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IoT Analytics: Using Analytics to Generate High Value from IoT in the Real World


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MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge Connected Things 2017 panel discussion on "IoT Analytics: Using Analytics to Generate High Value from IoT in the Real World"

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IoT Analytics: Using Analytics to Generate High Value from IoT in the Real World

  1. 1. #ConnectedThings2017 IoT Analytics: Real-World Examples, Using Analytics to Generate High Value from IoT
  2. 2. #ConnectedThings2017 James Kennedy Consulting Engineer IoT Analytics Cadmus Adarsh Narasimhamurthy IoT Data Analytics Sr. Software Engineer MathWorks Ziad Nejmeldeen SVP, Chief Scientist Infor Rob Patterson VP of Strategic Marketing Technology Platform Group PTC Alan Southall VP Engineering Head IoT Predictive Maint. SAP MODERATOR Bill McBeath Chief Research Officer ChainLink Research
  3. 3. #ConnectedThings2017 • IoT Solution Paradigms – Alert – Remote Visibility/Control – Local Control System/Autonomy – Analytics for Process Improvements (Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive) – Analytics for Real-time Decisions (Analytics-guided Control Systems) • IoT + non-IoT data • Scalability – Data volumes – Expertise (Democratizing Analytics) • Distributed IoT architecture – Local/edge (hierarchical), cloud, hybrid – Machine learn in cloud, apply at edge • Data ownership and acquisition – Discovery, brokering, value-sharing
  5. 5. #ConnectedThings2017 CUSTOMERS IN  Aerospace and defense  Automotive  Biotech and pharmaceutical  Communications  Education  Electronics and semiconductors  Energy production  Financial services  Industrial automation and machinery  Medical devices  Software  Internet TOOLS FOR  Embedded system development  Engineering Education  Control system design  Communications system design  Earth Sciences  Engineering research  Robotics  System optimization  Computational Biology
  6. 6. #ConnectedThings2017 IoT Analytics Framework Algorithm Development Smart Connected Devices Data Aggregation and Analytics Gateway
  7. 7. #ConnectedThings2017 Energy and environmental consulting firm with over 500 employees 34 years of experience in energy program evaluation Experts on DSM policy and planning, cost-effectiveness and market effects analysis Leaders in EM&V approach and methods: DOE’s UMP, IPMVP Energy Services $ % Evaluation, Measurement & Verification Planning & Market Analysis Policy & regulatory support Strategic Communications High Performance Building consulting Business Resilience Since 1983 Team of energy experts nation-wide
  8. 8. #ConnectedThings2017 Wireless Psychrometric Monitoring
  9. 9. #ConnectedThings2017 Power Disaggregation and Load Modeling
  10. 10. #ConnectedThings2017 Ziad Nejmeldeen, Chief Scientist
  11. 11. #ConnectedThings2017 ROB PATTERSON, PTC
  12. 12. Need resized image Fundamentally the PHYSICAL and DIGITAL worlds have converged into a single new reality
  13. 13. 13 Unlock the value created by the convergence of the physical and digital worlds
  14. 14. 14 Here’s what we’re talking about…
  15. 15. #ConnectedThings2017 ALAN SOUTHALL, SAP
  16. 16. #ConnectedThings2017 James Kennedy Cadmus Adarsh Narasimhamurthy MathWorks Ziad Nejmeldeen Infor Rob Patterson PTC Alan Southall. SAP MODERATOR Bill McBeath ChainLink Research