Social Media Optimization for your Business


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Social media optimization is a powerful and a very essential tool that can help your business build a strong and positive online reputation.

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Social Media Optimization for your Business

  1. 1. 09
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Social media are the various forms of user generated content and the collection of websites and applications that enable people to interact and share information online• Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace)• Blogs (Wordpress)• Video sharing sites (YouTube)• Photo sharing sites (Flickr)• Crowdsourcing (Wikipedia)• User reviews (Amazon, Yelp)• Social bookmarking (Digg,
  4. 4. Why is social media so important for businesses?• It finds you customers and builds clientele• It gives businesses the ability to find out what people are saying about them (and others) in their industries• It introduces your brand• It gives you feedback about your brand• It provides a test audience (vs. focus groups)• Solidifies your reputation as a valuable and knowledgeable resource
  5. 5. FACEBOOK
  6. 6. Why Facebook?• According to a recent report by Merchant Circle, 70% of businesses use Facebook. This is a 20% increase over the last year.• For the first time ever, Facebook is being used more than Google for online marketing• Facebook updates are three more times effective than Tweets to propel online business• Facebook dominates the check-in space with 32% of businesses using this feature (vs. Foursquare)
  7. 7. YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE:• Create the page using name, logo, and branding• Use as an outlet to display and share information in a fun, informal way (in conjunction with your homepage)• Form relationships with people in your industry (and your clients’ clients)• Showcase the “real” side of your business
  8. 8. What do you talk about?EVERYTHING
  9. 9. Content Ideas• News – Is there anything going on internally worth sharing? Upcoming events? New hires? Announcements?• Industry trends/news –What are the current trends? News posts can be funny, shocking, serious, entertaining. It makes you look like an expert.• Client news – Great way to promote upcoming client events and campaigns. It lets people know who you’re working with and for whom.• Past achievements – what were some of your greatest accomplishments? Brag about yourself.
  10. 10. Facebook: Vanity URL• Vanity URL: - -• Share your business on Facebook easily with friends, family, co-workers, and other Facebook users• Increases your SEO when people enter your business and/or name on Google, Yahoo, or similar search engine sites
  11. 11. Facebook• 750 million Show people who you are in 5-10 seconds with a Landing Page people are on Facebook – make a 1st impression.• A snapshot of your business and what it’s all about
  12. 12. CUSTOMIZING YOUR FACEBOOK• Custom Tabs (Events, • “Tagging” clients you What’s New, Our Work, work with, Join the Mailing List) organizations you’re• Add photos and videos part of, and businesses of your staff at work you’re interested in and around the • Provide links to your community (events, homepage, Twitter, conferences, etc) LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.• Upload and reach • Update daily! potential contacts using your email lists
  13. 13. THE FACEBOOK VOICE• Establishing yourself as an expert in the field is crucial, especially when promoting your business via social media.• Build trust and credibility among followers and online users - in the future they will come to rely on you when issues arise or they need help with a project.• Provide valuable content to online audiences - and often. Think industry news, upcoming events, and IGS day-to-day occurrences.• Be enthusiastic and conversational - Promote your culture!
  14. 14. FACEBOOK: In the News• Barcelona midfield star Lionel Messi racked up 6.8 million fans seven hours after setting up a Facebook page
  15. 15. TWITTER
  16. 16. Why should you use Twitter?• Promote your mission and culture• Twitter is the place to connect with niche audiences pertinent to our business.• Have conversations and build relationships with individuals in your industry—and clients’ too!• Monitor the competition – who are they following? Who’s following them? What are they up to?
  17. 17. What do you tweet about?• Industry news—it can range from shocking and funny to serious and hard hitting• Upcoming events• Upcoming client events—great way to promote what our clients are doing. It promotes their images, makes your business look good, and lets people know who we’re working with• Day-to-day—Great outlet to showcase company culture. Did something funny happen at the office? Is someone winning an award? Tweeting is all about being conversational
  18. 18. TWEETS FROM CEOS• "At the RNC now—different vibe here. Palin is totally flirting with me." (Kevin Rose, Digg)• "Poll: Is the Naked People banner on our home page at offensive? (A customer complained)" (Tony Hsieh,• "Has anyone bought an external battery for the Macbook Air? Looking at and right now. Recommendations?“ (David Sifry, Technorati)• "Our Q3: We announced the results of our third fiscal quarter (Q3) on Thursday last week, and the rest…“ (Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems)
  19. 19. LinkedIn
  20. 20. Why do you need LinkedIn?• Information & Contacts—Do we need a more effective solution on a business project or need? Who can get the job done effectively? LinkedIn is a professional network that can introduce you to new resources and professionals• Competitive Edge—LinkedIn is a great place to bounce new ideas and get the reaction of professionals from the same industry. Get an honest opinion of your business and also on the competition.• Trusted Contacts—When you are introduced to a contact by one of your trusted connections, you start the working relationship at a far better point than when you hire someone off the street. On LinkedIn you can quickly check references and interact with people who may have provided a prospective employee a recommendation.
  21. 21. LinkedIn Groups• Groups allow members the opportunity to create and manage groups focused on a wide-range of business- related subjects - Topics: Education, Healthcare, Event Planning, Medicine, Blogging• Groups offer valuable networking opportunities, linking professionals to resources and information that can be beneficial to their missions.
  22. 22. LinkedIn Discussions• Discussions, newsfeeds, subgroups (for promotion purposes)
  23. 23. Youtube
  24. 24. Youtube• Market your organization to millions of people, no big budget required. Required? A video camera and a little creativity!• Inform — Your company mission and values; what do you do?• Educate — ”How-to” or a service demo (How-to Study More Effectively; How to Wear the Right Makeup)• Entertain — Show off our past events and work! (i.e. Behind the Scenes of Conference Planning)
  25. 25. Youtube• Link channel to main homepage, Facebook, LinkedIn and your professional blog. Tweet and update about your videos!• Focus on SEO: Optimize video text and descriptions with keywords and links back to your homepage.
  26. 26. Evaluating Your SuccessMeasuring the ROI of Your Social Media Efforts
  27. 27. Measuring ROIIncreased traffic —more More relationships – people reading your blog, meeting and doing more hits on your business with new website, more Facebook professionals likes and Twitter followers Overall better brandGoogle Analytics (tracks awareness (having fans, keywords, incoming links, followers, re-tweets, sites, etc) readers, viewers buildsWordpress dashboard your brand)TweetMeme (retweets)
  28. 28. Google Analytics:
  29. 29. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS Measures:Total page Likes, or a number of fans, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, Like sources, demographics, page views and unique page views, tab views, external referrers, and media consumption
  30. 30. Integrating Your Website• Add Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn buttons to your homepage (and to all social media sites)• Add Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn buttons to your marketing collateral and email signatures• Add email subscription applications to your Facebook, homepage, and blog
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