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An Introduction to CICS JS/Server


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Published in: Technology
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An Introduction to CICS JS/Server

  1. 1. Bringing the strengthsof the IBM mainframeto the use of the DojoToolkit.Introducing CICS JS/Serverfrom Matter of Fact Software
  2. 2. Why Dojo?When we embarked upon an upgrade of our PlexSpysoftware solution, we wanted to display graphical datain the web browser. We discovered that the Dojo Toolkitoffered us the best option for doing so.
  3. 3. Why CICS JS/Server?We quickly realised that to have complete, trustworthy,control over all of the software used by the web clientsrunning PlexSpy, the Dojo Toolkit itself needed to beembedded into the mainframe alongside our software.As this issue must concern other users of the DojoToolkit, it was decided that a mainframe based solutionwas needed that could provide that control generically.That solution became CICS JS/Server.
  4. 4. CICS JS/Server• Simple to install.• Dojo is served out of well understood mainframe PDS datasets.• TCPIP connectivity with CICS on the mainframe using port sharing and Sysplex distributor (if necessary) provides almost limitless scaling, reliability and resilience for serving the Dojo Toolkit to web clients.• It’s on the mainframe so controlling and managing it is well understood and trusted.
  5. 5. PlexSpy V2.0 etcGraphical Data is now possible and all of the otherfeatures of Dojo are at our disposal.What could your enterprise achieve using theDojo Toolkit served from the mainframe?
  6. 6. Acknowlegments• Dojo Toolkit is Open Source:• Sysplex and CICS are Trademarks of IBM Corporation• PlexSpy is a Trademark of Matter of Fact Software
  7. 7. Contact Us• Web:• Email: