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Cloud Voice Platforms - Wholesale VoIP Solution


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Introduction to a new solution for deploying and managing VoIP services: the cloud voice platform. The turnkey wholesale solution combined with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) financial model results in lower total cost of ownership and a clear business case for VoIP services.

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Cloud Voice Platforms - Wholesale VoIP Solution

  1. 1. Making Voice Profitable in the IP EraCloud Voice PlatformsJune 2013
  2. 2. Alianza is Accelerating Voice Success2Leading provider of cloud voice delivery solutions• Turnkey wholesale solution• SaaS‐based model eliminates CAPEX and lowers OPEX• Residential, business and mobile servicesProven model• Founded in 2009; Salt Lake City, UT HQ• Fast growing: 68% CAGR• 500 million minutes in 2012Market-focused innovation• Alianza developed code and intellectual property• Accelerate Voice™ partner program• Mature API for back‐office integration
  3. 3. Voice market in transition3$84 billion fixed voicemarket in transition• TDM to VoIP evolution• Legacy infrastructure end of life• Declining margins$106 billion mobile voice marketstuck on TDM• LTE forces change• IMS complexity and cost delaysIP consolidation• Service innovation requires IMSand SIP$84,432$118,582FIXED MOBILERevenue(millions)North AmericaVoice Services Market 2012Source: Gartner (Q1 2013)
  4. 4. S-C SC FM G C F H S SC xIMM G W MnM bM gM R FPM bM bI-C SC FM wM wG mM jM iB G C FM kC , D ,G c, G rU EM bM bM bSLFD xM pC SCSIM S SubsystemC xA SISCShU tB G C FM gD hM aP-C SC FM xM xM xC S N etw ork M mLegacy m obilesignalling N etw orksM m M mTrG WIP M ultim edia N etworksIB C FIxIci, M mIziM R BRcISCM rM R FCCr, M r’VoIP Evolution is Daunting4Financial Constraints & Risks• Front‐loaded CAPEX• Fixed OPEX• ARPU pressure and voice market dynamicsOpportunity Cost• Diversion from strategicinitiatives• Budget constraintsOperational Challenges• Back office integration & automation• Fulfillment, provisioning & support• Vendor managementArchitectural complexity• Significant departure from traditional TDM voice and PSTN• Completely new for greenfield service providers• Traditional architectures require numerous vendors• Basic IMS call = 136 Messages/17 Entities/6 protocols
  5. 5. Next Gen Voice: Investment is Main Barrier5New cost models requiredto make voice profitable inchanging market
  6. 6. Cloud Voice Platform• Turnkey voice network• Complete CLASS 5 andIMS feature setWholesaleCarriers• Off‐netorigination &termination• PSTNconnections• CLEC servicesSolution: Cloud Voice Platform6CarrierpartnersMNOWISPTelcoCableServiceProviders• Broadbandservices• Productdefinition• Subscriberacquisition
  7. 7. Cloud Voice Platform Architecture7MobileServices Residential SMBEnd-UserWeb Access AdministratorApplication Programming Interface (API)Logic LayerCore PlatformCarrierInterfaceBillingSupportSystemDeviceProvisioningData FeedsData IntegrationFeatureServerSessionManage‐mentSessionBorderControllerComprehensive solution consolidatesover 10 elements
  8. 8. Flexible and Powerful Service Definition• 100% customizable todefine products thataddress your marketrequirements• Fine tune services torespond to marketdynamics• Create new servicebundles in minutesSolution• Residential• SMB• SIP trunking• OTTCalling Plans• Unlimited• Metered• InternationalbundlesEnd-UserFeatures• Voicemail• IVR• Find me/follow me• 60+ features
  9. 9. Back Office Integration9• Supports all users anduses cases‐ Definition‐ Management‐ Reporting• Multiple integration points:350+ web methods• SOAP/XML and REST support• Web portals‐ Service provider management(ATAC)‐ Customer portals (AMP)ATACOSS/BSSAlianza APIAMPProductManagementDefine offeringsPricingBrandingEnd UserSelf‐careCustomerCareOrder entrySupportOperationsTroubleshootingInventorymanagementDevicemanagement &provisioningCustomerportalService ProviderData feeds
  10. 10. 10Accelerate Voice Ecosystem
  11. 11. Alianza Addresses All Scenarios11GreenfieldVoiceWISPSatelliteNew revenueFast time to marketInitialMigrationMNOMVNOLEC/PTTCableFast time to marketClear business caseVoIP 1.0ReplacementCLECLEC/PTTCableLower TCOImproved marginsEnd‐of‐Lifemigration
  12. 12. A Clear Business Case for Voice• Reduces risk by eliminatingCAPEX• Maximizes gross margins• Aligns costs with subscribers• Enables net margincontribution from the firstcustomer• Provides access to scalewithout paying for it on dayone12
  13. 13. Summary13• Provide turnkey voice network in the cloud• Eliminate CAPEX• Provide pay‐as‐you grow SaaS model• Integrated with back‐office for control, care and billingMaking Voice Profitable in the IP Era
  14. 14. Keep In Touch14www.alianza.com