Volume 18. Issue...

              A FREEMASON


       Much has been written about Joseph brant over the years. Freemasons have been interested
in him becau...
                      HONOR AND INTRIGUE
Some time later, Sir William was directed           stories of this up-and-coming influential Mohawk
to take Iroquois warr...
Picture of Masonic apron hanging in museum display at the Brant’s house in Burlington, Ontario
Picture of Brant’s house in Burlington, Ontario
Mohawk Chapel in Branfort, Ontario
                                                                           are said to ...
Theyendanegea. Mary M. Graser. Halton Press Other sources of Information
        LTD., burlington, ONT.
    4. Joseph bran...
Statue of Joseph Brant at
                              the Valiants Memorial in

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Spring 09 Rising Point


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Special Spring 2009 Issue of Rising Point

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Spring 09 Rising Point

  2. 2. WELCOME TO SPRING 2009 For those of you who are new to this publication, we hope you enjoy what you see and come back. Suggestions and opinions are welcome. Contents Volume 18. Issue 2 - SPRING 2009 • A BABy NAmed “ Two STickS of MAILING ADDRESS THE RISING POINT STreNgTh” Bonisteel Masonic Library • ATmoSphere of wAr wAS everywhere 2875 W. Liberty Road • AN eNgliSh freemASoN AppeArS Ann Arbor, MI 48103 • A refiNed geNTlemAN or A fierce wArrior • A fAmily mAN • kiNg george iii Needed iNdiAN SupporT • BrANT BecomeS A freemASoN iN loNdoN • gifTS ANd elegANce SecureS loyAlTy Bro. Mitchell Ozog , 32º Bro. Karl Grube, Ph.D., 32º Editor Editor in Chief. • mASoNic dedicATioN vS. crowN loyAlTy • A mASoNic clASSic STory LAYOUT DESIGN – Bro. Mitchell Ozog • The wAr eNdS BuT The iroquoiS Are THE RISING POINT is the official publication of Bonisteel Masonic Library and NoT forgiveN is published four times per year. Masonic Bodies are welcome to reprint from this publication provided that the article is reprinted in full, the name of the author and the source of the article are indicated, and a copy of the publication containing the reprint is • mASoNic BroTherS- BrANT ANd sent to the editor. Submissions to this publication and all Correspondence concerning this publication should come through the Editor Mitchell Ozog. The Editor reserves the right to edit all materials received. wAShiNgToN Fair Use Notice: The Bonisteel Masonic Library web site and publication THE RISING POINT may at • oNly The grim reAper could SuBdue times contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, him scientific, and social justice issues, etc.. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site or the publication Rising Point for • A revered ANd reSpecTed freemASoN purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on The Bonisteel Masonic Library web site and publication Rising Point is distributed without • epilogue ThoughTS profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: United States Code: Title 17, Section 107 http://www4. Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such BONISTEEL MASONIC LIBRARY FUND RAISER as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether The Bonisteel Masonic Library of Ann Arbor Detroit has established the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall a goal of raising $5,000 for 2009 operations. Your contribution will as- include - (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for sure the continuance of our award winning quarterly publication Rising nonprofit educational purposes; (2) the nature of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and Point and the yearly costs of online publication. Simple scroll down to substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. The Pay Pal on the Index page donate by using a credit card. fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.
  3. 3. THAYENDANEGEA A FREEMASON OF HONOR AND INTRIGUE by: Raymond W. Doyscher Jr., P.M. Northwood Ancient Craft Lodge #551, FAM of Michigan 2008 Cover photo of J. Brant from The Valiants Memorial -
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Much has been written about Joseph brant over the years. Freemasons have been interested in him because of his steadfast dedication to his Masonic oath. Historians view him as either a savage and wicked warmonger or as a Crown loyal, dedicated military man. To this day his own Mohawk people revere him as their savior for securing for them a safe homeland in Ontario. He is indeed a man of many complicated sides. In this research, my wife Donna and I poured over articles, newsprints, books, pamphlets, and unpublished family archives records, and museum record-rooms in brantford and burlington, Ontario. brant’s people, now live there in cultural co-existence with their neighbors. My visit there focused on piecing together the Freemason spirit of this remarkable man. This story emerges as a result. Research Sites Visitations: 1. Woodland Cultural Center Museum, brantford, Ontario 2. Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks, brantford, Ontario 3. Joseph brant Museum and Achieves, brantford, Ontario 4. The brant House (Museum and Archives), burlington, Ontario 5. Six Nations Public Library, Ohsweken, Ontario 6. The Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites board of Information 7. brant Lodge #45 AFAM. G.R.C., brantford, Ontario
  5. 5. THAYENDANEGEA - A FREEMASON OF HONOR AND INTRIGUE In addition, many Indian tribes were hostile to one another as not all were in agreement with the Iroquois Confederacy peace agreement. Chief Pontiac in the Detroit region was stirring up trouble. Many tribes were angry with the white European settlers. Also, to make the political waters of the times even muddier, colonists were restlessly talking about their own independence from England’s governmental control. An English Freemason Appears A politically powerful Freemason now entered the picture and would have a huge influence on Thayendanegea Brant as a mentor, brother-in-law, military Major General, and as a Provincial Grand Master of Masons A Baby Named “Two Sticks of Strength” in the New york Colony. His name was William Johnson. born in 1715 in England, Johnson was sent The year was 1742. The place was an Ohio by his aristocratic uncle ( a Royal Navy officer) to the River bank. The event was the birth of an Indian baby Mohawk Valley in New york to oversee some land named Thayendanegea meaning two sticks or in Indian holdings. Johnson connected with the Mohawks, lived symbolism, STRENGTH. Not only would this newborn as their neighbor, mingled with them, and traded with live up to his title, he would eventually emerge as a them. During these first few years Johnson also raised Masonic classical legend. a family with a German immigrant wife. Eventually Thayendanegea’s mother and father were he was widowed but continued to accumulate land and Mohawks who were on a hunting trip (in what is now became highly respected among the Mohawk natives. Ohio) and on Miami Indian hunting ground. Two As time moved along the political climate of the hundred years earlier, trespassing on another tribe’s colonies became more and more disordered. European hunting ground would have been met with hostility. settlers were rebelliously interested in independence However, in the 1500’s Hiawatha successfully from England. France continued their annoying military assembled the leaders of five Indian tribes (eventually presence and Johnson was commissioned by the Crown six, including the Mohawks) in the American northeast as the Superintendent of Indian Affairs. who agreed to peace among themselves. The tribes In 1755 Johnson was directed to gather his then settled disputes at regular Powwow gatherings and Crown-loyal Iroquois to run the encroaching French became known as the Iroquois Confederacy. out of New york. Of all things, a 13 year old boy Little could anyone in that Mohawk hunting named Thayendanegea brant joined Johnson’s Indian group have imagined that the newborn Thayendanegea battalion and distinguished himself as a worthy warrior was destined to become a great leader of his people and in defeating the French at Fort George. Johnson took leave behind intriguing Freemason history. a special notice of this youthful warrior. Johnson The father of Thayendanegea died soon after his christened him Joseph. Now Theyendanegea had birth. Another Mohawk became the infant’s stepfather. the English name of Joseph brant. Johnson himself That man carried the English name brant, a name that became invested with a new title of Sir William for his Thayendanegea would use for the rest of his life. outstanding military achievement against the French. Atmosphere of War was Everywhere A Refined Gentleman or a Fierce Warrior The 1700’s were a tumultuous political period. Now our story backs up a little. When Joseph The winds of war were blowing in several directions (Thayendanegea) brant was 10 years old he had a 16- at once. The obvious advantage in controlling the year-old sister in the Mohawk village that would flirt American Colonies was attractive to the European with the British field officers. Johnson, now a widower, powers, especially England and France. Each wanted a noticed her pleasing appearance and eventually married piece of this untapped resource and was willing to fight her. He called her Molly and accepted Joseph brant as for it. In fact, France and England were at war with a brother-in-law. each other in Europe over it. Photo - Indian Boy in Village of Mohawks
  6. 6. Some time later, Sir William was directed stories of this up-and-coming influential Mohawk to take Iroquois warriors to Fort Niagara where he Indian called Joseph brant. The King understood again defeated the French in the French Indian War. that Brant was a fierce and highly acclaimed warrior brother-in-law Joseph was once more recognized as who was also a respected, educated, noble missionary an outstanding warrior. by age 17 Joseph became a and language interpreter between the Indians and the regular part of the aristocratic household of his sister british forces. brant was understood to be part of Sir and his brother-in-law, Sir William. All this time Joseph William’s household. He was decorated as a Crown was becoming more and more refined. He learned to military Captain and was capable of soliciting the speak English. Sir William then sent Joseph, at the age military help of at least the six large Indian tribes of of 19, to the Moore Charity School (later Dartmouth the Iroquois Confederacy. Most intriguing to the King College) in Lebanon, Connecticut to learn british was that this powerful Indian War chief seemed very grace and culture. There, while other Indian students loyal to the Crown through Sir William’s influence. dropped out, Joseph became an exemplary student. He The King saw a great military advantage in fostering even converted to Christianity and soon held the status a friendship with brant and invited him to England as of spiritual missionary to his people. His dedication a diplomat. The rebellious colonists were becoming a to his new religion was so profound that in later years growing concern and brant’s Crown loyalty was much Joseph transcribed books of the Holy bible, a prayer needed. book, Acts of the Apostles, a History of the bible, and a Brant Becomes a Freemason in London catechism into the Mohawk language. However, Joseph’s cultural refinement and formal education at the Moore School had to come to a In 1774 Sir William died and his estate and quick interruption. brother-in-law Sir William needed military command was taken over by none other than him to put down Pontiac’s Rebellion in and around two more Freemasons, Sir John Johnson and Colonel Detroit. Once again a successful military undertaking Guy Johnson. As this was occurring british Freemasons, occurred. Colonel John butler and Colonel Walter butler were leading a battle called the “Loyalist Resistance” in up- A Family Man state New York. Masonic influence must now have been profound to brant and while in England he asked As a young man Joseph brant’s interest in to become a Mason. On April 26 or May 29, 1776 ( it matrimony and family life was met with hard luck. He is not exactly clear when) he was raised in London’s married three times before the age of 32. Each wife; Falcon Lodge #71 or in Hiram’s Cliftonian Lodge. Peggy, Christina, and Susanna were Indian ladies. Each Again, it is unclear which as the two Lodges met in the died of consumption. Finally at the age same building at that time. Interestingly, King George of 33, brant married Catherine, a daughter of an Indian III is said to have presented brant his Masonic apron at mother and Irish father. Catherine must have been quite that time. young as she survived Joseph by some 30 years. Gifts and Elegance Secures Loyalty King George III Needed Indian Support It is obvious that the King was out to impress While brant was molding into what destiny brant with all the grace and charm afforded only had in store for him, King George III in England heard to high-class dignitaries. brant was showered with gifts from the King including two pistols, a gold watch, and a silver gilt gorget (chest plate) with the inscription, “The gift of a friend to Captain brant”. The gifts also included a very special army rifle and an important promise to amend any losses to the Iroquois if they would remain Crown loyal. In London, brant was given two special audiences with the King and was toasted at a dinner party as, “His Majesty’s greatest North American subject”. brant’s picture was painted in full Indian regalia by a prominent English portrait painter with that picture appearing in the London Times paper. The attention had to have been very flattering. Picture of book with Brant’s translation of common prayer into Mahawk language.
  7. 7. Picture of Masonic apron hanging in museum display at the Brant’s house in Burlington, Ontario brothers sat together in McKinstry’s Hudson Lodge #7 in Greendale, New york several times as friends. brant even offered entertainment at Lodge socials by telling Indian stories. The last time that brant signed the Hudson Lodge #7 registry was in 1805, two years before hanging up his “working tools of life”. At least four other colonial revolutionists were spared execution courtesy of brant’s responding to their Masonic distress gestures. Records show them to be Masonic brothers William Stacy, Major John Wood, Lt. Thomas boyd, and Lt. Johnathon Maynard. boyd was later still executed in brant’s absence. Maynard survived and eventually held the office of On his return to the colonies in May 1776, a Massachusetts Senator. It is apparent made-to-order Hollywood type drama emerged. brant that brant was sincere about the sanctity of his Masonic used his new King George III gift rifle to discourage oath. the efforts of an enemy privateer vessel attacking his ship. Stories are told that Brant shot five enemy officers The War Ends but the Iroquois are not before the privateer vessel was scared off. Forgiven Masonic Dedication vs Crown Loyalty The Revolutionary battles were ugly and intense. Captain Chief Joseph brant and the Iroquois Arriving in New york harbor, brant met with his Confederacy faithfully and savagely fought on the side former Moore School teacher, Dr. Wheelock who had of the british Crown. Eventually, in 1782 the colonial joined the American revolutionists. brant would not be revolutionists defeated the british and the Crown persuaded to embrace this rebel cause. He reminded loyal Iroquois Indians found their homeland rights in his teacher that the school taught him to “fear God and jeopardy. After the defeated british army went home honor the King”. brant added, “This I propose to do.” the Indians continued to be treated as the enemy. Most brant now entered into dozens of battles with the became homeless and rather pathetic. revolutionary colonists. It is noteworthy that this was brant now conferred with his Masonic brother, only months after brant was courted into a friendship Sir John Johnson, the Superintendent General of Indian with The Great While Father, King George III, and Affairs in Montreal. He also met with the Commander- initiated into Freemasonry. in-Chief, General Haldimand. In 1784 the Six Nation The stage was now set for a classic Masonic Iroquois were given a Canadian homeland in a highly story. brant engaged his Iroquois warriors into the prized track of land 100 miles by 12 miles along the battle of Cedars on the St. Lawrence River in the fall Grand River area of what is now burlington, Ontario. of 1776. He captured Captain John McKinstry and in In 1785 brant visited King George III a second typical Indian tradition arranged for a quick execution. time to remind him of his promise to the Iroquois people It was then that Joseph brant entered into the status of of compensation for their allegiance to the british a Masonic Legend. As brant’s warriors were preparing cause. The King graciously and generously replied to for the execution, McKinstry called out the Grand their loyalty by stating, “The aboriginal losses shall be Masonic Word and gave the Grand Hailing sign of made good”. distress.. brant recognized the signal and recalled his Masonic obligation to go to the “relief” of a brother Masonic Brothers- Brant and Washington Mason in such a predicament. brant met George Washington at least twice, A Masonic Classic Story once in a battle northeast of Syracuse, New york in 1777 and once in peace at the end of the war. In battle, And so it happened, brant halted the execution Washington dammed up the Susquehanna River and and placated his warriors by offering them an ox to roast. used that to his advantage to put brant and his Iroquois Masonic brother McKinstry was then sent to Montreal warriors to flight. In 1792 Washington invited Brant to as a prisoner where he was subsequently released on Philadelphia to join the new Continental Congress and parole to friendly Freemasons. McKinstry never forgot use his influence to settle down Indian hostilities in the brant. According to McKinstry’s son, the two Masonic American mid-west. brant attempted to accommodate
  8. 8. Picture of Brant’s house in Burlington, Ontario bible into the Mohawk language, (2) being a guardian of his own people, and (3) being patriotically true to what was then the ruling government of the colonies, the royal Crown. Regarding the Masonic charge of “censure, reproach, and integrity”, brant was recorded as having scolded his former schoolteacher Dr. Wheelock with a statement that the Moore School taught him to “fear God and honor the King”. brant added, “that is what I propose to do”. Also, in post war years brant was obedient to the Masonic charge of being “faithful to your Lodge”. He founded Lodge #11 in 1797 Washington’s request but was unsuccessful. Eventually Washington sent Masonic brother General Anthony in brant’s Town at the Mohawk Village in Ontario, Wayne to quiet the Indian uprisings and did so at the Canada. He also served as it’s Master. Later brant affiliated with Barton Lodge #10 in Hamilton, Ontario. unfortunate expense of the loss of many Indian lives. In the Masonic charge of “promoting the general On a personal editorial note, I wonder if President George Washington and Chief Joseph brant good of society”, brant worked tirelessly to establish the exchanged a Masonic Grip when they met as friends best possible life for the Mohawks who were displaced from their Mohawk Valley in New york. He even after the war. approached King George III twice for favors owed. It would appear that Chief Joseph brant, in his Only the Grim Reaper could Subdue Him own way, was a model of Masonic virtue. As a final statement, the Canadian Royal Mint brant never did retire. Even in his advanced years he continued to champion the civil rights and released a “Joseph brant” silver dollar on January 19, reasonable good of his people. Eventually he built an 2007 to honor and commemorate the Great Chief. The elegant house at the west end of Lake Ontario (now coin bears his likeness and has become a collector piece burlington, Ontario). Today a replica replacement sits to Masons all over the world. on the original house site as a museum and historical EPILOGUE THOUGHTS archive recalling the life and times of the incredible man. It was there in 1807 that death took from brant Many little side stories emerged in our search that for which he was named some 67 years before- for information regarding Masonic brother Joseph strength. brant’s internment is now next to the Mohawk Brant that didn’t fit into the focus of this essay but are Chapel in brantford, Ontario. This location is the only anecdotes just too fascinating to be ignored. Royal Chapel outside of Great britain. Appropriately, a tribute to the Great Chief is included in the Chapel’s 1. Since King George III presented Joseph brant with his lambskin apron, the question surfaces: Was the eight stained glass windows King a Freemason? Was he an honorary Mason because of his status? Editorial comment- If so to A Revered and Respected Freemason what Lodge was he affiliated? It is interesting to examine what kind of Mason 2. The name of the city of brantford originated as a result of brant crossing or “fording” the Grand was Joseph Brant. He certainly did fit many of the River on horseback. Editorial comment- I should Masonic organizational tenants. For instance, Masons have guessed. say that they “take a good man and make him better”. Brant was a gentleman before his first trip to London. 3. Grandson Oliver brant died in 1865 but left behind a Masonic lambskin apron with a crude drawing on He was a Christian missionary and an interpreter the reverse side. It was of a quartered shield showing between his people and the English. After his Masonic a Lion of England, German eagle, Irish shamrock, affiliation he became a powerful and influential military and Scottish thistle. below and in Oliver’s own leader. handwriting he states, “We lay no claim to Royal Next, in obeying the Masonic charge of duty blood, except as handed down through the Royal to “God”, “Neighbor”, and “the State”, brant left a house of the Mohawks. We bear no empty titles, history of (1) interpreting religious books and the Holy
  9. 9. Mohawk Chapel in Branfort, Ontario are said to have been in doubt as to whether or not brant was a pure blooded Indian. Some believed him to have some “white blood” in him. Editorial comment- Gossiping Old Indians! 10. On his first trip to London, brant had his portrait painted by artist George Romney. I believe the picture was idealized because brant looks more English than Mohawk on the canvas. Editorial comment- I wonder how brant liked the image? 11. In 1710 brant’s natural father was one of four Iroquois Chiefs to also visit England. This was at the invitation of Queen gained through political pull or Court intrigue but Anne. Her intent was the same as claim a right to an emblem emblazoned with signs King George III, to secure the Crown loyalty of the and insignias proclaiming the origin of our family.” Indians. They too were wined, dined, entertained, Editorial comment- I wonder what the deeper and fawned over by the English high society. meaning of this is all about. Editorial comment- If the French had the social 4. The Moore School had to be a severe come-down judgment to do likewise, our Revolutionary War from what the young Indian braves expected from might have a different story behind it. an education. No hunting, no fishing, no secrets of the forest were taught. Instead, students were expected to sit on wooden benches with wooden REFERENCES AND SOURCES USED IN THE paddles labeled with cute little bible verses such as: RESEARCH OF THIS STORY “In Adam’s fall, we sinned all.” “Zacchaeus, he Did climb a tree, His Lord to see.” Editorial comment- It is hard to imagine any one from the Indian books/booklets culture of the time tolerating such an educational environment. How was 19 year old Joseph brant 1. Joseph brant, A Man of His People. Helen disciplined enough to stay? Caister Robinson. Longan Canada LTD., 5. The docent at the Mohawk Royal Chapel informed 1971. us that Brant spoke 7 languages fluently. Editorial 2. Joseph brant, Man of Two Worlds 1743-1807. comment- Is that possible? Isabel Thomson Kelsay. Syracuse University 6. brant brought a golden ring home from England. Press, 1984- It was inscribed “Theyendanegea, 1776”. His 86. wife Catherine kept it with her as a keepsake after 3. Joseph brant, brant died. She lost it four years later. It was found 26 years after that by a little girl in a field near Wellington Square, Ontario and returned to Catherine in her elderly years. She is said to have been most grateful. Editorial comment- I wonder if the little girl played dress-up with it until her parents discovered her with it? 7. The docent at the brant House told us that Catherine chose to not live in the brant House after he died. Instead, she returned to a wigwam. Editorial comment- This is indeed hard to believe.. 8. On one of brant’s audiences with King George III he was expected to kiss the King’s hand upon a formal greeting. brant refused but saved his own dignity by kissing the hand of the Queen instead. Editorial Picture of Brant’s comment- Understandable as brant thought of painting as an old himself as “ Indian King”. man. 9. Some of the Mohawk elders at the relevant time
  10. 10. Theyendanegea. Mary M. Graser. Halton Press Other sources of Information LTD., burlington, ONT. 4. Joseph brant. A. Roy Petrie. Fitzhenry and 1. Docent Lecture (and conversation) at Her Whiteside LTD., 1978. Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks. 2. DVD-“ Last of the Mohicans”, Daniel Day- Articles Lewis. 1.“Worshipful Joseph brant, Canadian Hero Commemorated”. Rural Lodge AFAM #8 Masonic District of Massachusetts. 2.“Joseph brant- The Greatest Tory”. Joseph E. bennett, FPS. Philalethes Society. 3.“Joseph brant, A Masonic Legend”. bro. David Harrison. International Masonic Review. The Rising Point. Summer. 2008. Unpublished Paper Documents 1. The Last Will and Testament of Joseph brant. 2. Genealogy of the brant Family by members of the brant Family. Circa- Mid-1900. 3. Program for the Pilgrimage, The Institute of Iroquoian Studies, 1967. brant’s memorial statue Watercolor portrait of Joseph brant (Thayendanegea) Source: National Archives of Canada via Canadian Heritage Gallery Author - William Armstrong (1822- 1914) Painting of brant, possibly middle age. 0
  11. 11. Detroit’s Masonic teMple By alex lundberg, Greg Kowalski The largest Masonic temple in the world, Detroit’s Masonic temple is a monumental structure with a rich and colorful history, befitting one of the most historic organizations in the world. Encompassing more than 1,000 rooms and more than a million square feet, the temple has served Masons since 1926 and provides a venue for many leading entertainers and theater productions. Its lodges, chapels, and ballrooms are masterpieces of architecture rich with the symbolism of Freemasonry, evident even in the smallest details. The temple stands as an artistic work of architecture and as the physical embodiment of the history, traditions, and symbolism of Freemasonry. What are the secrets of the craft? Just look; they are carved into the walls, inlaid in the marble floors, and depicted in woodcuts on every floor. More info: Arcadia Publishing -
  12. 12. Statue of Joseph Brant at the Valiants Memorial in Ottawa BONISTEEL MASONIC LIBRARY - 2009