Cloud Adoption Example


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Cloud Adoption Example

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Cloud Adoption Example

  1. 1. Cloud Adoption Examples Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  2. 2. Bankinter (Increase in Efficiency)• Spanish industrial bank through a joint venture by Banco de Santander and Bank of America• 60% of Bankinter transactions are performed through remote channels, and 46% of those through the Internet.• Use of Public Cloud – As an integral part of their credit-risk simulation application – Developing complex algorithms to simulate diverse scenarios in order to evaluate the financial health of their clients. • 400,000 simulations to get realistic results – average time-to-solution down from 23 hours to 20 minutes Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  3. 3. Razorfish (Increase in Productivity)• Razorfish, a digital advertising and marketing firm, segments users and customers based on the collection and analysis of non-personally identifiable data from browsing sessions. Doing so requires applying data mining methods across historical click streams to identify effective segmentation and categorization algorithms and techniques. – High-cost SAN equipment for storage, a proprietary distributed log processing cluster of 30 servers, and several high-end SQL servers – $500,000 in additional hardware expenses for Peck season – Procurement time frame of about two months – Cloud Benefits • No upfront investment in hardware, no hardware procurement delay, and no additional operations staff was hired • Total cost of the infrastructure averages around $13,000 per month. • 500% increase in their return on ad spend from a similar campaign a year before Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  4. 4. Japan Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry —Consumer Site• Need to build an application to support a new government program targeting Japanese consumers in a short time.• Must be available to public via the Web and support potentially large and highly volatile transaction volumes – Built in only 3 weeks – 40 million consumers expected to access site at peak times – Expected to support more than 20 million transactions …510,000 transactions first month – Has helped boost sales of flat panel TVs and refrigerators Visit Researcher’s Blog -
  5. 5. Presidio Health —Move it All to the Cloud• Appistry for software; GoGrid for platform• Homegrown apps. for physician performance management and point-of-service collections• No re-architecting of on-premises apps. facilitated by front-ending apps. with message broker• Transient data in cloud; sensitive permanent data in traditional database – PCI & HIPAA compliance – No unscheduled downtime – Flat costs for 50% more capacity Visit Researcher’s Blog -
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  11. 11. References•• _cloud_computing_dcearley_gphifer.pdf• 2012-210718/••• ing-nid-101282-cid-7.html• 2012/•• 8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox- a#q=Trends+in+cloud+computing+2012&hl=en&client=firefox- a&hs=aYk&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&prmd=imvnsu&ei=aA4xT56KPOnc0QGBmuX0Bw&start=10&sa=N&ba v=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=22570e02dad6978c&biw=1366&bih=636 Visit Researcher’s Blog -