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Eclipse 10 years Party

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Eclipse 10 years Party

  1. 1. Eclipse Made Available Under an Open Source License
  2. 2. Eclipse Consortium Announced
  3. 3. First EclipseCon
  4. 4. Eclipse Foundation Formed
  5. 5. Java Use and Awareness Study. © BZ Research December 2005 Eclipse Takes Off
  6. 6. 7 New Strategic Members
  7. 7. Modeling Top Level Project Created
  8. 8. EclipseRT Top-level Project Created
  9. 9. #eclipse-orion A few cool projects in Eclipse incubation
  10. 10.
  11. 11. e4 Simplify the Eclipse programming model: Transition to Git Enable the platform for use on emerging web- based runtime technologies CSS styling Broaden participation in development of the platform Adopt new Windows 7 APIs Migrate SWT graphics operations to Cairo
  12. 12. See what my IDE can do - AleksandarNikov and Saso LazarevskiEclipse graphical editing framework -Aleksandar Nikov Eclipse presentations at JUGMK
  13. 13. 10th Birthday of Eclipse