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Paul Mitchell What Is Good Project


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Paul Mitchell What Is Good Project

  1. 1. What is good? Paul Mitchell - project PDF Concept Statement: Human space travel is good because it lets us dream beyond our lives on earth.
  2. 2. Initial thoughts defining ‘what is good’ I settled on the concept of ‘Being an astronaut is good’ because I felt if would lead to a fun and interesting project.
  3. 3. Sample of some of the research into spaceflight and astronauts I pulled off the internet. I quickly found that being an astronaut is still a very rare thing, but in the near future commercial space flight will be a reality with the dawning of a space tourism industry.
  4. 4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Astronaut Selection and Training NASAfacts History of Astronaut Selection Man’s scope of space exploration has broadened Slayton; Marine Lieutenant Colonel John H. Glenn, Jr., Navy Lieutenant M. Scott Carpenter, and Navy The 1950’s and 1960’s images since the first U.S. manned space flight in 1961. But the nation can never forget the original seven pilots Lieutenant Commanders Walter M. Schirra, Jr., and Alan B. Shepard, Jr. and research I found was far more who focused our vision on the stars. In 1959, NASA asked the military services to list their members By 1964, prime emphasis had shifted away from flight experience and toward superior academic interesting to me than the currant who met specific qualifications. In seeking its first astronauts, NASA required jet aircraft flight qualifications. Applicants were invited on the basis of educational background alone. These were the information I found, In my project experience and engineering training. Height could be no more than 5 feet 11 inches because of limited scientist astronauts, so called because, as a minimum, applicants were required to have a I realized I must try to capture this cabin space available in the Mercury space capsule being designed. After many intense physical and doctorate level degree or equivalent experience in the natural sciences, medicine or engineering. enthusiasm for all things space that was psychological screenings, NASA selected seven men from an original field of 500 candidates. They Since the selection of the first class of astronauts, clearly evident in these vintage graphics. many men and women have pursued and realized were Air Force Captains L. Gordon Cooper, Jr., Virgil “Gus” Grissom, and Donald K. “Deke” their dreams of flying in space. They all began by (modern, left vs. vintage, above) submitting their applications to become astronauts.
  5. 5. Early design Ideas for a ‘space’ product
  6. 6. First thoughts on space food. Found image of NASA food gave me inspiration for barcode on final design (left).
  7. 7. Ideas for names for my space food product, research into existing space tourism company names, In the end I chose ‘Rocketfuel’ for my product and an existing space tourism company: ‘Virgin Galactic’ as I felt using a known brand would add credibility to my own food brand designs and help the overall clarity of my concept.
  8. 8. Logo development sketching
  9. 9. Product logo ideas
  10. 10. Product logo ideas
  11. 11. Logo tests with different 50’s fonts. I asked a few people and the Bell Gothic and Banco tests were clear favorites of the six I tested.
  12. 12. Rocket Rocket Rocket Fuel The Only Genuine Space drink FUEL The Only Genuine Space drink Fuel The Only Genuine Space drink Logo designs using Bell Gothic font. These designs lacked the 50’s retro fun I wanted so I swiched to working with the Banco font.
  13. 13. Banco font logo, I drew the rocketship twice get a slightly sleeker look and have a curved base, 1st version above, finished version below. The Only Space Drink Used By Real Astronauts FUEL
  14. 14. Printed testers for logo colours and tag. The tag was far easier to design as I could use the existing format from logo and the Bell Gothic font which I had already tested in alternative logo design.