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Job Platform student assesment


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This is the idea we pitch to the Hindustan times, for an idea of a student assesment tools.

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Job Platform student assesment

  1. 1. -Netsloop Offering for -Hindustan Times Group -Building a Student Skill Mapping Platform
  2. 2. About our CompanyNet sloop is an IT-Consulting service, helping companies to deliver services and productwhich leverage its core competency, to build and develop new markets.The company is driven by team of IITians, which believes in “Creative Destruction” ormotto of Destroying the old for creating a new. The team motto and mission has helpedcompanies to create niche market which has not only help them earn profits but alsohelped them to discover there core competency.
  3. 3. Our offering for Shine- Hindustan times• Core capabilities – Hindustan times Shine group has got extensive network in colleges all across India. It has helped numerous students to get employments and helped them to kick start there career. Through there relationship all these years, they not only have helped colleges, but also helped kept colleges informed about the development in Industry.
  4. 4. Problem facing College Campus Recruitments– India is a seven largest country in the world. Even Rajasthan and UP are bigger then any other European country in the world.– In order to hire and spot talent, companies have to visit campuses all across in this big country.– Students talents sometimes go unnoticed, which is a loss both for Industry and the Students. For example a student good in PHP may not get job in a PHP company, just because they could not “connect”
  5. 5. NetSloop Offer• NetSLoop offer to create a platform where students and companies can interact. The platform will have following features – Skill Mapping • The aptitude score, psychometric scores and IT skills like PHP, Java would be assessed online. So companies can see. – Skill up gradation • A student deficient in certain skills may opt for up gradation in the skill, through training by the following platform.
  6. 6. How it leverage your core competency?• Through your network in colleges, you can set up a system, where the students skill mapping would be checked and verified.• Through your network with companies, you can deliver them “verified” and “tested” database. Where companies can hire based on your tested skill assessment platform.
  7. 7. What will be the value ?• Vocational training of students is currently “Herd Driven”, meaning it is driven by peers rather then the market needs.• Shine group will keep students inform about there learning short come, and may also support the content. Student get value, because it gives them informed decision on what to learn.• Companies can now asses skills based on your "Certified” assessment. They get value, because they did not have to conduct skill test.• Vocational Training and Education Sector Market is currently unconsolidated. Making this platform, will help you to drive consolidation and become a big player in the Industry.
  8. 8. Thank You--Hoping for a positive meeting to take the idea further—