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When launching products and services, marketing is critical as it affects sales through lead generation and drives awareness and recognition of the company and solutions among prospects, partners, resellers, and potential employees. Every company entering the market today has competitors, perceived or real. Do you know how to budget for a marketing program? How to prioritize program elements? Identifying which ones can have the greatest impact in the shortest period of time? What role should social marketing play? Attend this interactive “Get Smart” program to learn more about the role marketing can play in launching new products and services.
Featured Speakers:

Allen Bonde, Chief Marketing Officer, The Pulse Network
Barbara Ewen, Principal and Co-Founder, CHEN PR

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MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge Get Smart on Marketing

  1. 1. Get Smart on Marketing Allen Bonde, CMO, The Pulse Network @abonde Barbara Ewen, Principal, CHEN PR
  2. 2. It All Starts (or Ends) HereGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 2
  3. 3. Goals Leads! Thought Awareness reach Leadership inform engage 70% of a consumer’s buying experience is made before a salesperson gets involvedGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 3
  4. 4. Foundation: 4 ‘Ps’ Product… Brand Price… Delivery Place… Partners Promotion… MediaGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 4
  5. 5. Building Blocks – 6 ‘Cs’ Competitive Intelligence Who is out there? What are users buying? Corporate Content and Communications/PR Inbound Marketing What’s our brand/story? What do I create/curate? How do we tell it? Where do I syndicate? Lead Generation Community Media Channels Campaigns Engagement What is best way to Can I use Webcasts? How do I drive WOM? reach my audience? What can I offer affiliates? Who are influencers? What’s my budget?!Get Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 5
  6. 6. Focus Your Message • Differentiate your product or service in 30 seconds – What is your product or service – Who do you sell it to – Why is it better • Highlight business benefits for your prospects • Leverage market trends • Consider the competitionGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 6
  7. 7. Pick Your Channels Owned Corporate website Social profiles/blog E-books, newsletters Earned PR Speaking Paid SEO, PPC Ads/SponsorshipGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 7
  8. 8. A Word on Content Content = € ¢ ¥ D $ expert curated user generated distribution syndicationGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 8
  9. 9. Content Types € Expert / Create credibility, trust created and sharing ¢ Curated Create engagement + inventory ¥ User- Create insight + advocates generatedGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 9
  10. 10. Based on What You Sell… What are you selling? Consumer – Non Considered Business – Non Considered Consumer – Considered Business – Considered Content “Demand”Get Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 10
  11. 11. …There’s an Optimal Mix Created Curated User-generated Distribution Syndication € ¢ ¥ D $ Non-considered LOW LOW HIGH LOW HIGH MED MED LOW HIGH LOW MED MED HIGH MED HIGH Considered MED HIGH MED HIGH MEDGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 11
  12. 12. Priorities (especially for B2B) Know your market Capture your story Recruit influencers/affiliates Embrace content marketing Ask customers what they like!Get Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 12
  13. 13. So…How Much Should You Budget? High-Tech breakdown Basic 2-5% PR / support / tools: 33.5% Start-up 5-10% Digital marketing: 29.2% Percent of Revenues Events: 20.5% Advertising: 9.9% Direct: 6.9% Source: IDCGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 13
  14. 14. Case Study - Offerpop benchmark key analyst Competitive coverage Intelligence Corporate Facebook launch Wiki Communications/PR company launch Product blog videos Content and maturit ROI cookbook Inbound Marketing y model guest posts Lead Generation Affiliates Webinars Campaigns campaign shortlist email Community Twitter newsletter Tumblr Engagement sponsorship Media Channels Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2010 2011Get Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 14
  15. 15. Case Study –Storytellers• Storyboarding – Simplify – Be on the outside looking in – Know your enemy• Storybuilding – Aim High – Connect the Dots – Content: Multifaceted, Multiuse• “Storyjacking” – Be Ready – Be aggressive – Be yourselfGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 15
  16. 16. Case Study – Storytellers• 3 year relationship began with heavy messaging work and influencer programs• Increased brand visibility played a significant role in NetWitness acquisition by RSA• Continued relationship with RSA has altered PR approach to communication and influencer relations.• 1.5 year relationship focused on proactive thought leadership and rapid response programs• With only 2 product announcements in that time, Invincea has appeared in nearly 600 syndicated stories globally, with regular featured commentary in mass media and blogsGet Smart on Marketing | Allen Bonde @abonde 16
  17. 17. THANK YOU we’d love to hear from you! 17