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From learning to launch


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Thoughts on the difference between university and career in entrepreneurship

Published in: Technology, Business
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From learning to launch

  1. 1.  Entrepreneurship kinda sucks sometimes This is hard work. Really hard work. Seriously, like a crap ton of work. Being the boss is way better than having one How to marry for health benefits
  2. 2.  Basic skills of business Working with imperfect information Networking Critical thinking
  3. 3.  Business plan as gospel thinking Most of Marketing 101 Analysis Paralysis
  4. 4.  Where money comes from and what it costs Some people are not founders. That’s okay. How to benchmark (internal/external)
  5. 5. FOR YOU FOR YOUR CAREER Get and stay connected  Learn to love marketing Develop your skills  Learn to love data
  6. 6.  Find your Passion Find your MVP Find yourself separate from your work Find ways to make shit happen.
  7. 7. Do More Work. Sleep is for the weak.
  8. 8. Q&A Mitch Neff