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David Hogan Jr.


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Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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David Hogan Jr.

  1. 1. Community Expansion Through Travel and Sharing The Malaysian Experience By David Hogan Jr Editor, Writer, Photographer and Social Media Strategist for Malaysia Asia
  2. 2. Make travel fun!
  3. 3. Introduction• A travel blog about all things travel around Malaysia and Asia• What is a travel blog?• How to build a following?• How to engage with your audience?• Content is King!
  4. 4. Social Media with Malaysia AsiaHow Malaysia Asia utilizes social media to reach out• Blogger Platform• Facebook – Profile/FanPage• Foursquare/FB Check-in• Twitter• G+• Other social platforms• When not traveling
  5. 5. Facebook Reach
  6. 6. Utilizing Facebook for Travel• Sharing while traveling – Do’s and Donts• Updating information – When and Where• Engaging with comments, questions, likes• Conversions with Facebook
  7. 7. Engaging with Twitter• When to tweet• What to tweet• How to tweet• Twitter ethics• Build a following• Conversions
  8. 8. Enjoy Photography!
  9. 9. Social Media Photography• How to use photographs in social media• When to use photographs
  10. 10. Photographs by MalaysiaAsia
  11. 11. Photographs by MalaysiaAsia
  12. 12. Photographs by MalaysiaAsia
  13. 13. Photographs by MalaysiaAsia
  14. 14. Final Note• Use Social Media correctly• Don’t live off social media!
  15. 15. Thank YouMalaysia Asia – www.malaysia-asia.myFacebook – – –