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  2. 2. Contents Background Information Platforms Specially for Israeli Companies Cooperations with Israeli Companies Cooperations with Israeli Companies Services Specially for Israeli Companies
  3. 3. Contents Background Information
  4. 4. How to Reach Us
  5. 5. Strategic Position 7 expressways 5 high-speed railways Changzhou Airport Yangtze River Port
  6. 6. Strategic PositionOther Major Airports within 2-hour Shanghai EconomicRing:• Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport• Shanghai Hongqiao Int’l Airport• Nanjing Lukou Int’l Airport• Hangzhou Int’l Airport
  7. 7. Changzhou Facts & Figures ↘ An important manufacturing & innovation base of Yangtze River Delta, China ↘ 4,375 km2 of Total Area ↘ 5 Million Population ↘ 33,000 industrial enterprises (till 2012) ↘ Over 3600 foreign-owned enterprises from 104 countries and regions (till 2012) ↘ The 8th in China‘s most valuable investment cities (Ranking by Hong Kong Chinese Industry & Commerce Association, in 2011 ). ↘ The 17th in Forbes Commercial Cities in China (in 2012) Changzhou’s GDP (2008-2012) Actually Paid-in FDI of Changzhou (2008-2012) Unit : RMB 1 Billion Yuan Unit : USD 1 Billion 395 3.35400 358 3.5 3.05350 3 2.67 297.7 2.582300 2.5 2.256 251.9250 220.2 2200 GDP (bi l l i on RMB) 1.5 FDI(bi l l i on USD)150 110050 0.5 0 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  8. 8. Changzhou Facts & Figures Manufacturing & R&D Base Manufacturing Industry 54.5% New EnergyAgriculture 3.1% Electronics & Information New Material Bio-pharmaceutical Service Industry 42.4% Equipment Manufacturing
  10. 10. Reasonable Cost in Changzhou
  11. 11. Living Environment of Changzhou↘ Hotel ,Restaurant & Cafe 12 five-star hotels like Shangri-La, Sheraton, Howard Johnson, Grand METRO, etc., Starbucks, Paulaner, Subway, etc.↘ Shops and Markets Walmart, Metro, Auchan, Carrefour, Tesco etc.↘ Education 18 colleges and universities in Changzhou; 3 international schools providing integrated basic education from primary school to high school, two in Wujin: Wujin Tsing Ying Foreign Language School and Oxford International College of Changzhou, one in Xinbei: Changzhou Trina International School↘ Hospital 29 hospitals in Changzhou, 5 of them provide particular “Green Pass” and English speaking
  12. 12. Contents Platforms Specially for Israeli Companies
  13. 13.Ⅰ. China-Israel International Science & Technology Cooperation Base China-Israel International Science & Technology Cooperation Base (“the Base”) is the first state-level Israeli Industrial Park, which named as “the International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China. The Base receives strong support from the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai and Israeli Trade and Industry Association as it plays a key role in providing hospitable investment environment for Israeli hi-tech enterprises to land in Wujin and also for facilitating technology transfer between China and Israel. It cooperated with Catalyst Fund to provide capital support for Israeli companies.
  14. 14. Structure of “the Base” The Base is planned with an area of around 5 Km2 and executed in three phases and four functional sections: • an 80,000 sqm Incubator Section • an 180,000 sqm Accelerator Section • a 500 Chinese mu Industry Section • a 60,000 sqm Functional Section
  15. 15. Incentives & Supports Tax Incentives R&D Supports Equity & FinancingLoan Subsidies Services Israeli Companies Favorable Subsidies for HR Policies Equipments Incentives for Sales Incentives Rentals
  16. 16. Industry Service One-stop Project Management Service System Intellectual Third Party Property Outsourcing Protection (IPR) Services
  17. 17. Science & Technology Platform the CooperationPlatform for International S&T Cooperation and TransferPlatform for Investment and FinancingExchange Center for “Think Tank” of Israeli Hi-techsPlatform for Public ManagementExhibition Center for Israeli Hi-techs
  18. 18. Ⅱ. Changzhou Advanced MaterialsIndustrial Zone Planned area: 553 hectares One of the Changzhou National Level Innovation High-tech Parks Five functions: supporting industry, research and incubation, logistics, executive service and living area Successfully built several influential brands including national level new material base, provincial level new-type engineering material park, Jiangsu province functional new material industry cluster, Jiangsu province new material high-tech industry base, etc.
  19. 19. Changzhou Advanced Materials ZoneDevelopment Vision 50 50 45 40 35 30 28 24 25 20 20 18 15 12 10 10 5 3.5 6 5 2 3 0 2010 2012 2015 Total Investment(billion RMB) Sales(billion RMB) Export(billion USD) Enterprises(numbers)
  20. 20. Changzhou Advanced MaterialsIndustrial Zone known enterprises in this field settled in the zone
  21. 21. Ⅲ. West Taihu Lake Medical Equipment ZoneWith a total planned area of 10714.3 Chinese mu, it focuses on thedevelopment of Medical Equipment and Bio-pharmaceutical.5 functional sectors: exhibition & trade, R&D and incubation &outsourcing, industrial service platform, healthcare industrialmanufacturing, healthcare service experiencing
  22. 22. West Taihu Lake Medical Equipment Zone Incentives for Israeli companies: land-use priority, preferential price of land, workshop & office leasing reduction, tax reduction, subsidy or reward for enterprises in this very medical equipment and bio-pharmaceutical field
  23. 23. West Taihu Lake Medical EquipmentIndustrial Zone EquipmentBio-pharmaceutical and Health Products 金秋实业Medicine Packages and Industrial Clean EquipmentConsumables
  24. 24. Ⅳ. Changzhou CND Bio-pharmaceuticalIndustrial Zone Approved Provincial Level Industrial Zone
  25. 25. Changzhou CND Bio-pharmaceuticalIndustrial Zone Dedicated for bio-pharmaceutical industry Service including incubator, accelerator, public technology service center, etc. Mainly develop new bio-pharmaceutical medicine and dosage, small- molecular drug, medical instrument, modern TCM, etc.
  26. 26. Changzhou CND Bio-pharmaceuticalIndustrial Zone
  27. 27. Ⅴ. Changzhou Science & Education Town Human Resource Platform & R&D Center
  28. 28. Changzhou Science & Education Town Resource Platform & R&D Center 520 institutes operate here 13 sub-centers and 6 institutes of China Academy of Science 26 labs Over 20 training centers 24 institute & enterprise co-R&D centers over 10,000 R&D talents 250 innovative and business starting teams of leading talents settled down in 2011
  29. 29. Human Resource in Changzhou Local Employees: 2,000,000 40,000 Graduates Every Year from 18 Immigrant Workers: 500,000 Universities & Colleges of Changzhou
  30. 30. Contents Cooperations with Israeli Companies
  31. 31. Cooperation Mode betweenChangzhou and Israeli Companies Purchase or Lease Ready-built Workshops and Offices Greenland Investment Incubation for Business Starting Venture Capital Invest-in More…
  32. 32. Cooperations with Israeli Companies companies in Changzhou
  33. 33. Cooperations with Israeli Companies Training and software development projectJust settled in the end of 2012, with total investment 5 million USDSupport from government: subsidy for the enterprise and employees,tax reduction, free officesMatrix will also be providing good talent support and training servicesfor Israeli companies setting up branches in Changzhou.
  34. 34. Thank youContact InformationChris ZhangTel: +86 519 86183930Fax: +86 519 88123099Email: INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT PROMOTION CENTERMarch, 2013