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Music of Sound


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The music quiz without audio.

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Music of Sound

  1. 1.  A set of 11 questions based on the theme MUSIC  1 pt for every correct answer, with *ed questions in case of a tie  Send in your replies, in a single mail/message, in my Fb account  The deadline is midnight 26th December
  2. 2. * (01) Who is she?
  3. 3. (02) Id the two gentlemen, (i) extreme left and (ii) extreme right.
  4. 4. (03) Simpsons parodying which band?
  5. 5. (04) Name the band?
  6. 6. * (05) Connect
  7. 7. (06) No points for identifying the movie from the poster. I need the name of the playback singer whose name has been edited. [source: imdb]
  8. 8. (07) Which album cover art was inspired by something which was mentioned in the ending of this novel, with hundreds of children, partially resembling human beings? [points only for the name of the album, not for the band or novel]
  9. 9. (08) Id the missing pair. [flag and object goes in as a pair]
  10. 10. * (09) Id the person on your left, taking the person on the right as a clue. [no points for Iding the person on the right]
  11. 11. * (10) Which legendary person, born in 1767, was named after the presiding deity of this temple?
  12. 12. (11) The legends who made these movies, also made the film X. In 2003, a group performing in a rock contest in Chennai, named themselves after this move X. Which band OR what is X? [next slide] *NOTE: The movie after which they named themselves is not given. The next slide simply shows some posters of movies which were made by the people who made X]
  13. 13. (12) The X is widely believed to have a direct link to Satan through his lineage, and is thus granted with other “special abilities”. In Latin America, it is believed that X will be a werewolf. In Ireland, X is seen as a healer, since Paul Joseph Cawley was a X and was known in this coal mining town for allegedly healing many skin diseases. What is X, which was the name of a 1988 album?
  14. 14. (13) Simple one to end the quiz. Id the band.