Do's and don'ts of marketing for startups. Yelena Kadeykina


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Presentation made at MIT Enterprise Forum of Russia Startup Bootcamp (9-11 December, Moscow).

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Do's and don'ts of marketing for startups. Yelena Kadeykina

  1. 1. Do’s and Dont’s of Marketing for Start Ups by Yelena Kadeykina©Yelena Kadeykina
  2. 2. Why Are We Here? Because you want to solve a business problem! ©Yelena Kadeykina
  3. 3. ©Yelena Kadeykina
  4. 4. Value Proposition “The brand promise” Find relevant information quickly and easy Find any item you need ©Yelena Kadeykina
  5. 5. Developing Your Value Proposition• Who you are?• What you do?• Where you do it?• What makes you different? ©Yelena Kadeykina
  6. 6. Examples of Value Propositions• Price competitive• Quality customer service• Superior quality• Easy-to-use• Huge selection• Customizable• Community ©Yelena Kadeykina
  7. 7. Identify Your Target Market & Assess Market Conditions• Size, growth rate and maturity• Niche market or large market• What segment exists• What their basic needs• What channels they consider ©Yelena Kadeykinana
  8. 8. Outbound vs. Inbound MarketingOutbound Marketing - a Inbound marketing is atraditional form of marketing marketing strategy thatstrategy that focuses focuses on gettingon finding customers by found by customers.building brand awareness This sense is relatedthrough advertising andpromotion. Seth Godins idea of permission marketing. ©Yelena Kadeykina/@ykadeykina
  9. 9. Why Inbound Marketing is So PowerfulSource: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  10. 10. How Do You Gauge Success? Blog/Content • Inbound Links • Subscribers Social SEO Media • • Indexed Content Inbound Links • Fans, Friends & Contacts • ContentSource: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  11. 11. Blogging: When to Publish?• Start BEFORE you have a product• Start BEFORE you have a website• Start BEFORE you have anything!Source: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  12. 12. Biggest Mistake to Avoid…• Always host a blog on your own domain… • • Blog sits on a subdomain of the main domain • • Blog sits on a subdirectory of the main domainSource: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  13. 13. How Often You Should Blog• That depends on your goals… • Steady readership • At least weekly • More is better • SEO – getting ranked for important key words • Frequency is less important • However, more content creates more opportunities to rank ©Yelena Kadeykina
  14. 14. Blogging Do’s• People love stories: take a recent experience and share it• Make numbered lists of ideas, trends or thoughts• Answer questions you recently received• Comment on other blog posts you read• Write blog entries as responses to breaking news in your industry ©Yelena Kadeykina
  15. 15. The Value of Social Media for Business ©Yelena Kadeykina
  16. 16. Social Media Do’s• Build great relationships • Meet people • Start conversations • Answer questions • Help people• Follow the golden rule; give to get• Think before submitting your own stuff, no one likes a spammer• Keep it relevant• Make it useful• Make it controversial• Make it thought provoking• Keep it brief• Commit the time ©Yelena Kadeykina
  17. 17. The Biggest Social Media Don’ts• Creating profiles everywhere• Friending, following, connecting with anyone you can find• Selling to everyone, immediately• Using the same strategy in every environment • Facebook is not LinkedIn• Failing to measure what works• Having un-optimized and inconsistent profiles• Expecting instant results & failing to invest sufficient time and effort• Focusing internally; nobody likes a spammer. ©Yelena Kadeykina
  18. 18. What is Call-to-Action (CTA) Words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a marketing promotion to take an immediate action ©Yelena Kadeykina
  19. 19. Call-to-Action (CTA) Best Practices• Action oriented • Tell them what to do and start with a verb• Clear • Indicate exactly what action to take • Stress the benefits to viewers/readers• Brief and focused ©Yelena Kadeykina
  20. 20. What is the Weakest Call-to-Action? ©Yelena Kadeykina
  21. 21. Create Buzz• Quizzes• Polls• Interactive Q&A• Viral games• Marketing Stunt ©Yelena Kadeykina
  22. 22. Why Video? ©Yelena Kadeykina
  23. 23. Video is Powerful• Online video more than doubled from 2010 to 2011• On YouTube alone over two billion videos are viewed every day• Having video on your website makes you 53x more likely to appear on the front page of Google search results…• Video into your e-mail marketing increases clickthrough rates by over 96% ©Yelena Kadeykina
  24. 24. What Types of Videos Can You Create? For Brand Awareness:Fun TV series Meet the Team Video Podcast Source: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  25. 25. What Types of Videos Can You Create For Lead Generations:Webinars/Presentations Event Invitations Email Source: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  26. 26. What Types of Videos Can You Create? For Sales Empowerment: Case Studies Product DemosSource: HubSpot ©Yelena Kadeykina
  27. 27. Promote: How Do Your Videos Get Found?• 30-40% of video views: Search queries Google, YouTube, Bing• 30% of views: Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc• The rest: Discovered the video right on a website or a video platformSource: Pixability, Inc ©Yelena Kadeykina
  28. 28. The Top 3 Things Successful Video Marketers Do Differently1. Produce way, way more videos: Top marketers published 11x more videos on YouTube2. Invest in metadata that drive SEO: Top marketers used 52% more tags, 20% longer description texts and 585% more playlists3. Use video assets on all channels: Top marketers had 53% more videos on their websitesSource: Pixability, Inc ©Yelena Kadeykina
  29. 29. The Methodology• Get Found • Create great content • Optimize your content • Promote your content• Convert visitors to leads & customers • Landing pages of your blog, website, ANY marketing initiative you run• Track, analyze , optimize• Test ©Yelena Kadeykina
  30. 30. Marketing Lessons for Early Stage Start Ups• Startup success = 5% ideas + 95% is in the execution• Marketing is like dating: build relationships, create dialogues with your partners and customers, etc.• Be realistic!• Establish your own identity• TEST, TEST, TEST ©Yelena Kadeykina
  31. 31. A final Question… How Agile Are You?“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” ©Yelena Kadeykina