Combined evaluation


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Combined evaluation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms andconventionsThe main task that was put forward to us was to produce a local newspaper, in this we hadto research and plan prior to starting the production. I looked into other local Newspaperssuch as the Bromley Times, the Metro and the News Shopper.GenreMy paper “Bromley Sport” is a local sports paper covering the area of Bromley. The paperthat I have created will be comparable to papers such as the News Shopper and the Metro,for they contain the conventions that my paper will need to follow. The reason why Icompare my paper to these instead of national papers such as the Sun and Guardian is that Ibelieve there is a gap in the market for a local sports paper targeting people in the agegroup of 16-20. These two papers base their news on more than just one area and focus onnational news. The conventions used within these papers are of a tabloid and Berlinerformat. I want the layout of my paper to be more conventional for a local area. The maininspirations for my paper was the local paper such as the News Shopper and the Metro,they had similar conventions in structure, content and page design. I needed to follow theseso my product would be recognised as belonging to the local paper genre, to gain theattention of my intended target audience. I could also see what conventions I couldchallenge to make my paper more unique and exciting for a younger audience who wouldn’tnormally read a local paper.InstitutionThe Newspaper challenged the five column layout as I decided to use four columns makingthe pages less cramped. I followed other conventions such as the masthead being placed atthe top with the plug placed in the top left corner, I also included a news and brief columnwhich was conventional for the News Shopper. These are the conventions that theinstitutions have set, it was my choice to follow them.Layout/MeasurementsThe audience in which I am aiming to target is people between the ages of 16-20. Thesepeople within this category are more interested in sport than others. The layout of thepapers I have looked at were very much conventional, the majority of the papers that Iviewed had a five column layout compared to the Metro that had a four column layoutwhich I wanted to follow. I took some measurement from the Metro, it had a gutter spacemeasurement of 0.5cm with I decided to keep, the main photo was 16cm by 15cm which Ithen changed to 18cm by 16cm to make the photo bigger attracting more people to look atthe paper. I attempted to follow the measurement as best as I could but some parts lookedsmaller when I laid them out. The masthead was measured at 18cm by 5cm, this fitted mypaper well due to me wanting people to be drawn to the name of the paper and to the
  2. 2. paper details. The plug was measured at 5.5cm by 5cm and was placed at the top right ofthe page, this is a very conventional plug size and position which I decided to keep thesame. I also measured the margins of the paper to see whether they were the same size oneach side. The size of adverts, contact information, news and brief, Jump line, Bye linestayed the same as a conventional paper.Design of MastheadThe design of my Masthead was drawn and produced a number of times with drafts andimprovement sketches/prints. I researched into a number of different Masthead fordifferent papers such as the Bromley times and Metro, this enabled me to compare andcontrast different types of mastheads and develop a particular design that would best fit mypaper and attract my type of target audience. My Masthead contains two different colours,two different font types. Throughout my research it showed that I challenged conventionsbut I believed it benefited my paper making it more eye catching and unique compared toother papers.PhotographyWhen looking at other local papers, the photos used for the articles are all takenprofessionally and appear clear and visible. Having this will be a positive for the paperbecause the audience will appreciate a clear photo to go with the article, and will most likelybuy the paper again of the picture quality is good. The photos that I have used in my paperare all taken by me, I tried to a get as clear and good quality as possible using a school SLRcamera. I hoped the main photo for the front page would best represent the lead article.This will give the audience a feeling of being more engaged with the story, for people likevisuals to go with a story and help them understand what happened. My photo is fairlytypical of a sports story because it shows an action shot from a game.AdvertisingAdvertising is a main source of income for many newspapers, for example the Metro uses alot of advertising due to it being a free paper and requires funding via the companies beingadvertised. This applies to my paper because it is free and relies on funding from othercompanies. The adverts used are mainly sport orientated for it is a sporting paper followingthe areas of what my target audience will be into.Stories and Structure StoriesThe stories I used within my paper stuck to what I set out to write about, I researched into10 possible stories that I could use in my paper. Two of the stories that I included werewritten from scratch and the other was already existing but I chose to edit it, making it moreappealing to my target audience. Writing the stories allowed me to be creative and give theaudience different stories than they would usually see in the news. All of the stories had a
  3. 3. structure of who, why, what, where and when with the most important details first andsupporting details following. All were detailed enough to give the audience the importantinformation and how it links in with the local area.Corporate/Publishing/Contact detailsThe corporate side of my paper is not very detailed, compared to other local newspapersthat make the mission statement known to the audience. The publishing details such asdistribution figures, quality of production, these are factors to consider for the audience willwant to know how many products are produced and where they can be found. All of thepapers that I researched contained their contact details either in the top left of the frontpage which is the most conventional place, I followed the convention by positioning themthere.
  4. 4. How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillarytasksThe main product that was set out for us to produce was a Newspaper, the newspaper that Iproduced was called “Bromley Sport”, and this meant that the paper was aiming at the areaof local sport associated with the area of Bromley. The combination of these tasks and themain product gave the newspaper an overall better advertising brand. For instance thenewspaper being produced is the starting block to actually getting it produced and actuallygetting it well known within the public eye.The paper that I created was well planned and researched into, so that it followed mostconventions and for some parts challenged them if I felt that I could in some parts. Lookingat other local papers such as the Bromley Times, Metro and the News Shopper allowed meto gain information and knowledge on the structure, layout of my text, photography andadverts. The paper that I designed would require extensive advertising to the publicespecially aiming at the target audience that my paper was aiming at, if I didn’t consider mytarget audience when creating my adverts, I would be attracting the wrong type of peopleto be reading my newspaper.Having two tasks is a benefit for the paper, for they are both very much different types ofadvertising. Having the newspaper poster advert has enabled me to put the main parts ofthe newspaper in the poster, this will most likely attract the audience to read it for itcontains the main parts of what is going to be included in the paper in brief. This is always abenefit for it is clear and easy to read and will give the audience what they need to know
  5. 5. about the paper without long winded information putting them off. The poster still neededto be researched and planned upon, for instance I researched into different poster typesthat were successfully used by main stream newspapers, such as the Guardian and Metro.This enabled me gain to have a base to start from and use conventions in, like the use of thesame masthead colours from my paper and contact information.The next task of advertising the paper was a website, this is very much different type ofadvertising due to it being on the web. I started off by researching into many differentexamples used by big corporations such as Sky Sports and BBC sport. I also researched intolocal websites such as the Bromley Times Sport page. Researching into these websitesallowed me to get an idea of what to expect on a professional website page. In my website Idecided to use the same masthead colours and I did in the paper and poster, allowingpeople to relate all three of them together. I used certain links allowing viewers to exploreother aspects of my website and other website linked with my paper. I decided to use thesame stories that were used within my paper. I also used a sports link with all the up to datesport information.So to evaluate the effectiveness of the main product and the two tasks, is that the mainNewspaper task will be positive if it appears professional and appeals to the right targetaudience, but it requires the two other tasks to work just as well and attract the readersthat I am requiring, if these tasks do not target the right audience or get the right messageacross to the them, then the paper will be unappealing and therefore lose interest. Theproduction values of the paper are that the paper itself is going to be very high quality,keeping intact with the majority of newspaper conventions. The papers production valuesalso are high importance and are taken very seriously, meaning the articles are going tohave to be unbiased and have to provide the best insight possible.The main aspects that would prevent me from producing a high quality paper compared toothers is the experience and skills needed. The people who produce these papers are highlyexperienced in their area and this allows them to draw on that to assist them whenstruggling, also I was on my own when producing the paper and it had a huge amount ofwork to cover such as photography, writing articles, producing the layout and designing theMasthead. However I think that I have designed a paper that will appeal to the targetaudience that I am trying to target.When designing these three products I was trying to connote a message of fairness. Iwanted people to get the impression that my paper was non-biased. I think that thismessage is clear within my newspaper and my website but isn’t that clear within my poster.I think this because the poster doesn’t really contain any of the values that my paper andwebsite do. Another message that I was trying to put across to the audience was that mypaper would target only local sport. I think I have achieved this message due to all mystories being related to local events that have occurred and some which are occurring. Themode of address of my paper was formal which followed the conventions of newspapers.
  6. 6. The headlines used were serious and included an elision. I decided to include an elision toreinforce how serious the some of the stories were. It also followed conventions ofnewspapers. The majority of the stories were formal but some were informal. I decided toinclude some informal stories due to the target audience that I am targeting. Some informalstories would appeal to them. Within my paper I included a variety of different signs andcodes allowing the reader to decode their own meaning. For example, the photographyused included a variety of action shots, this connoted that my paper was full of action.Overall I think that I have used a variety of codes and conventions when producing mynewspaper to allow my audience to enjoy reading the paper, but at the same time take itseriously.What have you learned from your audience feedback?In the production process of designing and creating what my paper would look like, Iproduced a variety of different paper drafts of what I believed my front page and secondpage would look like. After designing each draft I gathered feedback each time on what mytarget audience thought of the designs. This allowed me to improve and amend certainfeatures each time. The audience allowed me to see where I went wrong and what parts Ihad done well and have worked well.Masthead changesWhilst designing my masthead, there were many occasions where I believed I had producedmy final masthead design. After receiving a variety of feedback on my designs on how itlooked and how it would appeal to my target audience of 16-20. I also gathered feedbackfrom my peers and teacher which also allowed me to improve on areas that requiredimprovement. I had an idea of just having a normal font and a plain background, but afterhaving feedback from clients and peers, I was told to use a livelier font and have abackground colour which would make the paper stand out and be unique from others. Itherefore used the internet to research into different fonts from a website called Da font.This allowed me to find a font that I liked and would appeal to my target audience. Theappearance of the masthead was changed with the SPORT being in a San Serif styles
  7. 7. compared to Bromley being in a Serif style. I also used a blue coloured gradient as thebackground colour to make it more appealing. My first draft of my masthead appealed to my target audience but didn’t follow theconventions of newspaper mastheads. It only contained the paper name and the date.Conventional masthead normally contains a slogan, date, title and website details. Mytarget audience like the colours used within the masthead and the fonts used however theythink that the masthead looks like a magazine due to the way that the text is laid out.Page DesignThe setting out of pages was researched into very thoroughly. I researched into a variety ofdifferent local papers such as the Bromley times, metro and the News shopper. Researchinginto these papers has allowed me to see how they have laid their papers out and hereparticular sections need to be. I set out the newspaper on In-design., and measured out allthe boxes according to the previous measurements that I gathered.The feedback that I got both from my clients and my teachers allowed me to see where Ineeded to relocate certain boxes and parts of the paper. The feedback also allowed me tore-adjust some measurements that needed to be changed, for example the size of the mainpicture and the size of the news and brief.PhotographsThe feedback that I gained on my photographs was mostly on the picture quality and somewas on the picture content. I was also questioned on whether or not the photos wereappropriate for my target audience. I had to consider whether or not the photos wereappealing to my target audience and would attract people to read the paper. I had originallytaken photos of a young boy playing on a football pitch. The photo didn’t include any action,I felt this wouldn’t attract people to read my paper. After the feedback I decided to get anaction shot photo of someone playing football. On the second page the photos I had usedwas of an England rugby player scoring a try and a celebrity. I decided to change thesephotos due to them being about national news instead of local news which I intended thestories to be about. I changed the photos to one of a local boy pushing for professionalstatus as a footballer and one of a local girl who wants to compete in the Olympics. Idecided to choose these stories due to them relating to local events which will appeal to myaudience more than the stories before would have.After changing the picture the feedback that I gathered was very positive. They said that thepictures were very clear and appropriate. Having clear and appropriate photos representsmy paper as being professional.Researching stories
  8. 8. In the early stages of deciding my stories I decided to include stories about a local celebrityhelping against a pool closure, a story about a local footballer and a story about Englandsevens team winning the world cup. I had researched ten possible stories but these threestories appealed to me the most. I also thought that these were the most suitable for mytarget audience. After gathering feedback about my stories, I found out that only one ofthem was a local story and therefore needed changing. I decided to change the storiesbecause my paper focuses on local sporting news not national news. I decided to change thestories. One of the stories that I changed was about a local boy who is pushing forprofessional status as a footballer at Chelsea Fc. I believe that this would appeal to mytarget audience more than the story about a celebrity.The other story that I added in was on about a local girl who has the chance to become anOlympian but her dream is slowly fading due to her equipment facilities being taken away. Ibelieve that this story would appeal to my target audience more than the national oneabout rugby due to it being a hard story about a local girl.Demographics and PsychographicsIt has already been established that my target audience is people between the ages of16-20. This audience will be between the C1-E category, so they will be either employed inskilled trades or will still be in education. According to VALS they are traditionalist and areinterested in similar things to their parents. The majority of people who reviewed my paperwould fit this profile.First Draft Print outAfter many attempts of drafting my newspaper using the programme In Design, we as aclass decided to print out our first draft and see what they would appear like on A3 paper.After printing them out we then placed the first drafts on the walls of our classroom, thisallowed my peers and class mates to give creative criticism by writing on sticky cards andplacing them of different parts of the newspaper. Some labels contained positive feedbackand some negative feedback which allowed us to know what to improve. The feedback thatI gathered was that my peers really liked the layout and the masthead that I had designed.The constructive criticism that I gathered back was that I needed to change my stories tomake them more relevant to my target audience and the pictures needed to be of betterquality. My peers then gave me certain criticism that I needed to do to improve the paper.Changes that I made on the PaperAfter my feedback, the recommendations for the changes were that, I should make thestories more relevant to local news and what my audience will be interested in, so I decidedto research into local stories that would appeal more to my target audience. Another major
  9. 9. change from my feedback was the pictures used in the newspaper. The picture that I used inmy first draft wasn’t of the quality of a professional newspaper and some were irrelevant tomy target audience. I decided to change the photos so that they included action shots whichwould attract more people to read my newspaper. Improvements on the measurementswere needed so that I could make the paper as effective as possible, by this I mean use oftext, adverts and masthead.Audience Feedback on paperI did gain some valuable audience feedback on my paper, I gained some feedback from bothmy peers and my teacher. When the paper was printed out on some A3, many of my peersgot some post-it notes and wrote a comment on the paper of what they thought workedwell and what they believed needed improving, this is good feedback for the age group ofmy people are between 16-20. This meets my target audience criteria and makes the pointsvery relevant and I used them to improve the paper.The second piece of feedback that I gained was from the internet and it was of the socialnetworking site Facebook, we as a class made a Facebook media newspaper group andposted our papers on the site and allowed people to comment their opinions and commenton the paper. The comments were mostly from our friends on the site, but outsiders couldalso comment, which allowed me to gain a wider range of comments. The feedback that Igained was both positive and some negative. My audience believed that the adverts usedwere very relevant due to them relating to sport in some way. They also believed that myMasthead was very eye catching due to the light blue used. They also believed that thephotography used was of a high quality and gave the paper a professional look. Another bitof positive feedback was that they believed the spacing of my adverts and articlespreventing the paper from looking over crowded. However my audience believed that therewere some features that could be changed about my paper. They believed that the articlesthat I wrote were in more depth telling them more about the story. Another feature thatbelieved that could be improved was my Masthead, they believed more information couldhave been added to prevent the Masthead from looking bare.I believed that audience feedback is a positive activity when producing a newspaper. Theaudience feedback that I gathered allowed me to change certain features making the papermore appealing. I also believe that it allows you to get feedback from a different view. Thefeedback that I got allowed me to see where I went wrong when designing the paper. Thisthen allowed me to then go back and makes changes according to my audience feedback.
  10. 10. How did you use new media technologies in the Construction, Research andPlanning and Evaluation?New media technology is a term associated with information sharing on the web (internet)and I did use them in some ways to research media products and to help my productsdevelop creatively.Newspaper
  11. 11. When constructing my newspaper, there was a lot of research and planning needed to get aclear idea of different conventions used and how different papers targeted their targetaudience. I gathered a variety of different information and research from local newspaperssuch as the Bromley Times, News shopper and the Metro. I choose to look at these papersdue to them targeting the same target audience as me, I wanted my paper to be free andmainly rely on adverts for funding which all three of these papers did and the stories usedwithin these papers were all local and therefore attracted a local audience instead of anational one. From the papers that I gathered, I was able to get some measurements of howthe paper and certain sections are set out.I used Google images a lot throughout the production of my newspaper for researching intodifferent paper layouts. These pictures enabled me to get an idea of the conventions usedwithin paper layouts. I also used Google images to gather some images that I later on editedin Photoshop for features such as my plug and news and brief column.Looking at previous blogs from last year allowed me to view the newspapers that achievedtop grades and gave me an idea of what I needed to do and what I needed to include tomeet the high grade requirements. Looking at the blogs also allowed me to see the photospeople used and how affective they were. I was also able to look at different layouts of frontand second pages.Slide share is another new media technology that I have been introduced to in this project.This site allowed me to publish post to blog spot in a slide show format. The site provides amore professional look to our work than just posting in on blog spot. The website allowed usto place information in more room. This new media technology made my blog look moreprofessional.The site Da Font is a new site that I discovered whilst producing my newspaper. The siteallowed me to gain a font that was not boring and would appeal more to my targetaudience. I was able to use these different fonts that I downloaded in my mastheadproducing a more appealing front page to my target audience. The fonts on this site are freebecause people design them and then upload them.Poster AdvertIn this task a lot of research went into looking at other newspaper posters and how theyattracted their target audience. I also looked at places where these posters would be
  12. 12. advertised such as bus stops and train stations. In this task I used a few new mediatechnologies.I used Google images again in this task in the research of other news paper adverts such asthe Metro, Sun, Guardian and the New shopper. Using Google images allowed me tonavigate and locate different examples easily and gave me an idea in the construction ofwhat sort of layout I should be going with for my target audience. It would have been reallydifficult to get examples of newspaper advertising without the web.WebsiteIn this task a lot of research was needed for the construction of my website. Looking atother website gave me an idea on how to lay out my website so that I could attract mytarget audience.Using blog spot in the production of my website allowed me to view the website that Iproduced last year. Looking at the website I produced last year allowed me to see how usingdifferent colours and shapes could attract my target audience. It also allows me to see howthe website was laid out.I used the search engine Google allot in the construction of my website. This allowed me tovisit other sporting website to see how they have constructed their website to attract theirtarget audience.If we didn’t have this technology available then the whole process of researching, planningand constructing the three media products would have been made more time consumingand the quality of the products produced would’ve been nowhere near to the standard Ihave got them to by using the technologies that I have had available to me during thisprocess.