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  • Additional Notes:By migrating all learning systems to the cloud, XXXXX can truly accomplish its Vision and Mission. XXXXX can offer just the right learning at just the right time to every student. The cloud environment offers infinitely scalability. The “on-demand” capabilities of the cloud reduces distractions caused by the laborious process of adding hardware, configuring the hardware and software, and conducting maintenance. The Cloud environment allows XXXXX implementation and consulting teams to focus on what is important…the kids.
  • Additional Notes:Here’s how it works….#1: The diagnostic Assessment Delivery System (ADS) helps XXXXX and the client diagnose each student and determine what they understand and where their gaps are for each course and topic areas. #2: XXXXX creates or partners with curriculum publishers to provide laser focused learning objects that are tagged to the respective assessment items and the common core requirements#3: Based on the assessment results and access to tagged learning objects, the LMS automatically creates a “Personalized Education Plan” (PEP) for every student. In addition, the teacher or administrators can add to the PEP as needed. The student now has access to just the right learning at just the right time.
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  • C suite cloud presentation

    1. 1. XXXXX Confidential1XXXXX ANALYSIS RESULTSExecutive DiscussionJanuary 23, 2013
    2. 2. XXXXX Confidential2TABLE OF CONTENTS/WEDNESDAYScenarios: Current StateScenarios: End StateXXXXX Mission and VisionExecutive SummaryEnd State VisionTechnology ManagementXXXXX Market Niche - Diagnostic Assessments and Providing Content
    3. 3. XXXXX Confidential3SCENARIO – CURRENT STATE… is strugglingwith Algebraat her highschool… takes anXXXXX onlineAlgebracourse to helpcatch up… is frustratedbecause she’snot sure whatpart of thecourse towork on… looses confidenceand gets fartherbehind….then tries tosearch the internet formore content… has 31 otherstudents atvarious levels… continues tomove forwardwith the usuallessonsequence… has severalstudents doingpoorly onexams but theyare strugglingin differentareas… wishes she hada way to help all32 students byproviding themwith just the righthelp at just theright timeDebraTeacher
    4. 4. XXXXX Confidential4SCENARIO – END STATE… startedAlgebra classand completean XXXXXdiagnosticassessment… find out whatpre-requisitetopics theyneed tobrush up on”… based on theresults, aPersonalizedEducation Plan(PEP) is availablein the learningmanagementsystem… completed their PEP andare confident in moving onwith the entire class… discusses theexpectations andsyllabus with theclass… takes the firstday in thecomputer lab andcoaches studentsas they completetheir diagnosticassessment… after analyzingthe diagnosticassessmentresults, he nowhas a clearunderstanding ofwhat topics hecan cover withentire class… he now covers newtopics as a class butcontinually monitorsindividual progressand uses the LMS toassign just the rightcontent at just theright time in their PEPStudentsTeacher
    5. 5. XXXXX Confidential5XXXXX VISION & MISSION – VIEW 1Vision MissionProvide the most effectiveeducational solutions to the globalPre-K through 12 learningcommunityTo provide real-time information regardingstudent achievement and mastery ofstandards-based learning objectives in orderto facilitate directed learningTo provide curriculum that is consumable inany learning environmentTo deliver curriculum using intuitivetechnologies
    6. 6. XXXXX Confidential6XXXXX VISION & MISSION – VIEW 2Vision MissionProvide diagnostic studentassessments to help reduce thecommon core curriculumachievement gapTo assess and determine current studentachievement gapsTo align and link curriculum to fill studentachievement gapsTo provide consultative services to teachersand administrators that leads them toeffective student achievement gap solutions
    7. 7. XXXXX Confidential7EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAfter analyzing XXXXX people, processes, technologies, and products, we believe thatXXXXX is in a great position to be the “best in class” for offering Pre-K through 12th gradeeducational solutionsdiagnostic assessmentscurriculum alignment to common coreCharter School consultationTo be the best, XXXXX must solidify a unified, focused strategic planXXXXX has talented internal resources, that if appropriately aligned with their skill set andwith pertinent external support, will successfully fulfill the strategic planXXXXX should continue to leverage support from external organizations in the area oftechnology, psychometrics, and learning systems
    8. 8. XXXXX Confidential8SISCRMTECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENTValid and taggedtopic-basedassessment itemscreatedSCORM compliantcontent is created,tagged, andpackaged as smalllearning objectsLearning objects areplaced in the LearningObject Repository andlinks provided by 3rdparty publishersLearners login to LMSand can see theirPersonalized LearningPlan with links tospecific learning objectsin LOR that are assignedto them based on theresults of the diagnosticassessmentsPertinent data istransferred to SISContinuousmonitoring andresolutions to issuesare tracked in theCRMADSCMSLORLMS
    9. 9. XXXXX Confidential9ADSCMSSISCRMLORXXXXX MARKET NICHEDIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENTS AND PROVIDING CONTENT#1: To provide real-timeinformation regarding studentachievement and mastery ofstandards-based learningobjectives in order to facilitatedirected learning#3: To deliver curriculum usingintuitive technologies#2: To providecurriculum that isconsumable in anylearning environmentVision: Provide the most effective educational solutions tothe global Pre-K through 12 learning communityMission:LMS
    10. 10. XXXXX Confidential10NEXT STEPS1. Adopt and communicate a Vision and Mission statement2. Develop and execute a Change Management Plan3. Create a short and long-term plan to migrate all educational XXXXX systems to theCloud4. Migrate EdMastery data to Gradebook and use Gradebook for grades 5 through 125. Develop high school level courses and pilot the new blended curriculum6. Conduct a detailed analysis of the internal CMS and Gradebook to determine theexisting capabilities gap for enhancing each to be stand-alone systems7. Execute the plan to augment the current CMS and Gradebook to become stand-aloneand be third-party system agnostic8. Become active participants in the LRMI project to align with national and internationalMeta-tagging standards9. Enhance Assessment Team and Engage a Psychometrics consultant to create a processfor validating assessment items10. XXXXX to formalize Educational Consulting teams to execute the new Strategic Plan