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HomeSights Newsletter - October, 2008

  1. 1. H meSights Helloooooo Friends and Neighbors… October, 2008 How appropriate that we dive back into the newsletter in October, considering how “scary” the housing market has been lately. Seriously though, we are living in historic times. The macro-economic news is finally catching up to the realities we have been facing since the fall of 2006… how to unwind the housing and credit bubbles of 2003-2006. Last October on the blog ( I talked about the “housing hangover” we were bound to experience after three years of partying like it was 1999. Plop-Plop, fizz-fizz, oh what a market it is! There continue to be some areas of strength (Salmon Creek, Felida, Fisher’s Landing), but overall, it’s a really tough time to be selling a house right now. And for buyers, until the big-picture financing issues get resolved (crystal ball, anyone?) many are left wondering, “am I trying to catch a falling knife.” Bottom line, buying and selling right now are not for the casual, “oh-by-the-way-lets-see-if-this-works” participants. Having said all that, the sky is not falling. Real Estate, like life in general, is so much about timing. The sun will come up tomorrow (although it may be hidden, I promise it’s there). The school bell will ring. Our kids will have soccer games and football games. And someone will buy or sell a house (hopefully through me!). Then the next day, and the next week, more people will buy and sell houses, because that’s how the world works. Families grow (hey, Lacee) and households shrink, people get that big promotion (hey, Tom) or move (hi, Phil and Karina). Buying and selling still happens, but now with more realistic pricing, more rational lending guidelines, and - dare I say - a more equitable buying and selling process than during most of this decade. So while the world may seem a little scarier this Halloween than previous years, if possible, step back from all the big picture, macro-economic stuff, look around you, and realize... this too shall pass. Cool Links… Some fun on the Web! 10 Ways to Cut Energy Bills This Fall Staying warm doesn't have to cost a fortune. - Want to put that Youtube video on your phone? This is a When the leaves start falling, you know that the heating bills are about to start rising. But nice free web-based way to convert video from the web for your phone or PC. keeping your home warm and cozy on chilly autumn nights doesn't have to break the bank. The U.S. Department of Energy offers these simple tips that will help ensure cold gusts - Hate how stay out and your furnace doesn't have to work harder than it should. web pages print? This is an easy way to only print specific parts of a web page. The goal: Conserve energy and keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. - This one is a Share these ideas, after all, who doesn't need to save a little money these days? blast. Prepare to waste an hour or more. I’ll share my results, if you will share 1. Plug air leaks with caulking, sealing, or weather stripping. Save 10 percent ($190 yours. C’mon, have some fun... per year) or more on energy bills. Focus on windows, doors, outlets or switch plates on exterior walls. OK, I’ll share first... have some laughs at me at 2. Properly maintain the heating system. Heating accounts for half the average family's energy bill (approximately $950 per year). Make sure the furnace or heat pump receives Daylight Savings Time professional maintenance each year. The small cost (about $75-100 for most service calls) Based on the new law will pay back in better performance all year long. that started last year, Daylight Savings Time 3. Install a programmable thermostat. Programming the thermostat from 72ºF to 65ºF lasts until November 2 for eight hours a day while no one is home, or everyone is tucked in bed, will cut the this year. Just a few heating bill up to 10 percent ($90 per year), paying for a basic unit in less than a year. more weeks until we have to Fall Back! Ugh. For the rest of the list, please visit... For an interesting read on the History of DST, see: docs/daylight_time.php Tag word: energy
  2. 2. October is Best Time to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs If you were filled with admiration this year when other yards exploded with spring flowers, now is the time to make sure your yard joins the show next year. Late October and early November are the best times to plant spring flowering bulbs. Here's how to do it. First, select a site that has good soil and good drainage so bulbs will continue to flower year after year. • For tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth bulbs, prepare the soil 8”deep or more. Plant them 6” deep, measured from the bottom of the bulb, and 6” apart. • For small bulbs such as crocus, glory-of-the-snow, grape hyacinth, and snowdrop, prepare the soil 6” deep and plant them 3” deep and 3” apart. Fertilize and water well. When the ground freezes, mulch with 2 inches of fine mulch or straw. Now, sit back and wait for Spring! Photo of the Month From the files at the Clark County Photo Blog... It was an electric atmosphere at Kiggins Bowl for the recent neighborhood football rivalry between Skyview Featured Ser vice Provider and River. For extra credit, name all these people. ☺ “Little Guys Landscaping” See more pics at They do a great job managing your sprinkler Famous October Birthdays system, repairs as well as seasonal system maintenance. 10/1 Mark McGuire (45) If you have a sprinkler system and are looking for some help, I’d 10/4 Melanie Canton (29, again) give them a call. If you’re looking to put in a system, I’m pretty 10/8 Chevy Chase (64) sure they do installations too, you should check with them. 10/10 David Lee Roth (52) 10/15 Lee Iacocca (83) Disclosure: I am NOT paid (monetarily, or in goods or services) to 10/23 Johnny Carson (82) profile a service provider in this section. These are simply vendors 10/28 Bill Gates (52) or service providers that I, or others that I know, have used with 10/31 John Candy (57) satisfactory or, preferably, superior results. Who Said It?...Quotes Trivia If you are a service provider, or if you know of a provider that offers first- class service at a reasonable rate, let us know. They could be profiled in “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” an upcoming newsletter. Providers, be forewarned; you should have very Answer hidden on Page 3 satisfied clients that I can call and talk with about your performance. HomeSights, your neighborly neighborhood newsletter, brought to you by Mitch Canton and published every so often on a whenever-I-can-get-to-it basis.
  3. 3. This Issue’s. . Featured Home Picture perfect home nestled on nearly an acre in high-demand Glenwood area. Simply loaded with fine touches that would put a model home to shame. Stainless appliances, granite in Kitchen/Bath, hardwoods, huge Bonus/ Office/4th BR, Loft, large Master, the list goes on and on. Enjoy peace and privacy, tucked away in a serene setting, without sacrificing amenities or convenience. 3 BR - 21/2 BA - Huge Bonus/4th BR See more at.. http:/ /WildflowerGlen.HomeSightsRealt If you or anyone you know is house hunting, be sure to visit the areas best FREE MLS Search at The Tales of My Demise Have Been Greatly Hey, you’z talkin’ to me? Exaggerated! If not, maybe you’z should be. Stop by the blog and drop me a comment on any post. Yes, the Housing Market has been, The first 5 comments win Starbucks Gift shall we say, “interesting”. But, no, I Cards. And all comments will be entered into have not yet succumb to the urge to a drawing for “Dinner and a Movie” on us! get a “real job”. Visit today, ’cuz I know you’z got something Those of you who read the Blog (hi, Mom) know that the last year to say... has been like a Nightmare on Elm Street with a bad mortgage to boot. Granted, the turmoil was personal in nature, but what normal human being (yes, contrary to popular opinion, most Realtors are We’re taking on new business! normal human beings) wouldn’t struggle through some professional challenges at the same time? Refer a new client to us and you Anywho, we now have some closure, we are now firmly back in the will be entered saddle and ready, willing and able to tackle this housing market and into a drawing all it may throw at us. to win a We’re excited to roll out tons of new features for buyers, sellers and FREE iPod! our friends who are previous clients. We’re adding video to our seller services. We launched a really cool new map-based home search service for our buyers. We’re expanding the scope of the Contact! I can be reached! blog. We have awesome new referral programs coming too. Email: So please remember, if you, or a friend, neighbor or Phone: 360.448.9222 relative needs someone who has dealt with this market inside(!) and out - and lived to tell about - I’m your guy. Twitter: @mitchcan REAL-ly? Real Estate Trivia Facebook: Mitch Canton Q. What famous American sign was originally erected as a Flickr: majecdad real estate ad? LinkedIn: Mitch Canton A. The Hollywood sign, built in 1923, was first conceived as a real estate ad that originally read, Hollywoodland.quot; Utterli: @HomeSights HomeSights, your neighborly neighborhood newsletter, brought to you by Mitch Canton and published every so often on a whenever-I-can-get-to-it basis. (page 2 trivia answer: John F. Kennedy)
  4. 4. 800 NE Tenney Road PMB 110-329 Vancouver, WA 98685 Return Service Requested Housing Market Gone Mad! House Eats Local Broker! (details on Page 3!) Also Inside… Cool Links on the Web. 10 Ways to Cut Heating Costs… Without Buying a Dozen Blankets. Photo of the Month Contest, can you name these people? If you are looking at sprinklers, don't get hosed! Turning off Spring bulbs, Planting Light bulbs. Or vice-versa, whichever you prefer.