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The December Play 2005
SO TRUE by Emily XYZ (excerpt)
Being an interview with Roxy, ex-girlfriend of ...
I: Until 1983, is thatright?
R: Yes.
I: Whenwouldthat --
R: Springof 1983. I thinkitwas March or April whenwe finallybroke...
and a jacketof some kindbutnot a motorcycle jacket.Some blackspandex thing.
I: Spandex -- Ican't evenimagine!
R: Yeah,well...
bad. (laughs)
I: It's hard to imagine the Ramonesbeingbad --
R: There was,uh -- there wasalottaenergythere,youcouldtell th...
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Roxy Ramone Speaks


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Roxy Ramone Speaks

  1. 1. ROXY RAMONE SPEAKS!! The December Play 2005 SO TRUE by Emily XYZ (excerpt) Being an interview with Roxy, ex-girlfriend of Johnny Ramone ©2005 emilyxyz This is an excerptfrommy interviewwith Johnny Ramone'sformergirlfriend,Roxy (Cynthia Whitney). She waswithJohnny fromthemid-70s to the mid-80s. Fromwhatlittle I've been able to find outabout her, shewasat their very firstshowon March 30, 1974 at PerformanceStudio,which theband played as a trio. Butin theannalsof the Ramones,thereis almostno mention of Roxy,which is a shamebecause she musthavesomeincredible stories to tell. I reaaally wish someonegreat,like Jan Uhelzskior Charles M. Young,would trackRoxy down and do a big long interview with her,but since no one hasI decided to makeone up.Mostof the details related are true as faras I can determinebased on my own research -- it's justtheinterview itself that'sfake.So in thespirit of all thegreat made-up newswe'veseen this year, I hopeyou enjoy this.Pleasefeel free to stageit during yourChristmasrevels!(Note:Only 2 characters, Roxy and theInterviewer). -- emily xyz UNEDITED TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW CYNTHIA WHITNEY9/15/05, NYC (Wordsin bracketsindicate semi-audible,transcribedasbestas possible.Linesrightnexttoeachother spokenatthe same time.) [tape on] ROXY: cool 'cause I beenwritingpoetrylately.Ilike the Boweryclub,it'snice -- it'slivelybutnotreal commercial,youknow.More like clubsusedtobe.Loose. INTERVIEWER: Oh really? R: Yeah.I'll readyou somethingIwrote aboutJohnnyif youwannahearit. I: Yeah,that wouldbe great. R: Later,tho. Let'sdo thisfirst. I: OK. Well let'ssee,uh...Iguess...[startatthe beginning].Iguessthe firstthingIwantedtoask -- do you mindif I close this? R: No,go ahead.(soundof windowclosing) I: All right.OK.Today isSeptember15,2005. We're at the Gramercy ParkHotel inNew York, andwe are here doingI thinkthe first-everinterview withCynthiaWhitney[alsoknownas] R: Yeah,thisis[the firsttime I've ever] I: Roxy.You were the girlfriendof JohnnyRamone R: YesI was. I: from 19 -- ? R: 1974, late summerof 1974
  2. 2. I: Until 1983, is thatright? R: Yes. I: Whenwouldthat -- R: Springof 1983. I thinkitwas March or April whenwe finallybroke up. I: How didyouguys firstmeet? R: You meanwashe one of my clients? I: No,just -- Was he? R: (laughs) No,noIwasn't doing -- uh,I methim-- I waslivinginthe East Village,thiswouldbe early 1974. I knewa lotof musiciansandactors and artistsand people likethat -- um-- andI usedto hang out at Max's Kansas Cityquite abit.So [these guysI knew] hada band. Sortof an experimental group.Kind of like aZappa-type thing,kindajazzrock.Andtheyusedtorehearse atthisplace Performance Studio whenitfirstopened. I: That was Tommyand Monte's place. R: Right,right I: On 20th Street? R: Yeah,20, 21st -- no,20th. East 20th street.NearMax's.Anyway,sothese guyswouldrehearse there. One day Tommysaysto them,you know,yououghttacome downon Saturdaynight,some friendsof mine are gonna be playing,it'stheirfirstshow.Andthatwasthe firsttime the Ramonesplayedout. I: That was theirfirstshowever? R: Yeah.It wasMarch 30, 1974. It wasa Saturdaynight.I rememberbecause mybirthdaywasthe week before andthese guyswantedtotake me out. I: What made you go to the show?You didn'tknow themyet,didyou? R: No,itwas these guyswhorehearsedatthe Performance Studio.Ijusthappenedtorunintothemand theywere like,Hey,weren'twe supposedtotake youout foryour birthday?Well,we're gonnagosee thisnewbandtonight,youwannacome?So I saidsure,whynot. I: NowTommy wasn'tinthe bandyetat thatpoint,washe? R: No,Tommywasn't eventhere thatnight.He wasout doingsoundforanotherband.He usedto work as a soundmanback thenandhe wasout doingsoundfora guynamedBuzzyLinhart that night. I: Damn. Howdo you knowthat? R: I justrememberthat'swhathe said.I didn'tknow itat the time,he toldme laterthat's where he was the nightof theirfirstshow. I: Was Monte there? R: Yeah,Monte was there.Runningsoundforthemandlaughinghisassoff. I: Monte thoughttheywere funny? R: Monte thoughttheysucked.Andtheykindadid,thatnight! I: So whowas playingdrumsforthem? R: Joeyplayeddrums.Dee Dee wassinging.Ithink -- Idon'tknow if thisis right,butI seemto remember Dee Dee wasplayingthe guitar...itcouldabeen,'cause Johnstartedoutasa bass player.Ithinkmaybe Johnwas playingbassthatnight. I: So it wasjustthe three of 'em -- Johnny,Dee Dee,andJoey? R: Yeah. I: What were theydressedlike?Were theywearingleatherjackets? R: No,notat that point.Theyhadn'tgottenthat whole looktogetheryet.Lemme see...IwannasayJohn was wearingsome kindof tightsilverspandex orlamé pants -- I: What? JohnnyRamone?! R: Ohyeah,oh yeah -- he was intowiththe glitterthingfora longtime.He and Dee Dee had a friend whowouldgo to Londonandbring thembackstuff fromGranny Takesa Trip,youknow,the psychedelic boutique?Theyhadall kindsof crazystuff theywore!Soyeah,I thinkhe was wearingthose silverpants
  3. 3. and a jacketof some kindbutnot a motorcycle jacket.Some blackspandex thing. I: Spandex -- Ican't evenimagine! R: Yeah,well.He alsohada Granny TakesA Trip shoppingbaghe carriedhisguitar aroundin.He coulda justas easilyusedabag fromAlexanders,buty'know...Johnwasveryfashionconscious! I: And Dee Dee,doyourememberwhathe waswearing? R: Hmm.Lemme think...he mightactuallyhave beenwearingaleatherjacket.ButI thinkitwas one of those slimonestheywore inthe 70s. I: The onesthatlookedlike blazers? R: Notreallya blazer,butclose-fittedandstraight,withazipper.Andpatchwork...youknow?Like alot of leatherpatchesall sewntogether.All one color,tho.Dark. I: And Joey? R: I don'trememberwhathe waswearingthatnight.Somethingblackandshinyprobably.He liked wearingblack.Irememberhe fell over,though.He hadon hisdark glassesandI guesshe couldn'tsee too well whenthe stage wasdarkand bam!He wentdown,man.It wasfunny. I: How manypeople were there?The booksall saylike 30people... R: That soundsaboutright.Notverymany. I: Did youknowanybodyelse there? R: Yeah,a couple of the Blondie people.Ithinkthisiswhentheywere still Angelandthe Snakes. I: What kindof a place wasPerformance Studio? R: It wasa nice place.It wasn'tpalatial butit wasgood,it was a reallygoodstudio.A lotof great bands usedto rehearse there,like Blondie beforetheywere calledBlondie.Andthe Dollsjustbefore they broke up. I: It was a rehearsal andperformance space? R: Yeah. I: What was itlike inside?Doyouremember? R: Mm. Well...itwasonthe 2nd floor.I remembertheyhad thisoldelevatorthatwasreallysmall and rickety.Youcame off the elevatorandthe entrance wasto the right.You go inthe doorand there'slike a -- an office tothe right,and thentothe leftthere wasa hallway,shorthallway.Yougothru two soundproof doors,thenyoucome intothisbigroomand the stage wasat the far end.Thatwas the rehearsal roomandthe -- uh -- where live shows,where theydidlive shows. I: How bigwas it? R: It wasbig,like -- Idon't know,maybe 30 or 40 feetlongbyabout15 feetwide.Hadanoldwooden floor.Uncovered.Dark,the wallswere wassome darkcolor,and theyhadcurtainson the walls,Iguess for the sound.Theyhadlightsforthe stage.Andthere wasa couple of stepsleadinguptothe stage fromthe front.That's where Joeyfelldown.Theydidn'thave abackstage areaso the band wouldjustgo up these couple little stepsinfronttothe stage. I: What do yourememberaboutthe Ramonesfirstshow?Itmust've beenamazing. R: Well,uh-- I remembertheyweren'tverygood! (laughs)Actuallytheywere kindadrunk.Theywere so nervousthattheyhad a couple of drinksbefore the show.Ithinkthatwas the lasttime that ever happened! I: Firstand last! R: I thinksoyeah.Afterthattheyneverdrankor didany drugs before ashow,thatwas the rule,even for Dee Dee.Johnwouldfine them! I: Really? R: Yeah!He'd take $25 out of theirpayif theywere late or if theyfuckedupinany way.Theynever drank before ashow,ever. I: I don't see howyoucouldpossiblygetthroughone of theirsetsfuckedup. R: Exactly.Youcouldn't.But I have to say,that firstshow,besidesbeingdrunktheywere reallypretty
  4. 4. bad. (laughs) I: It's hard to imagine the Ramonesbeingbad -- R: There was,uh -- there wasalottaenergythere,youcouldtell theyreallywantedtobe good,butthey justweren'tyet,theyweren'ttogetheratall.Theydidlike 5 or 6 songsand thenDee Dee fell backwards intohisamp and broke it,and thatwas the endof the show!My jazz rock friendsthoughtitwaspretty much a waste of time,butI dug it,I lovedit.There wassomething happening,youknow?Itwasn'tthe usual thingyou'dsee back then,withbandstryingtobe reallyskillful and -- profound.This wasreally different-- itwasreal.I thoughtit wasamazing.It wasn'tdull,that'sfor sure! I: So howdidyou meetJohnny?Didyoutalkto himafterthe set? R: Ohno. My friendsintroducedme toMonte afterthe show,he was reallynice andsaida lotof nice thingsabouttheirgroup.Theyall thoughtof themselvesas"real musicians,"y'know.Andtheyall were kindalaughingaboutthe Ramones,soIsaid Well Ireallylikedtheirset.We were all standingaroundand thenthe,um -- the Ramonescame out and startedpackinguptheirstuff.ButI didn'ttry to talk to them because theydidn'tseemlike theywere inthe moodtotalk!Theylookedalittle freakedoutathowit didn'tgo so well,andJohninparticularwasprobably... I: Pissedoff? R: Well -- No.Disappointed.Youknow.He hadit inmindhow it wasgonna be and itwasn't like that.At all!You know,the masterplankindagot derailedthereandI'msure he wasannoyedwithhimself. Probablywonderingwhythe fuckhe hadlethimself drinkbefore he played.He hardlyeverdrankatall at thispoint,that's the funnything -- he quitgettingfucked-upwhenhe was20. That was like 5years before.Soforhimto be evenalittle outof iton such an important...I'msure he wasnothappywith himself. I: Did youtalkto themat all that night? R: Well,Dee Dee came overat one point,he wasjustcuriousto know whatanybodythoughtwhohad justseenthem.Buthe was also,like,he knew ithadn'treallygone verywell.SoIjusttoldhimI loved it and I saidI thoughttheywere greatand I hopedIwouldsee themagainsoon,andhe said,"Yeah,when we're notfalling-downdrunk!"(laughs)Theyknew.Theyalwayswantedtoseemlikeverynonchalant aboutplayingandeverythingbuttheycareda lot, theytookit reallyseriously.Always.Theyhatedit whentheyfuckedup.Johnusuallytookituponhimselftotell them, of course.Scoldthem.SmackDee Dee inthe head.Justso nobodyeverfelttoogoodaboutanything!Evenif thingswentwell,he'dsti ll findsomethingtobeatupon somebodyfor.PoorDee Dee!Johnwasalwayssmackinhim.Like akid brother. I: Like the Three Stooges. R: (laughs) Withoutthe laughs,yeah.He trulywasMoe! # # #