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Cloud Computing and India


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Cloud Computing and India

Published in: Technology, Business
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Cloud Computing and India

  1. 1. Cloud Computing and India Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  2. 2. Industry wise usage of Cloud Service Providers in India302520 Microsoft15 IBM10 5 0 Amazon Google Vmware Oracle HP Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  3. 3. If you’re already using Cloud Services or deployment is in progress, which vendor(s) are you using?60 Amazon50 Microsoft Google40 Salesforce.com30 Vmware EMC20 Citrix10 IBM Oracle/Sun 0 HP Overall Large SMEs Other Enterprises Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  4. 4. Which vendor is best suited for you Cloud Computing Needs?30 Amazon25 Microsoft Google20 Salesforce.com15 Vmware EMC10 Citrix 5 IBM Oracle/Sun 0 HP Overall Large SMEs Other Enterprises Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  5. 5. In the near future, which CloudComputing services are of interest to your organization?80604020 0 Overall Large Enterprises SMEs Hosting of Applications E-mail Storage Files and Database CRM Computing Power/ Hosting Server Capacity Productivity Software ERP Application Development (like Office) and Testing Content Management BI Desktop Operating System System Desktop Software Other Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  6. 6. Cloud Adoption in India • The adoption of cloud-based applications and infrastructures is at a very nascent stage in India. • Existing infrastructure service providers have started taking initial steps to provide cloud-based services, but these are limited in terms of functionality, options and vertical industries. • Companies in India are still skeptical about deciding whether to opt for cloud-based solutions. Cloud is still synonymous with software as a service (SaaS) in India, with limited understanding and adoption of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). • The adoption of virtualization for production workloads in Indian organizations has been very low, compared with similar organizations in the U.S. and Europe; however, adoption is expected to increase rapidly. •Source: Gartner : Answers to Key Questions on Cloud Adoption inMassive Expansion in Cloud Adoption Asian Markets To See India, June 2011 Visit Researcher’s Blog -
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