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MIT Enterprise Forum event on December 17 "NFC Circle" Mobile Wallet Wars and Warriors" Just about everyone in the NFC space has or plans to release a mobile wallet for one big reason – control of the consumer. But how many wallets can a consumer have or will they want? How many wallets can or will a merchant want to support? And what do both of these big stakeholders do while this is all being sorted? And what is the role of other key stakeholders like mobile operators, bank issuers and payments networks?

Our panel consists of the most important mobile wallet warriors who are on the front lines of this very exciting commerce battleground where the winner could really “take all.” They’ll speak openly about what they are doing, how merchants and consumers are responding, and where they see all of this ending up.

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Digital reality nxp final.pptx

  1. 1. Trusted-Smart-SecureSolutionsJeff FonsecaDirector Business DevelopmentNXP Identification BU
  2. 2. Retail Advertising Identification Transportation Transportation Mobile PaymentsE v o NFCt i o n lu Mobile Payments SecuritySecurity eGov Access Transportation Advertising Control
  3. 3. Convenience Ubiquity Choice
  4. 4. Hybrid Shopping Model ‘Shopping’ while Shopping Convenience 67% would check their phone before asking a sales person 66% would check reviews 53% would check prices at other locations
  5. 5. Taking advantage of the hybrid model Engage customers with multimedia product information, real-time promotions and affinity program updates with just a tap of their Smartphone. Educate and Motivate Tap Here to find out more
  6. 6. Mobile market evolving Over 100,000,000* NFC enabled mobile devices in the market in 2012. Mastercard Paypass supported by over 440,000 merchant locations worldwide. Ubiquity NXP’s MIFARE transportation solutions have been installed in over 650 cities in 50 countries. *ABI Research
  7. 7. Trusted Smart Life Solutions NFC solutions by NXP enable over 200 different mobile device models today. Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Gaming Choice Consoles, Automotive, Televisions, Automobiles, C ameras Samsung Galaxy SIII HTC One Google Nexus 4 Nokia Lumia 920 Lenovo T410 Samsung Galaxy 7
  8. 8. Interactive Advertising NFC enabled tags in Posters, Magazines and at the POS NFC is more than payments 87% of Smartphone users perform a mobile search after seeing an ad.
  9. 9. Advertising Retail SecurityeGov Identification Mobile Access Payments Transport Control
  10. 10. Trusted - Smart - Secure