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MSG Fashion Design Portfolio


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Selection of garment created by Mitchell Stuart Gilroy.

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MSG Fashion Design Portfolio

  1. 1. M I T C H E L L S T U A R T G I L R O Y
  2. 2. S E C T I O N S About - 2 Canada’s Breakthrough Designers Competition - 3 Heart & Stroke Design Challenge - 5 Atlantic Fashion Week - 6 ONE - Menswear - 9 1
  3. 3. A B O U T M I T C H E L L S T U A R T G I L R O Y The child of a lumberjack and a country radio show host, Mitchell’s route into fashion was unexpected. At 18 he started working at Banana Republic and immediately found his calling. Within a year he became one of North America’s top associates, selling over $700k in 2010. His early success in fashion sales led him to enrol in the inaugural Fashion Design & Merchandising program at The Centre for Arts & Technology, Halifax. This is where he discovered a talent for creating exceptional garments. After his first year of education Mitchell was awarded the Technical Mention at Telio’s Canada’s Breakthrough Designers competition. He continued growing his skills by developing mens and women collections in Halifax. 

 The competition introduced Mitchell to Joeffer Caoc whom he later worked for in his Toronto studio. Under Joeffer’s guidance, Mitchell developed expertise in design, pattern drafting and finishing for luxurious women apparel. A desire to grow his skills in sales led Mitchell to his role at Suzi Roher Accessories. Working with buyers daily has given Mitchell invaluable insight into the North American luxury industry and consumer. Daily research on the luxury market reflects itself in Mitchell’s work. He continues to improve skills in design, pattern drafting and construction from his home studio in Toronto. All garments in this portfolio were designed, drafted, cut & sewn by Mitchell. 2
  4. 4. C A N A D A’ S B R E A K T H R O U G H D E S I G N E R S C O M P E T I T I O N T E C H N I C A L M E N T I O N W I N N E R With only one year of fashion training, Mitchell was awarded the Technical Mention and scholarship at Telio’s annual Breakthrough Designers competition. 24 finalists from schools across the country presented their work at Montreal Fashion Week. Mitchell’s transformable garment can be worn over 24 different ways. 3
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  6. 6. H E A R T & S T R O K E D E S I G N C H A L L E N G E Halifax fashion students were given the opportunity to present their work at a charity fundraiser. Mitchell’s proposal was was one of seven finalists sponsored to make the work come to life. 5
  7. 7. AT L A N T I C FA S H I O N W E E K A selection of three looks presented at Atlantic Fashion Week emerging designer showcase and published in Halifax’s The Coast. Photography by Jeremy Tsang.
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  9. 9. 8
  10. 10. O N E - M E N S W E A R C O L L E C T I O N Mitchell’s first full menswear collection presented at [ PHASE ]. Transformability became a signature of Mitchell’s work, allowing the wearer to interact with the garment in new ways. 9
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  14. 14. C O N TA C T Mitchell Stuart Gilroy 647.888.8293 1 3