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  1. 1. ..." .‫המאבחן והמרפא, המרגיע והמנתח‬ ‫האיש שלא יהיה מוגזם לייחס לו‬ .‫שליש מהצמיחה במשק‬ ‫ההתפטרות של סטנלי פישר היא‬ ".‫מכה כואבת‬ Ynet ,‫סבר פלוצקר‬Prof. Stanley Fischers time at the head of Israels centralbank has won him supporters at home and overseas,with Euromoney magazine naming him their centralbank governor of the year for 2010.Fischer was praised for his "bold move" to raise interestrates in September 2009, making Israel the first countryto do so, saying his decision "proved well-guided andprescient."Copyright © 2013 AFP
  2. 2. Bricks and Clicks: Trends and Opportunities
  3. 3. Bricks and Clicks: Printing Industry
  4. 4. Bricks and Clicks: The Financial World
  5. 5. FinTech: Trends and OpportunitiesBanking In a Physical WorldMarc DeCastro,research director, Consumer Banking at IDC Financial InsightsOctober 2012Year after year, the branch continues to defythe critics and is in fact not going to be“stone dead” any time soon.Consumer Banking Channel usage 2012 2011Branch teller 85.1 78.5Internet 84.8 85.3Branch ATM 81.8 71.3Debit card purchase 78.4 67.1Debit card with cash back 54.9 41.8At another ATM 48.3 39.5Mobile 43.8 23.2Call Center 38.3 24.9
  6. 6. FinTech: Trends and OpportunitiesHow toChange YourBusiness ModelDavid PottertonFrom discussions with financial servicesprofessionals over the year, we have come to anunfortunate conclusion: most bankers do no yetrecognize that the pre-2008 world no longer exists.
  7. 7. Top Enterprise Companies in FinTech Biggest Movers These companies made large jumps up or down in our rankings in 2011. We provide clues as to why PLACES RANK CLIMBED/DECLINED 2011 2012 WHY FinTech 100 Six Payment Services +24 46 70 SIX merged SIX Multipay, SIX Pay and SIX Card Solutions. Vasco Data Security +19 67 86 Landed several large transactions in the banking market. Pegasystems +18 49 67 Significant customer wins, including a large U.K. bank. Virtusa Corporation +15 64 79 Acquired ALaS Consulting LLC, a financial services consulting firm. MphasiS -18 41 23 Percentage of financial services revenue dropped from 42% to 36%. ISGN -14 82 68 Revenue dropped from $126 million to $90 million. Oberthur -13 33 20 % revenue from financial institutions dropped from 55% to 35%. Itautec S.A. -6 34 29 Revenue dropped from 2010 to 2011, financial services percentage stayed the same Enterprise 25 HCL Technologies Ltd. +4 20 24 Company is seeing strong demand, signed several new contracts in 2011. Microsoft +3 3 6 Total revenue is up while financial services percentage stayed the same. Teradata +2 23 25 Two former Enterprise 25 companies dropped out, letting Teradata move up. Cisco -2 7 5 Cisco exited the Flip camera business, reorganized and faced strong competition. Deloitte & Touche -2 17 15 Challenging market conditions.
  8. 8. Gartner Hype Cycle
  9. 9. A matter of Trust
  10. 10. Radical vs Incremental InnovationThe case of StarbucksStarbucks Mobile Payment ApplicationChallenges NFC Mobile Payments
  11. 11. FinTech: Trends and OpportunitiesPent-up Merger Activity BuildsKaren Masseysenior analyst, consumer banking, IDC Financial InsightsWe expect to see continuedmerger and acquisitionactivity in this space since thenumber of providers is stilllarge and financial institutionclients continue to exert costcontainment pressure.