NanoBbioOpto Energy 2007 Winner?


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NanoBbioOpto Energy 2007 Winner?

  1. 1. NanoBioOpto Energy Corp.Harnessing the natural power of sunlight via genetically engineered nano-encapsulated self-assembled lattices of silicon-hybrid phytoplankton autonomously processed and distributed from surface aquatic farms off the coasts of developing countries
  2. 2. The Problem• Rapid adoption of fossil-fuel energy sources by developing countries threatens to accelerate atmospheric greenhouse gas accumulation• Increased demand for oil from unstable regions exacerbates political instability while undermining energy independence• Though accounting for only 5 percent of the worlds population, Americans consume 26 percent of the worlds energy• Immature transportation and distribution infrastructure in developing countries cannot support large-scale energy distribution even if truly sustainable sources are developed
  3. 3. The Opportunity• All truly sustainable energy solutions ultimately must rely on capturing energy from the sun• 70% of the sunlight reaching earth’s surface falls on the oceans• With the exception of coastal territorial waters, the ocean is widely accepted to be a common resource owned by all mankind• Capturing and redistributing energy falling on this supranational commons offers our best hope for a just, equitable and sustainable future living in harmony with the natural world while reducing our carbon footprint without damaging the global economy
  4. 4. The BreakthroughRecent advances at MIT’s Center for NanoBioOpto Research, collaborating with the Koshler Energy Institute, have yielded:• A novel, patent-pending, self replicating silicon-hybrid life form based on common strains of phytoplankton• A nano-encapsulation technique capable of linking rapidly growing colonies of phytoplankton into self-assembled, surface-floating structures• A genetically engineered extraction enzyme excreted by aquatic plankton symbiots that efficiently separates metabolic products into ethanol, polypropylene, and free hydrogen• A robotic modular waste-free self-powered macro-fabrication facility that can anchor auto-navigating deep-water launch platforms
  5. 5. The Solution!NanoBioOpto Energy Corp. intends to seed the worlds’ oceans with self-replicating Planktonic® solar farms that will autonomously generate and release ethanol-laden dirigibles capable of transporting this sustainable and renewable fuel to the remotest corners of the developing world.
  6. 6. Financial Pro FormaOperating at scale, NanoBioOpto will generate robust returns Revenue (in $M) Net product sales $000,002 Federal ethanol subsidies $245,000 World Bank loan forgiveness $189,000 Total revenues $434,002 Expenses (in $M) Cost of goods sold $000,002 Forest fire suppression $019,000 Government regulator gratuities $105,000 Campaign contributions $105,000 Administrative expenses $105,000 Total expenses $334,002 Income before taxes (in $M) $100,000!
  7. 7. Management Team• Will Azzerf, CEO. Over the past 30 years Mr. Azzerf, a runner-up for induction into the Inventors Hall of Fame, has pioneered numerous technology advances including sign-language recognition PDAs, electronic dust mites, and multi-thousand dollar gyroscopic pedi- scooters. (Editors note: really, now, who would believe that one?) He pledges to invest all his prior profits into NanoBioOpto.• Marle Karx, CSO. Dr. Karx is a Harvard Institutionalized Professor for Interdisciplinary Social Studies with a joint appointment at MIT’s Media Lab. A frequent collaborator of Moan Chompski, Marle has devoted his career to undoing the work of all profit makers and their capitalist running dogs.• Carley Chievous CFO. Formerly with Arthur Anderson responsible for the Sunbeam, Enron, and WorldCom accounts, Miss Chievous brings a lifetime of integrity to the company, along with some valuable Polaroid photos of leading congressional legislators.
  8. 8. Funds Needed• A modest Series A financing of $135M will be required to complete scientific development and construct a proof-of- concept prototype• A sure-to-win MIT $100k proposal will be submitted as a backup plan as soon as we imagine how plankton might cure cancer• Quick action is required! This round may already be oversubscribed as strong interest has been expressed by well known first-year associates at numerous top-tier venture capital firms• To receive detailed international wiring instructions see:
  9. 9. Thank you for your support Onward, to a more beautiful world* Special thanks to Al Gore for inspiring the gas bag idea