Poster development


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Poster development

  1. 1. I have decided to use this playing pitch as my background for a variety of different reasons. The majority of my target audience will be able to relate to this picture due to many of them being involved in sporting activities themselves. The picture relates to my paper’s sporting status due to it being used for all types of sports as well. As well as it being eye catching the background makes the poster look professional. I have started of the development by creating a blank A4 page in photo shop. Using a blank document allows me to create the poster in the way that i want to. Looking at other posters, bright colours are normally used to grab peoples attention. I have followed this trend by including this bright green playing pitch as my background. It is very eye catching.This is the first stage of my poster development. I have decided to design my poster in Photoshop for a variety of reason. I can create different affects of photo’s and on writing. I can also enhance photo’s. Using Photoshop allows me to produce a professional looking poster. I have researched into a variety of different posters to see how they attract there audience.9201151658620Stage One <br />This is the second part of my poster development. I have included a sporting shirt and positioned it in the middle of the page. This will be the basis for my writing to go on. This shirt sticks with the sporting them that i am trying to create throughout this poster.Stage Two<br />I have started of the developing this white jersey but removing all the logos and writing. The next step was to put an outer glow effect on the shirt. This makes the shirt stand of the background of the page making it more noticeable to people. I have positioned the shirt in the middle due to it being the focus point of the poster. I have decided to use a sporting jersey due to the majority of my audience will be able to relate to the product and it relates with my newspapers theme of sport.I have decided to use a blank sporting jersey to allow me to put writing on the back of it. This will mirror a real sporting jersey, which normally has the player name and number on. I will put the paper slogan or details on the back, advertising my newspaper and my newspaper website. The shirt is a contrast with the green background making it stand out even more.5543551175385<br />I have added a variety of different affects to the title. Firstly i have included an outer shadow making the tile stand out from the background, making the title recognisable. Secondly i have included an arched affect adding another feature to the poster. It gives the affect that everything is fading of into the background. It follows the shape of the playing pitch.4368801554480I have used the same font as i have in the newspaper due to it being recognisable to my target audience. It allows people to relate this poster to my newspaper. I haven’t used the same colour text box as i have in the newspaper. Having a blue box around the text would look out of place on this poster. The white goes with the shirt and the background. The bright blue would ruin the aesthetics of the poster and could put people off. I want to create a professional look and having the blue text box would do so.This is the third part to my poster development. I have included the name of my newspaper. Including my paper name allows people to relate this poster to the newspaper that i have created. This poster is an advertising tool for my newspaper and my website, so therefore needs to be attractive.Stage Three<br />I have developed the poster further by adding in website details. I have decided to add these details in due to it being a common feature within poster in today’s market. It allows people to go and visit my website if they want to find out about the company and newspaper. I have decided to write the website in details in black to make the stand out from the bottom of the page. I have decided to include the caption ‘Grab your copy, free in all good sports shops’. This allows people to see where they can pick up my paper for free. I have decided to do the writing in white to make it stand out from the green back ground. I have put a black out line around the writing to help it stand out. It also makes the writing easier to read due to it not blending in with the background.This is the fourth part of my development of my poster. I have developed the poster further by including the website details of my corporation, i have started to position writing on the white shirt and included a by line which is a convention of a poster telling people where they can get you paper from. I have decided to use black writing on the shirt to make it stand out from the back ground and the white shirt. This makes another feature within the poster. 6457951489075Stage Four<br />I like the fact that i have used a variety of different colours making the poster very attractive. I think that the contrast of colours go well together and don’t over crowd the page. I think that i could have included a bit more information but to do so would over crowd the page. I have developed the poster further by adding more writing on the sporting jersey. I have designed it so that it looks like a real sporting jersey with the normal layout. Creating this affect will mean that my audience and people can relate to this. The colours used mirror the colours used in the papers masthead. This will allow people to relate this poster with my newspaper. I have also decided to use this colour for this part of the shirt due to it illustrating that it is the number 1 for sport. I am very pleased with the way that poster has turned out. I like all the aspects within the poster. I like the fact that everything relates back to the paper and the theme of sport. However there are some aspects that i would change about the poster. I would change the black coloured font on the shirt to another colour that fits in better than the black does. Another thing i would change is including more information about what the paper has to offer, but apart from that i am very pleased with the way that the paper has turned out. This is my final development of my poster. I have developed the poster further by including more information about the newspaper on the shirt. I am happy with the final development of poster and i believe that it gives the impression of a professional poster. I like the colours used throughout the poster. I like the fact that everything involved within the poster relates to my newspaper. 8420101031875Stage Five <br />