Corporate Advisory Services – stock TMX Venture Mentorship Program surveillance TMX Workshop Series Historical data Filing Services Shareholder reporting
  15. 15. Companies can capitalize on TMX Leadership
  16. 16. Outline Who is TMX Group? Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange Our Sector Strengths TSX and TSXV Advantage Appendix: Listing Requirements and Fees
  17. 17. Competitive listing fees Min and Max Initial Fees Min and Max Sustaining Fees (C$000s) (C$000s) 700 700 627 600 600 542 500 500 400 400 300 300 271 200 200 174 200 162 No 103 90 95 Max 100 70 122 37 100 70 40 9 0 NASDAQ LSE AIM* Amex NYSE** TSXV TSX ASX NYSE 0 NASDAQ LSE Amex TSXV TSX AIM* NYSE** ASX NYSE *Does not include NOMAD fees *Does not include NOMAD fees **NYSE has a USD $500,000 cap on listing fees per issuer, per year **NYSE has a USD $500,000 cap on listing fees per issuer, per year Source: TSX analysis of exchange listing fee documents (as at July 24 2009)
  18. 18. Diversified Industrials Raymond King 416 947-4675 raymond.king@tsx.com Disclaimer This document is for information purposes only and is not an invitation to purchase securities listed on Toronto Stock Exchange and/or TSX Venture Exchange or Natural Gas Exchange. TMX Group Inc. and its affiliates do not endorse or recommend any securities referenced in this document. Please seek professional advice to evaluate specific securities. While the information herein is collected and compiled with care, neither TMX Group Inc. nor any of its affiliated companies represents, warrants or guarantees the accuracy or the completeness of the information. You agree not to rely on the information contained herein for any trading, business or financial purpose. This information is provided with the express condition, to which by making use thereof you expressly consent, that no liability shall be incurred by TMX Group Inc. and/or any of its affiliates as a result of any errors or inaccuracies herein or any use or reliance upon this information. © 2010 TMX Group Inc.