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Start Your Own Business - with us .We are into Talent Management - the Future of All Business

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Business Partner Pdf

  1. 1. There is a huge opportunity inside Its not MLM Business Build Your Own Empire Business to build WEALTH
  2. 2. You can start your platform with us …there is a small Eligibility criteria … if you meet the criteria – you can start Eligibility to start …if you are an HR professional …if you are in Sales We are a Talent Management Solution Provider Either you promote our Professional Training Or you can promote our Professional Training Content Program
  3. 3. If you are having contact If you are having Contact with HR Heads with Sales Heads Your Platform Your Business Build Your OWN You are most WELCOME Recession Proof Business
  4. 4. To Complete a TASK within a Companies Train Stipulated TIME following a Hire People them-up Internal Business Process We are Here
  5. 5. KNOWLEDGE Training BEHAVIOURAL Training SKILL Training • Induction Training • Organization • To build • Department Behavior expected COMPETENCY Functional Training out of Employees • To achieve • Subject Matter • Developing GROWTH Download Company Culture • Creating a • Domain Knowledge • Building the WINNING • Competitors Activity Climate of the WORKFORCE • Global Market Organization • SKILL – that Trends • Initiating CHANGE differentiate the • International Management Work Force in the Benchmark • Personal Field Strategies Development • SKILL – that KILL Program Competition
  6. 6. In a Classroom Training Program – there are 2 Components The and The Content Trainer
  7. 7. We Develop We Develop Content Trainers Certificate Program Based on on Professional Instructional Training & System Design Development Kirkpatrick’s Gagne’s Facilitation 4th stage Evaluation Skill
  8. 8. We are Looking for Business Partners for our TRAINING CONTENT We are Looking for Business Partners for TRAINING PROGRAMS
  9. 9. About Us We are an International Group of Training Professionals Average experience more than 20+ years Trained around 20,000 + Professionals World wide
  10. 10. Our Training Programs • Consultative Selling Skills Sales Training • Advanced Psychorientology Selling Skills Customer Service • Impactful Tele-calling with Tele-script Training • Telecalling that produce RESULTS • Developing Organizational Behavior Soft Skill Training • Building Organizational Climate & Culture Management • Leadership with Vision Development • Decision making to achieve the Mission Programs
  11. 11. Our Content Class-room Training • Ice-breakers,.ppt based on ISD,video ,audio , quiz , games ,test Content • Trainer note, Participants Hand-out, Test Papers • Online Interactive Training Content (24x7) E-Learning Content • Online Quiz , Games & Test results • Mobile learning Content M-Learning Content • Excellent Assessment Tool • Headphone Learning – audio files H-Learning Content • Excellent Refresher Training • Computer Based Training Content CBT Content • Modular Training Content Distance Learning • Workbook Learning Content Content • Evaluation & Assessment papers separate
  12. 12. Promote Training Content Promote Establish Training Your OWN Program Business Your Role
  13. 13. How can you join us As a Trainer As a Content Developer As a Business Developer
  14. 14. • If you • If you • If you As a CONTENT DEVELOPER As a BUSINESS DEVELOPER take the provide a develop Training Content a Client • You get • You get • You get 25% of 25% of 25% of As a TRAINER DEVELOPER the the the Revenue Revenue Revenue
  15. 15. If you develop a Client and understand their need If you develop the Content according to the need If you deliver the Training to the Client ………..
  16. 16. Your You get You get You get Total 25% 25% 25% 75% For For For Your BUSINESS CONTENT CONDUCTING TOTAL DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING Remuneration
  17. 17. For the Take Off Are you Ready… Sounds Interesting
  18. 18. How to Contact Us • E-mail • E-mail us • +91-99994-99729 Call • Call us • Visit • Visit our website