Cloud Computing Predictions for 2012


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Cloud Computing Predictions for 2012

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Cloud Computing Predictions for 2012

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Predictions for 2012 Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  2. 2. Cloud Predictions for 2012 - 1• 2012 Is The Year The Cloud Becomes Mature• Multicloud becomes the norm – By end of 2012, cloud customers will use more than 10 different cloud apps from multiple Cloud vendors. Cloud orchestration will become an opportunity• The Wild West of cloud procurement is over – By end of 2012, companies will have established their formal cloud strategy including the business models between IT and LOBs for private cloud resources• Cloud commoditization is creeping up the stack – Cloud infrastructure services are getting commoditized with increasing margin pressure year over year. Cloud vendors are trying to move up the value chain. In 2012, IaaS vendors will offer technology platform services, platform vendors will offer software services, and applications vendors will package business process services into their offerings• Collaboration will emerge as key business benefit for cloud computing – In 2012, more collaborative cloud solutions will emerge where business partners will collaborate on information, business objects, business processes in cloud. Cloud collaboration will become a key business driver to move to cloud solutions Source: Forrester: 10 Cloud Predictions For 2012 by Holger Kisker on December 13, 2011 Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  3. 3. Cloud Predictions for 2012 - 2• We will see the next wave of SaaS solutions in PLM, BI, and SCM – SaaS today is mainly driven by CRM, HCM, procurement, collaboration software. In 2012, interest will shift to SaaS solutions like PLM, BI, SCM, all of which will break through a strong 25% of companies using these solutions in 2012• The cloud market will grow beyond $60 billion – Total cloud market (including private, virtual private, and public cloud markets) will reach about $61 billion by end of 2012. The largest individual cloud market continues to be the public SaaS market, which will hit $33 billion by end of 2012• Private clouds will go beyond virtualization – With an increasing understanding of cloud computing, companies will shift their focus from technical virtualization projects to focus on the change management aspects required for flexible business models between IT and the line of business• Cloud brokers will emerge – The cloud broker is a new business model managing the flexible sourcing of internal and external cloud resources on behalf of a company. While the CIO will initially take the role, the first real broker companies will emerge in the market Source: Forrester: 10 Cloud Predictions For 2012 by Holger Kisker on December 13, 2011 Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  4. 4. Cloud Predictions for 2012 - 3• Large enterprises will take the lead in cloud markets – Initially slower than SMBs, large enterprises have understood that the main benefits of cloud services — such as scalability, speed, flexibility, and remote user support — are as appealing to them as they are to SMBs. Large enterprises spent 2011 mostly catching up; by 2012, they will be leading in cloud adoption rates in every cloud segment compared with SMBs• The lines between cloud and on-premises licensing models are blurring – While on-premises applications are typically licensed in perpetual license agreements and SaaS in subscription deals, these lines are blurring as customers demand more flexibility in their deals. In 2012, we will see capital expenditure (capex) and operational expenditure (opex) licensing models, upfront payments, financing, subscriptions, flat-rate- and dynamic-usage-based pricing, and outcome-based pricing for all the different deployment options — on-site and in the cloud Source: Forrester: 10 Cloud Predictions For 2012 by Holger Kisker on December 13, 2011 Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  5. 5. Past + Present = Future Visit Researcher’s Blog -
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