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Become "LIKE"able on Facebook


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How to attract fans and followers to your business page.

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Become "LIKE"able on Facebook

  1. 1. BECOMELikeABLE
  2. 2. Push vs Pull Marketing
  3. 3. 5 new Facebook pages are added every second!
  4. 4. The average user has 359 friends.
  5. 5. More than 543 millionpeople access Facebookthrough their mobile devices
  6. 6. 13 million Businessusers on FacebookOnly 8 million active
  7. 7. 70% of Facebook consumers follow linksposted by family and friends.
  8. 8. 56% of consumers likelyto recommend a brand toa friend after becoming a fan
  9. 9. January 2010 – First Pin
  10. 10. The Power of FacebookYou see a friend liked a local restaurantYou decide to visit for lunchYou walk in and a sign says “like us for a free appetizer”You love the food (but the appetizer is a little disappointing)Your receipts says post your experience (good or bad)You post of your disappointmentManger immediately responds and says “sorry”And gives you a gift certificate to come back…..
  11. 11. = 170 orders= 240 order= 1700 orders!
  12. 12. WORKS!
  14. 14. TARGET AUDIENCEIdentify your
  15. 15. LISTEN
  16. 16. • Drive traffic to Facebook• Engage Audience• Convert them to: Website / Landing Pages• Drip Marketing• Gain Customer• Continue to Build Relationships and EngageSTRATEGY
  18. 18. 2 WAYS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC#1 Promote Your Page:Tell customers to LIKE you:On your websiteOn every email (signature)On your business cardsALL print materialReceipts you hand outAny snail mail you sendIn your wait messageOn your packagingOn location signsEVERYWHERE YOU CAN!#2 Get Others to Promote You:
  19. 19. COMMENTENGAGEMENTEntertainInform / EducateSolve Problems
  20. 20. VARIABLES OF A “GOOD” POSTTimeUse of Relevant Video / PicsContent / MessageCall To Action (CTA)Engagement is more important than likes.
  21. 21. Top 10 reasons Consumers LIKE Business Pages:1. To receive discounts or promos2. To show support for brand3. To get a “freebie” (samples, coupons, etc…)4. To stay informed about the company5. For updates on future projects6. For updates on upcoming sales7. Just for fun8. To get access to exclusive content9. To learn more about a company10.For education about topics the company shares
  22. 22. So, what should I post?
  23. 23. 198 Likes73 Shares9 CommentsCan’t get your zipper to stay up? Add a key ringand avoid the embarrassment of an open barndoor.
  24. 24. Its your lucky day - Where theTrail Ends is now available onCable Video On Demand.6556 Likes177 Shares37 Comments
  25. 25. If Believe Acoustic tops the charts, JustinBieber will be the first artist to have five No. 1albums before turning 19. Do youBelieve? Likes55 Shares225 Comments
  26. 26. 2670 Likes2560 Shares51 Comments
  27. 27. 226 Likes28 Shares8 CommentsFan Video of the Week:Not bad! Good diction,nice energy, kudos toGreenie here.FRIDAY’S FUN FOTO: Ifyou’re pumped it’sFriday, raise yourhand!
  28. 28. 4409 Likes55 Shares252 Comments
  29. 29. CONVERT
  30. 30. Header (Offer)Value ContentLead Capture FormCTA ButtonContent ReinforcementTestimonial (Validation)
  31. 31. DRIP MARKETINGDrive your customers offline…
  34. 34. ACTION STEP• Create a yearly calendar• Listen• Create a file folder (“drop and go”)• Dare to be DIFFERENT! And have fun!
  35. 35. BECOMELikeABLE
  36. 36. Your Marketing Coach• 1 FREE Hour of Initial 1-on1 Consultation• 2 Additional Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching• Mastermind Sessions (minimum of 4 hours)• Access to Marketing 101 each week• Monthly NewsletterPlus Receive…Seminar Discounts (up to 50% off)Graphic Design Discounts (20% or more off)