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A presentation at the WordPress Providence meetup, May 25, 2010. http://wordpressprovidence.com

The next version of WordPress, version 3.0, is due out any day now after months of work. While it’s true that 3.0 is just the number that comes after 2.9, there’s something about us as humans that makes us get inordinately excited about a “major version change.”

The reality is that 3.0 delivers on this promise. 3.0 introduces a beautiful new default theme, 2010, bringing the default WordPress aesthetic to the 21st century; and a new menu management feature makes it much easier for casual users to customize the structure of their site. Many improvements were made to the underlying theme architecture, including new theme file types and better child theme support. For developers and administrators, the custom post types, hierarchical custom taxonomies, and multi-site support makes WordPress an even better platform for building powerful multi-purpose websites.

With a survey of user-facing features as well as some quick live coding demos, this session should be full of useful information for those just starting out with WordPress and WordPress gurus alike.

It’s a good time to be WordPress fan. Come on out to learn about and celebrate the big 3.0 with me.

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What's new in WordPress 3.0

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