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An introduction to Matter of Fact Software - 2012


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An introduction to Matter of Fact Software.

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An introduction to Matter of Fact Software - 2012

  1. 1. Matter of Fact SoftwareThe Mainframe and CICS Specialists An Introduction
  2. 2. Who are we?The Directors of Matter of Fact Software are vastlyexperienced Systems Programming Consultants.Combining their skills and experiences in complex &critical environments, they devise solutions to real-worldcommercial challenges affecting businesses that use IBMmainframes.
  3. 3. Director ProfilesOur working Directors have helped many Companies andorganisations to exploit, upgrade and manage their IBMMainframe platforms. Collectively, they have over 70years experience in doing so.Some of the Companies that they have helped are:Royal Bank of Scotland; Union Bank of Switzerland;Citibank; Euroclear Bank; Shell; Halifax Bank of Scotland;Air New Zealand; Barclays Bank; Deutsche Bank; RiyadBank; Norwich Union.
  4. 4. StatusMatter of Fact Software is privately owned by its Directorsand is operated in a debt free manner.
  5. 5. Company HistoryFounded in 2008 to develop a solution to an obvious weakness in existing CICStooling capabilities.First software solution (PlexSpy V1.0) launched in 2009.In 2010, commitment to enhance and evolve PlexSpy led to the the discovery ofanother real-world issue. A second product was then developed to address thatand permit enhancements to PlexSpy to be developed.CICS JS/Server launch planned for Q1 2012 and subsequently PlexSpy V2.0 in Q22012.
  6. 6. PlexSpyProvides the ability to quickly view the status of all of the CICS infrastructure under-pinning named business applications, from a single web browser window.Usable by less experienced technical support staff.Saves time in understanding the nature of operational issues affecting CICSapplications allowing normal service to be resumed faster.More information:
  7. 7. PlexSpy Usage Example YouTube Clip - 1 YouTube Clip - 2
  8. 8. CICS JS/ServerThe Dojo Toolkit is an Open Source Javascript tool that enables rapid developmentof modern web applications.In Corporate business applications, a high degree of control needs to be exertedover the serving of the Dojo Toolkit to the web client using it.CICS JS/Server allows the Dojo Toolkit to be served up by the IBM Mainframe fromPDS datasets, exploiting the trusted strengths in scalability, availability and securityof this technology platform.Future versions of CICS JS/Server are planned and will support additional OpenSource Javascript Toolkits such as MooTools and JQuery in addition to Dojo.More information:
  9. 9. CICS JS/Server Usage Example Click Here to view YouTube Video
  10. 10. Acknowledgments & LinksDojo Toolkit: is a Trademark of IBM Corporation.PlexSpy is a Trademark of Matter of Fact SoftwareOur Website: www.plexspy.comContact Us: