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Igal rotem ip presentation 30.1.13


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Igal rotem ip presentation 30.1.13

  1. 1. IP Strategy Plan Ahead of Time or Pay in Real Time Igal Rotem – PowerDsine - CEO (ret.) and Co-Founder March 6th 2013Copyright © 2013 by PowerDsine Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this presentation may be reproduced or distributed in any form by any means, or 1stored in a data base or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of PowerDsine.
  2. 2. PowerDsine Snapshot Established in 1995 Outstanding Most Innovative Emerging New product line every 2-3 years Product Company 1999 - Creating “Power over Ethernet” 2003 – Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af standard ratified Key Contributor to 802.3 af 5 private financing rounds raising about $60M 2004 –IPO in NASDAQ raising $80M 2006 - 155 employees Global presence; R&D in Israel Sales in the U.S. Taiwan, Korea Q1 2007 Acquisition by (MSCC) for $250M PowerDsine Headquarters2
  3. 3. What Is Power-over-Ethernet ? Data and Power over a single Ethernet cable Transmitting safe and uninterrupted power (15W, 48V) over existing LAN infrastructure IEEE 802.3af standards based Ease End Device VoIP Phone Deployment PoE Enabled Power LAN Switch Improved 1011011 Network WLAN Access Point Reliability Power 1011011 Cost Ethernet Savings 1011011 Cable Network Security Device Power3
  4. 4. IP Strategy – Why ?? The purpose – behave as the Market Leader, gain market share, expand gross margins Activity – Aggressive patent buildup and litigation After 10 years – PowerDsine is THE Power over Ethernet (PoE) Market leader, with over 80% market share, GM > 65%4
  5. 5. IP Strategy - How ?? Hire internal US patents register Building internal IP legal department Enforcement strategy – Plan and commit the budget Management commitment VERY active participation and leadership of standard organizations, IEEE 802.3af standard5
  6. 6. The “gift” just before you go public… Everything is ready for the big IPO …and then.. You get a “friendly” letter….. Now what….. ?6
  7. 7. The Prisoner Dilemma To Pay Or not to Pay ? This is ALSO the question…… We decided to go “crazy”7
  8. 8. Actual Litigation - Advantages (1) Keeping competitors out of the market; (2) Obtaining monetary compensation; (3) Deterring potential infringers by sending a message to industry that PowerDsine will enforce its patents; (4) Creating an additional barrier to entry (by way of potential litigation risk)8
  9. 9. Actual Litigation - Disadvantages Substantial actual out-of-pocket expenses Expenditure of “soft” resources such as the time and energy that engineers and other key company personal Will need to devote to the litigation (depositions, discovery, review expert reports, theories etc); Possible “fight” challenging the validity of company patents; and Uncertainty in the market over the validity of the patent that is being litigated.9
  10. 10. PowerDsine Patent Summary Date Issued US Patent Number Description May 2006 #7,046,983 Power Supply for providing Power over Ethernet May 2006 #7,040,926 Powered Device Interface embedded into an RJ-45 connector Feb. 2006 #7,006,815 PoE Midspan and/or Integrated either Spare Pairs or Data Pairs Feb. 2006 #6,996,458 Power over Ethernet Node for use in a DC Power Pool Jan. 2006 #6,986,071 AC Disconnect for Power over Ethernet Jan. 2006 #6,985,713 Identifying a Node via a Precision Resistor July 2005 #6,916,206 PoE functionality in a Connector Assembly June 2005 #6,909,943 Ethernet switch which incorporate PoE technology Jan. 2005 #6,841,979 Digitally Controlled Power Distribution for PoE July 2004 #6,764,343 PoE embedded into RJ 45 connector (LAN Connector) Nov. 2003 #6,643,566 Power over Ethernet End-Span (PoE in a Switch) concept Nov. 2003 #6,650,554 Power Factor Corrector for Power Supplies Sept. 2002 #6,473,608 Power over Ethernet Mid-Span (Power Hubs) concept Apr. 2000 #6,049,471 ASIC Controller (Topology & Concept) Oct. 1998 #5,828,558 DSP Mathematical algorithm for open loop control Additionally, PowerDsine has patents issued in 6 foreign countries: China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa10
  11. 11. Other Intellectual Property 93 PoE related patent applications pending worldwide 3 patent families in backlighting 2 patent families in telecommunications Copyright protection for its software protocol Trade secrets and know-how developed over many years PowerDsine name and logo are trademarked, or pending, in major markets around the world11
  12. 12. IP Litigation During the past years PDSN has utilized the court system to enforce its intellectual property rights Most actions taken by PowerDsine were to enforce PDSN’s Midspan “608” patent PowerDsine’s patents have been proven through litigation success recently against Phihong and Systems Engineering International Most of PowerDsine’s IP enforcement litigation cases have settled Some of the active cases are in settlement negotiations PowerDsine recently settled litigation with Texas Instruments regarding infringement of PowerDsine’s communications protocol12
  13. 13. Discussion….13