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Coming Home with The Wilkinsons is a rare reunion of this internationally acclaimed band from Trenton ON, an event that also features a night of high energy entertainment with an ensemble cast of other well known music and comedy acts. This event is set for May 3rd, 2014 at The Empire Theatre in Belleville ON, and is put on in support of The James Fund--an organization that raises awareness and research funding for neuroblastoma. This aggressive disease is one of the top three childhood cancers.

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Coming home sponsorship 10dec13 v6

  2. 2. Executive Summary —  An evening of high energy entertainment to be held at Belleville, Ontario’s Empire Theatre on Saturday, May 3rd 2014. ¡  ¡  Headlining this event is a one-time reunion of the internationally acclaimed band, The Wilkinsons, who originate from the area. Special guests include The Small Town Pistols, The Sled Dogs, The Abrams Brothers, Sam and Emma McNichols, and comedians…Nick Foley & Friends. —  Profits from this event will be presented to The James Fund ¡  The James Fund raises funds and awareness towards a cure for the aggressive childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. —  Several levels of Executive and Private Sponsorship packages are currently available in support of this event. These charts provide background on The James Fund and sponsorship packages for The Event.
  3. 3. Neuroblastoma —  Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children. —  Neuroblastoma is one of the three major childhood cancers. —  Progress lagging the other 2 due to lack of research funding. —  One child dies every 14 hours in North America from neuroblastoma; it is also the most common cancer in infancy. —  Nearly half of neuroblastoma cases occur in children less than two years of age. —  Survival rates for high risk neuroblastoma is approximately 15%. The majority of survivors from all classes of neuroblastoma have long-term effects from treatments. —  Comprises 6 to 10% of all childhood cancers and 15% of cancer deaths in children.
  4. 4. The James Fund —  Mission: Our mission is “to inspire change by sharing the unfolding story of our search to find a cure for neuroblastoma by raising funds while supporting families.” —  Started by one family desperate to save their child but since turned into a movement and funding model emulated and celebrated around the world. —  The James Fund has grown into the largest neuroblastoma funding group by far in Canada, and one of the largest dedicated to neuroblastoma in the world.   —  Brought in over $12,000,000, having taken the top prize for research in the field, and having established a blueprint that is now copied by countless family funds all over the planet. —
  5. 5. Harvest Moon Presents —  Objective ¡  First of planned annual benefit concerts ¡  Goal is to raise $50,000 for The James Fund —  Details ¡  May 3rd, 2014, Empire Theatre Belleville, Ontario ¡  Theme: Country, Country Rock, Retro, and Comedy ¡  Significant event: The Wilkinsons reunion (Juno winners, Billboard hits, international acclaim for this local band) ¡  Special Guests: The Small Town Pistols, The Sled Dogs, Sam and Emma McNichols and comedians Nick Foley and Friends
  6. 6. Background on the Acts —  The Wilkinsons: Founded in 1997 the band has received 13 Canadian Country Music Awards, one Juno Award and two Grammy nominations with hit singles “26 Cents” (#1 on Canadian country music charts, #1 on the R&R charts, and #3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles) and “Fly (the Angel Song)” which hit #1 in Canada. —  Small Town Pistols: Self-titled debut album released in February 2013 with its second single “Living on the Outside” debuting on the Canadian Hot 100. Other hits include “Blame It On the Radio” and “Anthem of a Runaway.” —  Abram Brothers: Named Emerging Artist of the Year in 2005 at the Canadian Bluegrass Music awards, the Abrams have produced five albums including “Northern Redemption.” —  Sled Dogs: Numerous hits in the Canadian Top 100, including “Bye Bye Life,” “Perfect Place,” “Take Me Away,” “Tragic,” “Lack of Control” and “Sweet Lorraine.” —  Emma and Sam McNichols: An up and coming, young local group from Kingston, Ontario, they are currently recording songs at the Tragically Hip studio.
  7. 7. Coming Home with The Wilkinsons —  Venue: The Empire Theatre ¡  Built in 1938 - extraordinary atmosphere, intimate with pristine sound, well recognized by the music industry ¡  708 seats, upper and lower hospitality areas ¡ ¡ —  Ticket Structure ¡  Four Levels of VIP Sponsorships: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze ¡  Orchestra pricing ¡  Balcony pricing Please join us for this important evening of awareness and fun! We would be PROUD to have your organization sponsor our Coming Home with The Wilkinsons event!
  8. 8. Definition of Sponsorship Levels Platinum -- $10,000 ONLY ONE PLATINUM Sponsor Includes: —  Corporate Exposure ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  Association with event: “Coming Home with The Wilkinsons, presented by: _______” Radio mention with Event Publicity Mention in all social media and printed literature Corporate displays at The Event Photo-op with Headliners & Your Company Logo —  12 VIP Tickets – first choice of reserved block of premium seating —  Access to The Empire before the doors open ¡  Lower hospitality section —  VIP ticket invitation to exclusive After-Party ¡  ¡  Meet & Greet the Acts in upper hospitality section Auction
  9. 9. Definition of Sponsorship Levels Gold -- $5,000 Includes: —  Corporate Exposure ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  Radio mention with Event Publicity Mention in all social media and printed literature Corporate displays at The Event Photo-op with Headliners & Your Company Logo —  4 VIP Tickets – second choice of reserved block of premium seating —  4 Regular Orchestra Tickets – also selected with VIP tickets —  Access to The Empire before the doors open ¡  Lower hospitality section —  VIP ticket invitation to exclusive After-Party ¡  ¡  Meet & Greet the Acts in upper hospitality section Auction
  10. 10. Definition of Sponsorship Levels Silver -- $1,000 Includes: —  Exposure ¡  ¡  ¡  Inclusion in Sponsorship List Mention in social media Corporate displays at The Event —  2 VIP Tickets – third choice of reserved block of premium seating —  2 Regular Orchestra Tickets– also selected with VIP tickets —  VIP ticket invitation to to exclusive After-Party ¡  ¡  Meet & Greet the Acts in upper hospitality section Auction
  11. 11. Definition of Sponsorship Levels Bronze -- $500 Includes: —  Exposure ¡  ¡  Inclusion in Sponsorship List Mention in social media —  2 VIP Tickets – fourth choice of reserved block of premium seating —  VIP ticket invitation to to exclusive After-Party ¡  ¡  Meet & Greet the Acts in upper hospitality section Auction
  12. 12. Summary of Sponsorship Packages
  13. 13. Contact Information —  Please contact any of the following individuals for additional information or purchases and coordination ¡  ¡  ¡  Barb Cheesebrough Kelly Slawter Kelly Sakamoto 905-355-4022 613-243-4122 613-967-0895 —  Please note: Silent auction items will also be gratefully accepted for the After Party event.
  14. 14. Amanda & Tyler Grandma Ida would be proud. Amanda  Wilkinson  was building on an already glittering music career when she released her slick and impressive solo debut in 2007. But the diminutive singer-songwriter wasn’t satisfied, even if everybody else was. Having given seven of the 10 songs on her record to other composers, Amanda was hungry for full-blown independence. “I felt like it was my responsibility that the next project I would do, I’d be saying something as a grown person,” she says, explaining why she exiled herself to Nashville in 2010 to bunker down and get back to her first love—songwriting. Meanwhile, some 1300 kilometres away, Tyler Wilkinson was also busy forging his own identity when the fateful call came from his sister. “I had a rock band in Ontario for six years that I was working with pretty much full time,” he says, “and Amanda was, like, ‘Come on down and write with me!’ I was thinking I’d be going to help write for her future solo project.” For all intents and purposes he probably was. Instead, 15 or 20 songs into their collaboration, something started to feel familiar and right. “I think there was kind of an, ‘Ah ha!’ moment where we were both, like, ‘Holy shit!’” he chuckles. Enter Small Town Pistols, named after the small but powerful family matriarch whose spirit Amanda seemed to inherit. “People would say, ‘You’re like Grandma Ida,’ she says. “‘She was a pistol!’” While nobody is likely to forget that Amanda and Tyler enjoyed phenomenal success together years earlier with the Wilkinsons, one listen to Small Town Pistols reveals an entirely different beast. Their debut self-titled album profits from a long connection as performers— something immediately heard when they wrap their close harmonies around a winding vocal melody in “Easy as Breathing”—but there’s also a newfound sophistication and scope at work here. From the chiming, modern pop of “Blame the Radio”, to the galloping Fleetwood Mac redux of “Love is Gonna Find You”, the songwriting and performances their first record are, as Tyler bluntly states, “just more mature.” Adds Amanda, “It’s a jump from being a 16 year-old, when we released our first record as the Wilkinsons, to being a near 30 year-old with different things to say entirely. We’re saying things we’d say as adults.” The timing obviously works. Amanda sounds amazed when she recalls the “fluency” of their writing sabbatical together. “It just kept spilling out,” she says, while the duo’s interior journey—both were recovering from broken relationships at the time—was doubled in some ways as they pieced the album together on an impulsive path that took them from Nashville, to Toronto, to Vancouver. In the course of things, the Pistols also invited a varied bunch of friends to lend a hand. The effusive modern country of “Colour Blind” comes courtesy of Chad Kroeger’s creative partner Joey Moi, while the slightly eccentric path taken in “Walk Tall” is the result of a hook up with Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat. Amanda says they approached this project “with no rules,” and the payload is an album that swings naturally from the affectionate vintage country pastiche of “It’s You” to the grandeur of “Friends” or “Living on the Outside”. With a majestic feel that recalls classic Jimmy Webb, “Living on the Outside” is a track where the duo’s attention to songcraft couldn’t be any clearer, or more affecting. It’s significant therefore that it’s also one of three songs co-written by their father, Steve. While Amanda and Tyler cite everything from Lefty Frizzell to Emmylou Harris, the Beatles, and Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard as inspiration, she’s happy to admit that “the biggest influence of all is always our dad.” The only difference now is their autonomy. Meanwhile, somewhere, Grandma Ida is tapping a small foot in approval.
  15. 15. Seating Layout – Orchestra
  16. 16. Seating Layout – Balcony