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Power of Pinning on Pinterest


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Power of Pinning on Pinterest

  1. 1. The Power of PinningThe Power OfPINNINGFor Business
  2. 2. Hi, my name is Misty.I am a marketing coach.My formal education is in Marketing andGraphic Communications and over 16 yearsof sales experience.I empower small business owners to takecontrol of their business growth by showingthem how to inexpensively - yet effectively -market their business.The Power of Pinning
  3. 3. The Power of PinningWhat we are going to cover today:• What is Pinterest• What experts are saying• How to use Pinterest for lead generation• Best practices• SEO strategies• Special strategies• Show case studies
  4. 4. The Power of PinningBONUS• You will receive a seminar on:1. How to set up your business profile2. How to create “Pin Boards”3. How to make your first pin4. How to link your pins to a website or landing pageSUPER DUPER BONUS• A quick tutorial on how to use Pinstamatic to createCOMPLETELY UNIQUE pins!
  5. 5. The Power of PinningPinterest Story:Pinterests mission is to get you offline and inspire you to do the things you love.
  6. 6. The Power of PinningPinterest Language:A Pin - Content that is shared.Pinboard - A set of theme based pins.Pinning - The act of sharing content.Repin - Re-posting someone else’s pin.Pin it Button - Place on websites / blogs to share.Pinner - The person pinning.
  7. 7. The Power of PinningWhy should you Pin?• Traffic• Links• Leads• Exposure (Sharing)
  8. 8. The Power of PinningPinterest is the 4th largest SMPinterest is extremely viral – 80% of content is repinnedIt’s simple, so peopleclick through more…Pinterest is driving moretraffic than…Over 17 Million UsersAnd increasing 400%from month-to-month!+ +Generating more revenue per click than…+
  9. 9. The Power of PinningTHE POINT OF PINTEREST FOR BUSINESSES:• Tell your story• Build a community• Drive traffic• Learn and grow (from your community and competition)
  10. 10. The Power of PinningHOW TO USE PINTEREST FOR LEAD GENERATION:WebsiteLanding PageLeadCaptureFormSales
  11. 11. The Power of PinningBEST PRACTICES (for setting up profile):• Select a great image (keep your brand in mind)• Make sure you fill out the “about” section• Include your website (and verify it)• Link to FB and Twitter• Create boards that use keywords that will rank you bywhat you want to be known for• Pin images based on your target audience• Run contests to drive pinning
  12. 12. The Power of PinningSpecial Strategy Suggestions:• Use keywords in creating your "boards" to attract theright audience• See what people are pinning from your siteat• Add a price tag to the corner of a pic by adding a $ thenthe price ($1.99) in the description of the pin and it willautomatically add a price in the corner! (36% more likeswhen price is included)• Add the "pin it button" to your blog (make sure youchoose great images for your blog)• Time your pins (just like FB or other social media)
  13. 13. The Power of PinningSEO suggestions:• Add categories, keywords, #hashtags, URLs, andEngaging captions in the "About" section in yourprofile and on the pins• Consider that content will move people to your site(picture of cool looking food...people wantrecipe...located on website)
  14. 14. The Power of PinningMarketing Ideas for Pinterest:• Use visually appealing pictures (best if unique)• Use image creation tools: Instagram, Pixlr, Pinstamatic
  15. 15. The Power of PinningMarketing Ideas for Pinterest:• Host a contest
  16. 16. The Power of PinningMarketing Ideas for Pinterest:• Create a video gallery
  17. 17. The Power of PinningMarketing Ideas for Pinterest:• Use #hashtags#wedding
  18. 18. The Power of PinningMarketing Ideas for Pinterest:• Create a catalog of products (using $)
  19. 19. The Power of PinningMarketing Ideas for Pinterest:• Create your own Infographics
  20. 20. The Power of PinningOut-of-the-box (OOTB) Marketing Ideas:• Create promotion boards
  21. 21. The Power of PinningOut-of-the-box (OOTB) Marketing Ideas:• Pin it to win it promo (having customers pin a pictureof using the brand in the most interesting ways)...trackby using #hashtag
  22. 22. The Power of PinningOut-of-the-box (OOTB) Marketing Ideas:• Scavenger hunt
  23. 23. The Power of PinningHow to make your information a GRAPHIC (andVISUALLY appealing):• Infographic (tall graphics stand out more)• Tutorials (have a 42% higher CTR - click through rate)EXAMPLE: Dawn Dish Soap• Image with text overlay• How to images EXAMPLE:• Pin videos from YouTube• Before and After’s
  24. 24. The Power of PinningCASE STUDIES: